When You Might Need An Archaeological Survey

When you might need an archaeological survey


Alex Rose

A well established surveying company will be able to offer you expert advice on all aspects of your building project. An archaeological survey typically involves a near surface geophysical survey in archaeological prospection, for assessing a number of sites as part of the planning application process. A good quality surveying business will offer several cost effective methods for assessing your site.

The style of survey that is undertaken often depends on where your site is situated. Rural sites for instance only require low cost reconnaissance surveys. As a rural site often covers a large area, a survey should be conducted to assess the sites archaeological potential before any building work begins.

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Urban sites in towns in cities on the other hand, have much different archaeological demands and surface conditions are often difficult work with. However, if you choose a high quality national surveying company, they will use the latest technologies to assess your site and give you the best advice in terms of planning and building.

Geophysical surveys are also used for historic buildings and churches to assess the particular building and its immediate environs. Targets found generally include vaults, tombs, graves and historic gardens.

As well as assessing the grounds of your site, your surveyor will take into account any below surface installations, such as pipes and cables which may cause problems. With an existing building an archaeological survey is conducted to examine the buildings background. For example, surveys on historic or listed buildings often uncover evidence on how the site was previously inhibited, including details on the foundations and profiles of any moats or historic gardens.

An experienced surveyor will ensure that your site is not prone to floods, subsidence or other high risk factors. By using high tech surveying equipment and mapping techniques they will ultimately determine whether the site is suitable for your proposed construction or maintenance work. An archaeological survey will also reveal how your proposed work will affect global warming, population growth and/or any changes to the countryside.

Once the survey is completed, your surveying company will then provide you with accurate data presented in an easy to read format. High quality colour drawings of your site will be produced using laser scanning technology to create a professional 3D plan, which will help you successfully complete the planning application process.

Discover if your chosen site is right for your project and get through the planning application process quickly and successfully with a national surveying company.

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Historic buildings survey

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Boundary Line Agreement For Land For Sale In Louisiana

Submitted by: Chuck Magee

After you have found that Land for sale in Louisiana you have been searching so long for check out a few things to cut down on potential problems at closing or even worse after you ve purchased the property. I have seen so many times after a client buys that dream property, goes to walk it after the purchase then meets the neighbor for the first time and gets informed he is not on the property he thinks.

After you have found your Louisiana land for sale the natural next move is to close on it right, well before you do that to first here is a short list of things to check on. I will give you a quick rundown of property line issues I have seen while dealing with land for sale in Louisiana. Once you buy the land and find yourself walking your land lines and you meet the neighbor and he tells you that you are actually on his property that s when panic sets in and it hits home somebody lied about the lines but there is a fence all the way around your land how can he say that.

If you see land for sale in Louisiana and the property you re looking at is fenced all around this does not mean that there is no way to still have trouble. If there is any kind of property markings in or outside of the fence this most likely a survey has been done and someone knows that the lines are in dispute. I have seen the surveyed lines weave in and out of the fence; here is one likely reason for this. In the past tractors, and bushhogs were not as good so clearing the fence lines were a problem so farmers, ranchers and land owners just built the fence where is was most easy. Now that a new owner is in town it seems everybody about the lines being off, so what to do. The first thing is try very hard to work it out with your neighbor, I can tell you from experience in almost every case the fence will stand a court battle and remain the property line.

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Before you even think about a court case remember, I have seen many fence line challenges in court and in twenty years of land experience I have yet to see a fence loose in court. If the fence weaves in and out try to do what s called a boundary line agreement, this is where you both know the fence and lines are off but you agree to a common line. Have a licensed Louisiana land surveyor do a survey and mark the lines then give you a proper legal description, if you are both in agreement have an attorney draw up your boundary line agreement and execute your document. I have sold many land properties with lines we knew to be incorrect but disclosed to the buyer and after my client took possession of the land got a wild idea he would get that tiny extra piece of land I told him he would never own and after years in court and thousands of dollars ended up with the same property lines I told him he was buying, does not make much sense does it.

If you are looking at land for sale in Louisiana and you see this situation arise remember this warning, taking a fence line to court thinking a judge is going to see it your way just because you think its right is just not going to happen. I will give you the advice I gave my last client to try this, buy your wife a nice diamond it will get you a lot more pleasure than buying one for your attorney s wife.

About the Author: In 2000 Chuck and his wife Lindey developed a website called Mississippi-Landsource.com. The website was launched for uniting the real estate market in

Land For Sale In Mississippi

. In 2009 more sites were launched as sister sites for other states like

Land For Sale In Louisiana


Land For Sale In Alabama




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Gurgaon Enlargement: New Progress For Realty Market}

Submitted by: Riya Dubey

Gurgaon Extension that is the modified name of Sohna Road in the upcoming master Plan 2031 notified Gurgaon-Sohna .This has taken the profile of Sohna Road upward in the realty market.

After the liking of the New Gurgaon-Sohna Master Plan, 2031, Gurgaon Extension is all set to develop as the next alliance of residential, institutional, and industrial, commercial, enhancement.

Gurgaon Extension, or the past Sohna Road, which has been allocated 5,000 acres for residential and commercial development, has best connectivity with Golf Course Extension Road. The area is also got a joint to NH-8.

A number of developers and promoters like IREO,Spaze, Ansal ,SS Group and Homestead have started obtain land banks in the area, while those with SEZs (special economic zones) are deliberate land-use change after the notification.

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Why Gurgaon Extension

With developing infrastructures, fast connectivity, and accessible world-class realty projects, the new real estate development zone is prepare to serve to the needs of every home buyer looking for a nice property in Gurgaon and its nearby areas at affordable prices compared to other localities. With a demand on large scale for housing, this realty market is set to have a number of housing projects. A realty expert says that the Gurgaon-Sohna realty market is a commercial market and has no affect of price movements and submission of projects located along Golf Course Extension Road or Dwarka Gurgaon Expressway.

This is a right time to take entry in this firm, so investors, developers most of the big real estate firms from the NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore are actively looking to obtain residential FSI’s in the new Sohna master plan.

Analysts believe that with so many amenities and facilities estimated to offer in the Sohna master plan, the area with its new marketing name, Gurgaon Extension, will be a big reason of demand in buyers.

Gurgaon has a huge demand for property, which, due to the enormous prices in the main Gurgaon market, has been largely unmet. If we talk about affordable housing, people who work in Gurgaon have no options.

Hence, newer areas like Gurgaon Extension, offering equally good houses at less than half the rate, will offer to that demand. After a survey it reflects that Gurgaon Extension, today, enjoys a niche position in the realty market.

To provide more comfort regarding home facility builders of Sohna currently named Greater Gurgaon

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Property Point is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company which was incepted in the year 1996 with the main motto of providing quality services. We deliver premium commercial, residential and retail projects from reputed builders and associates. 17 years of hard work in the industry has helped us to attain a valuable position amongst the topmost realtors. At Property Point we believe that providing efficacious real estate services require strong associations and bonds with the best and the finest names in the business.Property Point is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company which was incepted in the year 1996 with the main motto of providing quality services. We deliver premium commercial, residential and retail projects from reputed builders and associates. 17 years of hard work in the industry has helped us to attain a valuable position amongst the topmost realtors. At Property Point we believe that providing efficacious real estate services require strong associations and bonds with the best and the finest names in the business.

About the Author: Property Point is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company which was incepted in the year 1996 with the main motto of providing quality services. We deliver premium commercial, residential and retail projects from reputed builders and associates. 17 years of hard work in the industry has helped us to attain a valuable position amongst the topmost realtors. At Property Point we believe that providing efficacious real estate services require strong associations and bonds with the best and the finest names in the business.



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The Worlds Most Expensive Art

Submitted by: Sean Donahoe

Do you ever wonder how much that piece of art in your home may be worth? Do you have an original piece of art by a unknown artist or are you lucky enough to have an original piece of art by a popular artist? The art world is often surprised when a rare piece is placed on the market and keen collectors almost fall over themselves to obtain this rare art piece for their collections. The following list is the top 10 most expensive art pieces recorded to date in descending order. Get ready to be amazed.

Note: These prices are take into consideration inflation from the original reported auctions or private sales and is priced in $Million USD. This list provides estimated prices only and is not intended to be an accurate record of art sales. This article is used to illustrate art worth in general terms.

10. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II by Gustav Klimt – $89.1 Million

Adele Bloch-Bauer II was painted in 1912 by Gustav Klimt. Adele Bloch-Bauer was the wife of Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer, a rich industrialist of the time, who was a keen sponsor the arts and supported Gustav Klimt’s work. Adele Bloch-Bauer was the only model ever to be painted twice by Gustav Klimt. This item was part of a set of two and Adele also appeared in the much more known “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I”.

9. Portrait de l’artiste sans barbe by Vincent van Gogh – $90.1 Million

One of the numerous self portraits Vincent Van Gogh created, this particular version is the most recognizable and popular. Painted in 1889, this piece created massive waves of interest when it was placed at auction at Christie’s, New York. Christie’s only estimated this piece would sell for around $20 Million.

8. Dora Maar au Chat by Pablo Picasso – $97 Million

Dora Maar au Chat commonly known as Dora Maar with Cat was created in 1941 by Pablo Picasso. This wonderful work by Picasso depicts his Croatian mistress, Dora Maar, seated on a chair with a small black cat perched on her shoulders. As was often seen with his work, he uses large areas of contrasting color to draw out the subject.

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7. Irises by Vincent Van Gogh – $97.5 Million

Irises is one of the most famous pieces painted by Vincent van Gogh. This piece was one of his early works while he was at the asylum in Saint-R my-de-Provence, France and was painted shortly before his death in 1890. This item is currently on view at the Getty Museum in California.

6. Gar on la pipe by Pablo Picasso – $113.4 Million

Currently owned by the estate of John Hay Whitney, it sold for $104.1 million at an auction in New York’s Sotheby’s in 2004. Sotheby’s estimated originally a pre-sale price of $70 million. Many of the worlds art critics speculated that the painting’s high sale price has much more to do with the artist’s name than with the historical importance of the painting itself.

5. Bal au moulin de la Galette, Montmartre by Pierre-Auguste Renoir – $122.8 Million

Commonly known as Le Moulin de la Galette, this wonderful work by the popular French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir was created in 1876 at the Mus e d Orsay in Paris. Bal au Moulin de la Galette, Montmartre is a smaller version of an impressionist painting Renoir painted of the same name.

4. Portrait of Dr. Gachet by Vincent van Gogh – $129.7 Million

Again, Vincent van Gogh appears on our list with one of the most expensive pieces of art in history. This portrait of Gachet was created just outside Paris in 1890, and depicts his then doctor, Paul Gachet. Gachet, who looked after Vincent during the artist’s last months. Gachet was an hobby artist and formed a good friendship with Van Gogh.

3. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt – $137.6 Million

The partner to the previously described piece of art. This is the first portrait of Adel Bloch-Bauer Klimt and was created in 1907. According to reports, it was sold in June 2006 for $135 million to Ronald Lauder for his gallery in New York City. At the time this sale occured it set a record as the most expensive painting ever sold.

2. Woman III by Willem de Kooning – $140.2 Million

Abstract expressionist painter Willem de Kooning painted this print in 1953 and this fantastic piece is one of 6 paintings by Kooning in which the central theme was a woman. Woman III was sold by David Geffen in November 2006 to the billionaire Steven A. Cohen for a reported $137.5 Million.

1. No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock – $142.7Million

At Last, we come to the most valuable art to date, No. 5,1948 by the artist Jackson Pollock. This abstract work of art, created in 1948, was created on a 8 x 4 feet sheet of fiberboard, with large amounts of thick brown and yellow paint drizzled on top of it, forming a chaotic nest-like appearance. This work of art was sold by David Geffen in 2006 for $140 Million making it the most valuable piece of art ever sold.

So, as you can see, there is some incredibly valuable works of art in the art industry being sold. Certainly, you are asking yourself “What about other pieces of older art?” All of these wonderful pieces of art in this list were created after 1800. Any art prior to this date is usually in the possession of museums across the world. The Mona Lisa, for example, was insured in 1962 for around $100 Million. When we consider the rate of inflation it’s estimated worth would be around $670 Million today. However, you are unlikely to ever see this majestic smile in Christie’s or Sotheby’s anytime soon.

If you have been inspired by these items and would like to see more. Amazingly you do not have to pay anywhere near these prices if you would like a copy of these items on your wall! You can discover wonderful reproductions of each of these items in many sizes, formats and mediums on our Arteblanche.com website. We have one of the world’s largest inventories of art from the popular artists in this list to unknown artists and cover every aspect and work of art imaginable. We hope you have found this article informative and as inspiring as we did in writing this.

About the Author: Sean Donahoe is the CEO and founder of


, one of the internet’s leading art suppliers, which he runs with his wife Tamara.


has a massive inventory of high-quality art poster prints, fine jacquard weave tapestries and more…



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Doorstep Loans No Credit Check Quick Financial Aid}

Doorstep Loans No Credit Check Quick Financial Aid


Allan Border

Bad credit or poor credit history is really a huge obstacle in the showground of finance. It creates quite complicatedness for that time when they want to apply for any door step loans in financial market. If you are a salary base person then tagged with bad credit profile can give a tough condition as you can not be able in order to avail finance anytime or any day in the middle of two paydays. By chance, if you want to avail loan but due to have bad credit history and lengthy formalities, you cant get but now, you have no need to be panic any more. Now there is a great solution in front of you that is doorstep loans no credit check. These loans are specially planned for those people who are bad credit or poor credit profile holders and the key point is the cash you get right at your doorstep.

Doorstep loans no credit check provides you funds within 24 hours of your applying. The best benefit of this loan is that there in no need to pledge any valuable asset as collateral it means, now, you can get funds without placing any valuable asset as security such as land, trinkets, property building and many more things. These loans are hassle free from any risk. There are the some conditions that you just need to complete for doorstep loans no credit check as lenders need the surety of your reimbursing ability. The following circumstances are you must be 18 years old or above, you must be citizen of UK, You must have the regular source of earning at least 1000 per month so that you can pay the money back in simple way on due time, you must have an active checking bank account that must be 6 months old or more, etc. if you complete these all eligibility criteria, you can apply for loans.

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Through this loan, you can avail the loan amount in the range of 100 to 1500 and the repayment duration is 15 to 30 days. There is no need to fax the documents and lengthy procedures.

If being on the look out for getting decent as well as authentic information with regard to

Doorstep loans no credit check

, doorstep loans UK,

Doorstep cash loans

, just visit http://www.ukdoorsteploans.co.uk which is maintained by distinguished content writer in addition to loan analyst? And get instant advice of your fiscal problems.

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Doorstep Loans No Credit Check Quick Financial Aid}

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