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Myriad online education universities of all around the world are easily accessible and excellent source of online educational degrees and enlightening knowledge and information to the working students and employed professionals of all over the world. Besides offering globally highly appreciable and fully professionally useful online education degrees at all important stages of academics and careers, these well-established and well-equipped educational universities render the candidates a variety of welcome and cherished facilities including the selection of ones own study-schedule, and the options to acquire more than one online degree in different fields or subjects. Thus, these online education universities are extremely helpful for earning online graduation or post-graduation degrees, and also, additional degrees for varied field knowledge or further enrichment of professional qualifications.

Accredited online Universities

Accredited online universities are the educational universities located in any place in all across the world, which are duly recognized by the regional or national government of the specified country, and provide diverse online education courses for students and professionals at different levels. There are myriads of accredited online colleges and universities for education all over the world, most of which are famous worldwide for providing online education courses in conformity with the International standards. Such globally reputed online universities for education are recognized by some International body looking after the standard of global education and the prevailing trends of college and university education. In developed countries there are greater number of such online education universities and online distance education universities, including the countries of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, France, India, and many other countries. The following are the immensely renowned and preferable online education universities of the world, for a wide range of online education courses at different academic and professional junctures:

1. California University of Pennsylvania

2. American Intercontinental University

3. Western Governors University

4. Clemson University

5. Walden University

6. Jones International University

7. North Central University

8. Abilene Christian University

9. Western International University

10. Harvard University

11. Boston University

The most prominent and common online education courses offered by a large number of major and globally famous online education universities are for undergraduate and post graduate students (especially working students) and employed professionals pertaining to almost all branches of education and professional sectors. The most popular and desirable postgraduate courses for working students and professionals are the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Science (MS), in a rather broad range of subject options, which are provided by the prestigious and top online universities of all over the world. There are over 200 online education courses are conducted online by these online education universities at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral stages in the following wide range of fields and subjects – Science and Technology subjects, Arts and Humanities subjects, Social Sciences, Commerce, Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Computer Maintenance, Information Technology, Communications, Health and Nutrition, Healthcare, Medicine, Nursing, Medical Assisting, Hospital Administration, MBA, MCA, Accounting, Business Administration and Management, Finance, Banking, Languages (including famous Foreign languages), Law & Criminal Justice, Public Relations, Public Administration, Psychology, Fine Arts, Travel and Tourism, Business and e-Business, Human Resource Development, Art and Design, Marketing, Hospitality and Culinary, Hospitality Management, Animation, Genetics, Floriculture, Horticulture, etc.

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Are Your Emotions The Cause Of Your Weight Gain.

I have been working with clients using hypnosis, nlp and modern personnel development techniques for over 10 years. What i have found out during this time is that breaking the link between your emotions and food is the one way to guarantee you will never be overweight again. The linking begins when people are very young, when after feeling an emotion that they find discomforting and not knowing what to do. They then eat food for the first time to try and distract themselves from the negative feeling, there is then more food and more feelings. After a few years of compounding the process has then become completely out of control. The person is overweight and the linking between their emotions and food has become so second nature that they do not even consciously realize they are doing it. In fact they then may even begin to eat food at just the thought that they may experience a negative feeling, no longer needing the feeling as a stimulus. The cycle of trying to diet going up and down in weight will always be perpetuated until someone takes control of eating in response to their emotions. The reason why many people may lose weight for several months and then gain it again is 100% due to their emotions. The catalyst for their habit change was experiencing an emotion that they directly linked to overeating in the past, the moment they then followed that emotion and ate in response to it the pattern begins again, this time reinforced and even stronger. Conscious acceptance and gaining an understanding of how your emotions are linked to your overeating is the first step to permanently breaking the link between your emotions and food. Psychological research has proven over the past 10 years that eating to try and change a persons emotional state does not even work, in fact it just compounds whatever negative feeling they are experiencing. Taking control of your emotions and not over eating when you are feeling sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, bored or upset is one thing that truly matters when looking to permanently achieve a healthy weight.

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Key To Public Relations Using Press Releases

A public relations company is an organization which helps in bringing the public interests and demands into notice to the company. It is the mediator between the general public and the company which is selling its products. A public relation company helps in interacting with public regarding each and every requirement of the public and it makes sure that by bringing all the requirements asked by the public into notice to the company, their demands are met.

A public relations company not only works in favor of the public but also is of a great help to the company as well in fact, it is the public relations that helps in the effective marketing of a particular product by the company, we can say a public relation company play both positive and negative role. In positive sense it interacts with the public and gets to know what the people actually want and thus, it brings all the required Information , the demands and requirements of public to the company and thus, a company knows what to produce, how to produce and how much to produce, so therefore, the important factors like quantity and quality of the product is maintained and thus, the things manufactured and not in excess so it saves time and lot of resources and thus, it proves to be very beneficial in knowing the demands of the public. And on the other hand a public relation company can play a negative role on the part of the public.


As a PR company knows what the public want in the product, and what quality are they expecting and they know all their requirements so they market the product in such a way that it may be not that effective but still they advertise using press release in such a way that it highlights all the good qualities of the product and the public is told exactly what they want to hear and thus, a product is sold in large quantities making it a big benefit to the company. Therefore a public relations company no doubt is very important for every organization specially those organization which cannot interact with the public themselves and get to know their requirements, but their proper functioning is also vital if a public relation company uses the press release in a wrong way there is no use of the public relations company in any organization, as it will make good profit for the organizations but it is of no use to common people or general public who wants to get their thoughts needs, and demands to be bought into notice to the organization so that they could good quality products.

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This article is written by Simran Joshi about of Value 360 – Leading PR Agency in Delhi which provides best public relations services like: Digital Media Promotion, Investor and Analyst Relationship, Crisis Communications, Integrated Marketing, Strategic Counsel and Public Relations ManagementAuthor: Simran Joshi

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The Great Gifts Of A Seo Expert

byAlma Abell

With the right person for the job, there are many tasks that a Houston SEO expert can take on for your enterprise. In this day and age, such an employee must wear several different hats to remain a top player in the marketplace. For business owners who are seeking to reach a wider audience in a more effective way, a professional in SEO practices may be able to lend their prowess to your company. There are many things such a worker could do for you and your brand.

They Make An Impression

A good impression, that is. A decent SEO expert will understand the importance of getting your company’s name out there, and they know how to appeal to the public. With careful research and design, this professional may be able to get your enterprise out there in a convenient and effective way so that you can reach more people than ever before. Moreover, a wealth of media, such as print and web, will help your business to become more relevant in this ever-changing society.

They Are Versatile

As mentioned, promoting companies takes a lot of work, and a person must be skilled in several different areas in order to make a lasting impact. Fortunately, a great SEO expert will be able to work in both in-print media as well as online platforms. This is where having a highly trained worker can really benefit your enterprise. By getting your brand out to the public through brochures and pamphlets, as well as on expertly-crafted webpages, you can know that this is a competent person with the desired skills set.

They Have Value

Clearly, such a professional is a great asset to any business. They know how to use the keywords, images, and techniques to get more people to notice your business. They can design something that is perfectly fitting for a billboard or large-scale poster, as well as a tasteful informative packet or postcard-sized item. With the many tasks that they can handle, it would be advantageous for your company to hire such a well-qualified employee.

It is by no means easy to make a great name for yourself in a way that is efficient and convenient, yet a pro may be able to do so for you. In this day and age, being relevant and extending your reach to include many demographics is not only a nice idea; it is absolutely necessary.

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Few Things About Finding A Great Weekend Getaway

By David H. Urmann

If you have started feeling exhausted after working for entire week and has not even had the time to see the mirror once, this is the time when your body and mind exactly need a break.Weekend getaway is the best way of finding some refreshment and amusement that your body is desperately in need of.

Proper planning of your weekend getaway is always needed to make a great out of it.A spectacular weekend getaway requires planning and a bit of research about the spots you would like to visit.The spots selected should be hassle-free and the trip should not cost much so that when you will get back to your work, you should be in a great state of mind and body.

For a great short weekend break away from the hectic life style of the city, a range of interesting options are available.There are several travel sites available which provide great opportunities in form of weekend getaway packages to the most exciting places of the nearby region.

These travel agencies offer several weekend packages in form of thrilling activities like camping, river rafting, trekking etc or just visit any hill station to relax or chill out amidst the beauty of nature.


These agencies also offer some of the best and the most interesting romantic getaways.If history is the thing that interests you then these travel agencies also offer tours to historically significant places of your town or to the nearby areas.

Romantic Getaways

This is the tour organized for adults to get connected once again when they started feeling that they are living with an unknown person due to the fact that they are so busy.This could be one of the best ways of making your relationships much stronger.

Going for a romantic getaway could be one of the best gifts; you can give to your near and dear one.

You just need to decide where you would like to visit; the most important factor of such tours is that you two should enjoy each other’s company, the place really doesn’t matter.

Family Weekend Tours

Such types of tours are meant for making your tours on weekends a great deal along with your family.If you are a family man then you would be looking forward for an exciting family weekend tour along with your family members.These getaways are necessary as most of the family time has faded due to the hectic busy schedule.

Your family weekend getaway will bring back the bond and love among the members.This is the best way of relieving stress and refreshing your mind and soul.

You should plan your weekend getaways well in advance in order to avoid any on-time hiccups.Going through a travel agency is one of the simplest and the efficient ways of making your weekend a great experience.

Remember you are on your weekend getaways, so leave your laptop and your briefcase at your home along with all your official and personnel stresses.Don’t miss to indulge yourself in games and activities such as hiking, fishing and several sports which may require active involvement of the members of your family.

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How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

Submitted by: James Gunaseelan

People have a tendency to make up their minds as to whether or not to purchase hybrid cars without truly examining the answer to the question how do hybrid cars work? By not truly understanding the process of how hybrid cars work, people have a tendency to look at the cars as if they are something exotic and can be put off to purchasing. This is silly as simply examining the basics of the car s operative process will remove any preconceived notions as to them being exotic are removed and the cars can be seen as part of the natural, evolutionary process of advancements in the realm of alternative energy.

When it comes to the benefits of a hybrid car, one of the main benefits is that these cars will get significantly more miles to the gallon that a traditional gasoline car can achieve. When it comes to a simple matter of dollars and cents, a hybrid car can gain an additional 40 miles to a gallon. That is an enormous cost saving benefit and such savings have led to the expanded interest in the purchasing of hybrid cars. Now, while most people are familiar with the savings that these hybrid cars can provide, they are not entirely sure how the engines of a hybrid car can actually work. Because of this lack of knowledge in terms of the actual operation of the car, some people may be somewhat put off fro actually purchasing hybrid cars. This is a shame as a simple explanation as to how do hybrid cars work would put aside a number of concerns people may have that preclude them from making the actual purchase of the cars.


So, how do hybrid cars work? The way in which hybrid cars work is based upon the type of hybrid car one is using. If the hybrid car is an ethanol hybrid car, then a percentage of the fuel of the car will be derive from ethanol. In some cases, the percentage of ethanol that is used is roughly 10% of the fuel. While this may seem like a small amount, it actually reduces emissions significantly. Answering how do hybrid cars work in regards to electronic hybrids is as follows: an electronic engine splits the work with the gasoline fuel source. Currently, on the American market, electronic imports remain the most popular of the hybrid releases namely due to the fact that ethanol is a difficult fuel to find in certain areas.

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Loan Forgiveness Program A Breather For Distressed Military Personnel

By John B Mayall

Everyone is aware of the dedication and the sacrifices made by military personnel in the services provided to their country. But, do we do something to uplift the quality of their life? Though we place them on a pedestal, sing laurels about them and provide tributes to their service not much is being done to actually help them better their individual personal and family lives. Keeping that in focus a special program called Armed Forces Loan Forgiveness Program was started after 11 September 2001.

This program is mainly focused on providing relief to a tune of $2,500 to people who have been in active service between 11 September 2001 and 30 June 2008. This is applicable to student loans and can be availed only once. This is totally a private funded program and does not involve the government in any manner. It is run by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEEA) that oversees the entire functioning of the program. Also, there is no burden on the taxpayers to fund the program in any manner.

Apart from the eligibility criteria for the personnel to be in active duty between the stipulated periods mentioned, there are other criteria that need to be fulfilled to be able to avail the loan forgiveness program. Only loans such as AES, Consolidation, HEAL, Keystone EXTRA, SLS and Stafford are eligible for participation to this program. The loan payments should not be in default and be paid correctly till the current date. Only loans provided before the deadline i.e. June 30 is eligible.


Last but not the least the military personnel should have a connection to Pennsylvania to be eligible for the loan forgiveness program. For this, the person should be either a resident of the state presently or should have had their education in Pennsylvania before joining up the armed forces or should have been in the state when they entered the armed forces. For non-residents to be eligible is only possible if they had their education at a state college and joined the military right after their education. If the concerned military personnel match up with all these eligibility criteria, then they can get loan forgiveness through this program.

The entire process of applying has been simplified and made easy. The interested personnel can get the form by going online and visiting the PHEAA site at and downloading it. After completing the form it can be forwarded to the PHEAA office at the following address: AES Loan Forgiveness Group, Post Office Box 2461, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105-2461. The interested persons can also access a helpline by using the number 1-800-233-0557. The applications should reach the office before 31 December 2008 to be eligible for the program.

Even though $2500 is not a substantially high amount in today’s times, something is definitely better than nothing to help our military personnel tide over their financial difficulties. For this reason, many of our military personnel are utilizing this program to help them reduce their burden of never ending financial commitments in life.

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Morale Building At Work Suggestion Systems A Study By Artur Victoria

Submitted by: Artur Victoria

Many employees have good ideas for increasing production or for improving plant conditions, but from self-consciousness, indifference, or lack of incentive, they do not volunteer them. They may feel “what’s the use, I won’t get anything for it,” or else they are afraid that if they tell their ideas to their supervisor he will get the credit for it when he reports it instead of the worker receiving credit. As a means of awakening interest and to secure valuable ideas from the workers, suggestion systems are adopted.

As in all personnel work, the first step is to sell the idea to the workers. The employees should be made to feel that the company values and wants their ideas and that they will be rewarded for all suggestions accepted. The point should be emphasized that the employee whom the company values most is the thinking employee and that the company can know about the employee’s ideas only when he brings them to the company notice.

So that the worker will not indulge in generalities or develop ideas involving impossible changes in the company’s policy, an announcement should be made stating definitely the kinds of suggestions wanted; for example, suggestions as to savings in labor, time and materials, suggestions for accident prevention, for increasing the sales of the product. The skilled workman on the bench or at the lathe or milling machine often thinks up better ways to do work, tool machines, save time, or conserve materials. His ideas are needed for increasing production and lowering costs. He may often have other ideas entirely foreign to his own work. These ideas in many cases are of considerable worth to the company.


In most companies all employees are eligible to submit suggestions with the exception of the executives, time study men, engineers, and the members of the supervisory force. The latter, as a part of their regular duties, are expected to work out new ideas, to develop new plans, and to make improvements in methods; therefore they are not eligible for award unless their suggestions do not concern their own department.

A simple procedure should be devised for the submitting of suggestions so that all suggestions will be received in a uniform manner. A usual practice is to install small suggestion boxes similar to the ordinary ballot boxes at convenient locations. In an open box beside the suggestion box is placed a number of simple suggestion forms with space for the date, employee’s name, and payroll number, and the suggestion he wishes to submit. In cases where it is desired to have the name of the employee secret until after the suggestion has been passed upon, the name of the employee is omitted and the suggestion blanks are numbered consecutively. Each suggestion blank is provided with a stub bearing the same number as the sheet.

The one submitting the suggestion tears the stub off the form after he has written his suggestion and retains it to identify him, should his suggestion be accepted and award made. Record should be kept of all suggestions and their disposition. Where the name of the employee making the suggestion is known, acknowledgment of the suggestion should be made immediately upon its receipt. The house organ or company newspaper may be used to acknowledge suggestions, referring to “blind” suggestions by number.

Suggestions should be acted upon as promptly as conditions permit by a qualified committee, including if practicable one or more representatives of the workers. When a suggestion is not accepted, the reason should be given to the employee submitting the suggestion, if possible, in a personal interview. This serves to keep up his interest, to show him the management is acting fairly and to guide him in submitting other suggestions.

Practice differs as to how to reward employees for suggestions adopted. Most companies give monetary rewards, and many endeavor to have the amount of the reward bear a definite relation to the value to the company of the suggestion.

In many instances, however, it is difficult if not almost impossible to determine the value of the suggestion in Euros and cents. Generally speaking, it is probably better to try to interest the mass of workers by giving rewards for a large number of suggestions than it is to have a few large rewards.

Some concerns, in addition to awarding a prize, reward those who show unusual ingenuity and interest by promotion to positions of greater responsibility and better wage.

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Obtaining Benefits With Nash Disability Law

byAlma Abell

Being ill is no guarantee that a person will receive social security disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has many eligibility guidelines and requirements. Applicants may be eligible for either Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance. (SSDI) SSI is for people who are disabled, have little work history and limited income. SSDI applicants have a work history with employers who paid social security taxes.


There are several reasons that someone may be denied. For example, the agency cannot find you. The application process takes several months, and many people move during that time. If the agency loses contact with an applicant, the claim may be denied. Clients at Nash Disability Law won’t have this problem, because the agency communicates with the lawyer. Medical records are vital to proving disability. If an applicant refuses to grant the agency access to records, their claim will also be denied.

Many times, the agency requires applicants to visit a particular doctor, and benefits are denied for someone who refuses. The agency will not approve disabilities based on drug addiction or alcoholism. The agency assumes that applicants would not be disabled if they stopped drinking or using drugs. In addition, applicants disabled during the commission of a felony are not awarded benefits. Disability applications are complicated and that is why people need lawyers. Benefits should be available when people can’t work and need financial resources.

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South Korea’s Brand Of Economic

By Christina Xia

Introduction of advanced technologies to encourage innovation.

Mention of South Korea, many people will think of Samsung, Hyundai, LG … …

Since 2001, the brand consulting firm Interbrand U.S. United States, “Business Week” began to publish together, “the world’s 100 most valuable brands” list since South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor and LG ranked list on several occasions. In addition, South Korea in the cosmetics, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, steel and other fields, also has a number of famous brands. In recent years, the South Korean government to promote local brands into the “national brand” promotion areas, more national brands in the world to enhance the visibility of added power.

Initial stage: support for the “heavy industry” resist foreign direct investment

Sixties and seventies of last century, is the initial stage of economic take-off Korea, South Korean local enterprises and brands are the founding stage. Led by the Government, issued a series of incentives to support a number of key industries and key enterprises, so that the formation of a certain international competitiveness.

South Korean government recognized that due to small domestic markets, limited room for development, to develop the economy, enterprises must face the world, participate in international competition. Which established the development of export-oriented economy, “Trade Nation” strategy.


Korea from the late 70s of last century began, “heavy industry” strategy. Korean companies to rapidly improve the technical level and competitiveness of the steel, shipbuilding, metals, automotive, electronics, petrochemical and other industries as key targets for assistance. South Korean Government to formulate relevant laws and regulations, establishment of a national investment fund and a preferential interest rate for the large-scale projects. In addition, a number of “infant industry” protection measures, allowing them a monopoly of production in the country, until they grow to a certain size and degree of international competitiveness.

Of these measures taken by the South Korean government, although Dao was regional inter-Chan Sheng Liao and Xing Ye unbalanced development, there has Touziguoduo wealth Guoyujizhong Deng Fang Mian’s shortcomings, but Zai Minzuqiye initial stage of development a positive role in promoting.

South Korea’s early economic development facing lack of funds, technical strength is weak. But the South Korean Government believes that, to attract foreign direct investment is a strategy and means, although able to address immediate financial and technical shortage, it Zui Zhong Huan Shi aim for the revitalization of Minzu Industrial Fu Wu. Therefore, to protect and enhance the competitiveness of national enterprises, the point of view, as far as possible the use of foreign loans imported production equipment and technology, while the scale of foreign direct investment and related industries to the limit.

Qi results yes, the South Korean enterprises to maintain their independence and difficult to Pi Kuaguogongsi Kongzhi or become Waiguo brand products of “factory” also fostering Korean companies Bude Bu otherwise acquire foreign advanced technology, that improve the business innovative active learning and initiative, and gradually fostered a number of national brands.

Growth stage: from the “heavy industry” “trade nation” into “technology nation”

South Korean government 60 years from the last century, has promulgated the “Science and Technology Promotion Act,” “Scientists Education Law”, “Technology Development Promotion Law”, “Technology Assessment Law,” “Technology Framework Law” series of laws, for Independent Innovation legal protection.

80s of last century, the South Korean government proposed economic development strategy of “heavy industry”, “trade nation” into “technology statehood.” To do this, set up either by the president and chairman of National Science and Technology Committee, on a regular basis of major national science and technology policy. South Korea’s Ministry of Science and executive of the act by the Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for the national scientific and technological innovation. Lee Myung-bak administration took office after the introduction of the “Science and Technology Basic Plan” proposed in 2012, Korea’s cost of investing in research to reach 5% of the total GDP.

Currently, Korean companies have become the main activities,expenditures in 2007 accounted for Korean companies nationwide research funding 76.2% of total expenditures, as of 2009, the Institute founded by the company reached more than 10,000, with nearly 16 researchers million people, forming a strong team of independent innovation.

In technology promotion, the Korean government stipulated that all government-funded research project results, the transfer must be free; enterprise independent R & D Research and Development Project, the transferee and the government commitment to expenses were 50%.

In addition, Korea has also established a “new technology products preferential purchasing system”, which when in government procurement, give priority to buy high technology production of Chan Pin, Yi help enterprises Chi Xu Fa Zhan health.

At this stage: pushing the government level “national brand”

In recent years, the South Korean government attaches great importance to organizing various national brand promotional activities, and their integration into a “national brand” areas of foreign propaganda.

South Korean government believes that a country’s “national brand”, that is, its overall image, it will affect people outside the country, enterprises, goods and other evaluations, so the “national brand” is the basis of brand or personal brand. Under this concept allows, South Korea’s government in 2006 issued in the “Use of Guo Jia brand export competitiveness measures,” and in 2009 set up a You presidential Zhijie jurisdiction “national brand.”

In addition, the South Korean government has also launched the “Mobile South Korea” and other national brand foreign propaganda site, and also established cooperation with government and civil and cultural projects of the network, autonomous communities, public organizations, enterprises and other promotional activities into the operation of the cooperative system of national brand, to enhance the publicity.

Relevant government departments on a regular basis to carry out specialized training and seminars to help new brand registered overseas, and for them to develop a global brand to provide advisory services and promotion activities.

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