Loan Forgiveness Program A Breather For Distressed Military Personnel

By John B Mayall

Everyone is aware of the dedication and the sacrifices made by military personnel in the services provided to their country. But, do we do something to uplift the quality of their life? Though we place them on a pedestal, sing laurels about them and provide tributes to their service not much is being done to actually help them better their individual personal and family lives. Keeping that in focus a special program called Armed Forces Loan Forgiveness Program was started after 11 September 2001.

This program is mainly focused on providing relief to a tune of $2,500 to people who have been in active service between 11 September 2001 and 30 June 2008. This is applicable to student loans and can be availed only once. This is totally a private funded program and does not involve the government in any manner. It is run by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEEA) that oversees the entire functioning of the program. Also, there is no burden on the taxpayers to fund the program in any manner.

Apart from the eligibility criteria for the personnel to be in active duty between the stipulated periods mentioned, there are other criteria that need to be fulfilled to be able to avail the loan forgiveness program. Only loans such as AES, Consolidation, HEAL, Keystone EXTRA, SLS and Stafford are eligible for participation to this program. The loan payments should not be in default and be paid correctly till the current date. Only loans provided before the deadline i.e. June 30 is eligible.

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Last but not the least the military personnel should have a connection to Pennsylvania to be eligible for the loan forgiveness program. For this, the person should be either a resident of the state presently or should have had their education in Pennsylvania before joining up the armed forces or should have been in the state when they entered the armed forces. For non-residents to be eligible is only possible if they had their education at a state college and joined the military right after their education. If the concerned military personnel match up with all these eligibility criteria, then they can get loan forgiveness through this program.

The entire process of applying has been simplified and made easy. The interested personnel can get the form by going online and visiting the PHEAA site at and downloading it. After completing the form it can be forwarded to the PHEAA office at the following address: AES Loan Forgiveness Group, Post Office Box 2461, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105-2461. The interested persons can also access a helpline by using the number 1-800-233-0557. The applications should reach the office before 31 December 2008 to be eligible for the program.

Even though $2500 is not a substantially high amount in today’s times, something is definitely better than nothing to help our military personnel tide over their financial difficulties. For this reason, many of our military personnel are utilizing this program to help them reduce their burden of never ending financial commitments in life.

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Morale Building At Work Suggestion Systems A Study By Artur Victoria

Submitted by: Artur Victoria

Many employees have good ideas for increasing production or for improving plant conditions, but from self-consciousness, indifference, or lack of incentive, they do not volunteer them. They may feel “what’s the use, I won’t get anything for it,” or else they are afraid that if they tell their ideas to their supervisor he will get the credit for it when he reports it instead of the worker receiving credit. As a means of awakening interest and to secure valuable ideas from the workers, suggestion systems are adopted.

As in all personnel work, the first step is to sell the idea to the workers. The employees should be made to feel that the company values and wants their ideas and that they will be rewarded for all suggestions accepted. The point should be emphasized that the employee whom the company values most is the thinking employee and that the company can know about the employee’s ideas only when he brings them to the company notice.

So that the worker will not indulge in generalities or develop ideas involving impossible changes in the company’s policy, an announcement should be made stating definitely the kinds of suggestions wanted; for example, suggestions as to savings in labor, time and materials, suggestions for accident prevention, for increasing the sales of the product. The skilled workman on the bench or at the lathe or milling machine often thinks up better ways to do work, tool machines, save time, or conserve materials. His ideas are needed for increasing production and lowering costs. He may often have other ideas entirely foreign to his own work. These ideas in many cases are of considerable worth to the company.

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In most companies all employees are eligible to submit suggestions with the exception of the executives, time study men, engineers, and the members of the supervisory force. The latter, as a part of their regular duties, are expected to work out new ideas, to develop new plans, and to make improvements in methods; therefore they are not eligible for award unless their suggestions do not concern their own department.

A simple procedure should be devised for the submitting of suggestions so that all suggestions will be received in a uniform manner. A usual practice is to install small suggestion boxes similar to the ordinary ballot boxes at convenient locations. In an open box beside the suggestion box is placed a number of simple suggestion forms with space for the date, employee’s name, and payroll number, and the suggestion he wishes to submit. In cases where it is desired to have the name of the employee secret until after the suggestion has been passed upon, the name of the employee is omitted and the suggestion blanks are numbered consecutively. Each suggestion blank is provided with a stub bearing the same number as the sheet.

The one submitting the suggestion tears the stub off the form after he has written his suggestion and retains it to identify him, should his suggestion be accepted and award made. Record should be kept of all suggestions and their disposition. Where the name of the employee making the suggestion is known, acknowledgment of the suggestion should be made immediately upon its receipt. The house organ or company newspaper may be used to acknowledge suggestions, referring to “blind” suggestions by number.

Suggestions should be acted upon as promptly as conditions permit by a qualified committee, including if practicable one or more representatives of the workers. When a suggestion is not accepted, the reason should be given to the employee submitting the suggestion, if possible, in a personal interview. This serves to keep up his interest, to show him the management is acting fairly and to guide him in submitting other suggestions.

Practice differs as to how to reward employees for suggestions adopted. Most companies give monetary rewards, and many endeavor to have the amount of the reward bear a definite relation to the value to the company of the suggestion.

In many instances, however, it is difficult if not almost impossible to determine the value of the suggestion in Euros and cents. Generally speaking, it is probably better to try to interest the mass of workers by giving rewards for a large number of suggestions than it is to have a few large rewards.

Some concerns, in addition to awarding a prize, reward those who show unusual ingenuity and interest by promotion to positions of greater responsibility and better wage.

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Obtaining Benefits With Nash Disability Law

byAlma Abell

Being ill is no guarantee that a person will receive social security disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has many eligibility guidelines and requirements. Applicants may be eligible for either Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance. (SSDI) SSI is for people who are disabled, have little work history and limited income. SSDI applicants have a work history with employers who paid social security taxes.

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There are several reasons that someone may be denied. For example, the agency cannot find you. The application process takes several months, and many people move during that time. If the agency loses contact with an applicant, the claim may be denied. Clients at Nash Disability Law won’t have this problem, because the agency communicates with the lawyer. Medical records are vital to proving disability. If an applicant refuses to grant the agency access to records, their claim will also be denied.

Many times, the agency requires applicants to visit a particular doctor, and benefits are denied for someone who refuses. The agency will not approve disabilities based on drug addiction or alcoholism. The agency assumes that applicants would not be disabled if they stopped drinking or using drugs. In addition, applicants disabled during the commission of a felony are not awarded benefits. Disability applications are complicated and that is why people need lawyers. Benefits should be available when people can’t work and need financial resources.

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South Korea’s Brand Of Economic

By Christina Xia

Introduction of advanced technologies to encourage innovation.

Mention of South Korea, many people will think of Samsung, Hyundai, LG … …

Since 2001, the brand consulting firm Interbrand U.S. United States, “Business Week” began to publish together, “the world’s 100 most valuable brands” list since South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor and LG ranked list on several occasions. In addition, South Korea in the cosmetics, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, steel and other fields, also has a number of famous brands. In recent years, the South Korean government to promote local brands into the “national brand” promotion areas, more national brands in the world to enhance the visibility of added power.

Initial stage: support for the “heavy industry” resist foreign direct investment

Sixties and seventies of last century, is the initial stage of economic take-off Korea, South Korean local enterprises and brands are the founding stage. Led by the Government, issued a series of incentives to support a number of key industries and key enterprises, so that the formation of a certain international competitiveness.

South Korean government recognized that due to small domestic markets, limited room for development, to develop the economy, enterprises must face the world, participate in international competition. Which established the development of export-oriented economy, “Trade Nation” strategy.

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Korea from the late 70s of last century began, “heavy industry” strategy. Korean companies to rapidly improve the technical level and competitiveness of the steel, shipbuilding, metals, automotive, electronics, petrochemical and other industries as key targets for assistance. South Korean Government to formulate relevant laws and regulations, establishment of a national investment fund and a preferential interest rate for the large-scale projects. In addition, a number of “infant industry” protection measures, allowing them a monopoly of production in the country, until they grow to a certain size and degree of international competitiveness.

Of these measures taken by the South Korean government, although Dao was regional inter-Chan Sheng Liao and Xing Ye unbalanced development, there has Touziguoduo wealth Guoyujizhong Deng Fang Mian’s shortcomings, but Zai Minzuqiye initial stage of development a positive role in promoting.

South Korea’s early economic development facing lack of funds, technical strength is weak. But the South Korean Government believes that, to attract foreign direct investment is a strategy and means, although able to address immediate financial and technical shortage, it Zui Zhong Huan Shi aim for the revitalization of Minzu Industrial Fu Wu. Therefore, to protect and enhance the competitiveness of national enterprises, the point of view, as far as possible the use of foreign loans imported production equipment and technology, while the scale of foreign direct investment and related industries to the limit.

Qi results yes, the South Korean enterprises to maintain their independence and difficult to Pi Kuaguogongsi Kongzhi or become Waiguo brand products of “factory” also fostering Korean companies Bude Bu otherwise acquire foreign advanced technology, that improve the business innovative active learning and initiative, and gradually fostered a number of national brands.

Growth stage: from the “heavy industry” “trade nation” into “technology nation”

South Korean government 60 years from the last century, has promulgated the “Science and Technology Promotion Act,” “Scientists Education Law”, “Technology Development Promotion Law”, “Technology Assessment Law,” “Technology Framework Law” series of laws, for Independent Innovation legal protection.

80s of last century, the South Korean government proposed economic development strategy of “heavy industry”, “trade nation” into “technology statehood.” To do this, set up either by the president and chairman of National Science and Technology Committee, on a regular basis of major national science and technology policy. South Korea’s Ministry of Science and executive of the act by the Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for the national scientific and technological innovation. Lee Myung-bak administration took office after the introduction of the “Science and Technology Basic Plan” proposed in 2012, Korea’s cost of investing in research to reach 5% of the total GDP.

Currently, Korean companies have become the main activities,expenditures in 2007 accounted for Korean companies nationwide research funding 76.2% of total expenditures, as of 2009, the Institute founded by the company reached more than 10,000, with nearly 16 researchers million people, forming a strong team of independent innovation.

In technology promotion, the Korean government stipulated that all government-funded research project results, the transfer must be free; enterprise independent R & D Research and Development Project, the transferee and the government commitment to expenses were 50%.

In addition, Korea has also established a “new technology products preferential purchasing system”, which when in government procurement, give priority to buy high technology production of Chan Pin, Yi help enterprises Chi Xu Fa Zhan health.

At this stage: pushing the government level “national brand”

In recent years, the South Korean government attaches great importance to organizing various national brand promotional activities, and their integration into a “national brand” areas of foreign propaganda.

South Korean government believes that a country’s “national brand”, that is, its overall image, it will affect people outside the country, enterprises, goods and other evaluations, so the “national brand” is the basis of brand or personal brand. Under this concept allows, South Korea’s government in 2006 issued in the “Use of Guo Jia brand export competitiveness measures,” and in 2009 set up a You presidential Zhijie jurisdiction “national brand.”

In addition, the South Korean government has also launched the “Mobile South Korea” and other national brand foreign propaganda site, and also established cooperation with government and civil and cultural projects of the network, autonomous communities, public organizations, enterprises and other promotional activities into the operation of the cooperative system of national brand, to enhance the publicity.

Relevant government departments on a regular basis to carry out specialized training and seminars to help new brand registered overseas, and for them to develop a global brand to provide advisory services and promotion activities.

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Translation Services And Technology

Translation Services and Technology



“A renewed international effort is gearing up to design computers and software that smash language barriers and create a borderless global marketplace.”

The rate at which technology is growing in virtually every sphere of human activity today is mind boggling to say the least. During a video conference, you can see people located at the other end of the globe on screen, and it will appear just as if they are located right across the table from you in the very same room! The possibilities are endless. So it’s not hard to imagine a situation where your speech or written document, gets instantly translated into different languages so that the rest of the globe is able to instantly understand what you communicate. Machine translation services using appropriate software is aimed at just such an objective.

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As Gary Anthes says in the Computerworld issue of August 13, 2007: “Language translation software isn’t likely to allow you to lay off your bilingual staffers — at least not right away. But applied with discrimination and lots of preparation, translation service tools can be fantastic productivity aids.” Applying computers to the task of translating texts between language pairs has been the endeavor of tech wizards in recent years. They have perhaps found the technique to be useful in certain specific domains like software, where text is repetitively used throughout the document, but this cannot easily extend to many other fields like literature and the sciences, the legal and financial areas.

If only it were possible to achieve that ideal match of phrases and idiomatic expressions between languages, it would be a boon to businesses and to scientific thought as there would be an infinite number of resources available to people from every walk of life. Fortunately or unfortunately, the likelihood of this ever becoming a reality can only be a distant dream. The reason for this is that language has been developed over centuries of usage, and each human has his or her own unique way of using language to express ideas. The use of software in language translation services is limited because the output is always based on the input received and no two persons would even by accident use the exact same words or phrase to describe a situation or give expression to a thought.

Even dictionaries are being constantly being revised and updated as languages evolve. Thus the prospect of building and constantly updating a database with trillions of exceptions to the regular usage and rules of any given language, and then cross matching them between hundreds of languages and thousands of dialects that now exist, can only be in the realm of wishful thinking! The creativity of the human mind is so limitless that to attempt to bring in figurative and literal accuracy to a translation service project requires a thinking human mind that applies itself diligently to the task. Today, the demands of business, science, technology and even philosophical thought, are so exacting that the essence of the text must be captured in its entirety by the translator so as to be able to render a faithful interpretation of the original thought.

Translation service providers who offer quality services are generally mindful of this requirement and have on their panel subject experts who can deliver the best possible translation results between the given language pairs. The context, the subject matter and area of expertise are all important factors that a translator will take into account while using his special talents to perform a translation services job to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Aunes Oversettelser AS

has been in the business for 26 years, and we are specialized in technical translations. We are specializing in the Nordic languages, and can offer services into Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandic. The premier translation agency for Norway and the Nordic region! Technical translation services for businesses in the Nordic countries and translation agencies world wide.

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