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Record number of bicycles sold in Australia in 2006

Record number of bicycles sold in Australia in 2006

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Bicycle sales in Australia have recorded record sales of 1,273,781 units for 2006, exceeding car sales by 32 percent. It is the fifth year in a row that the bicycle industry has sold more than one million units, a figure yet to be realised by car manufacturers.

The Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) spokesman Ian Christie said Australians were increasingly using bicycles as an alternative to cars. Sales rose nine percent in 2006 while the car market stalled. Mr Christie said people were looking to cut their fuel costs and improve their fitness.

Mr Christie said organisations were beginning to supply bicycles as a company vehicle. “There is an emerging trend towards people using bikes as their official company-supplied vehicle in place of the traditional company car,” he said.

“Some of Australia’s biggest corporations now have bicycle fleets, and when you add in government organisations, we now know of at least 50 organisations which operate fleets of bikes.”

“Although the company bicycle is a long way from taking over from the company car, it’s an important trend when you consider that nearly half of all cars sold are to company fleets.”

The CPF claims most commutes to work are less than 5 kilometres (3 miles) making bicycle travel a viable alternative.

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Historic gym the site of Benet Academy, Illinois victory over Oswego

Historic gym the site of Benet Academy, Illinois victory over Oswego

Monday, January 18, 2010

Benet Academy Redwings 40 34 Oswego Panthers

The Benet Academy Redwings boys basketball team defeated the Oswego High School Panthers 40–34 Saturday night at Benet’s historic Alumni Gym. 

Located at Lisle, Illinois, United States, the gymnasium is home to Benet’s winning streak of 102 consecutive home games. The statewide record lasted from November 26, 1975 until January 24, 1987, when Naperville North High School defeated the Redwings 47–46. Benet also achieved 96 consecutive victories in the Western Suburban Catholic Conference at that time. 

The school continued to use the facility, colloquially referred to as the “Old Gym” or the “Small Gym”, until the end of the 1994 season, when a newer athletic center was built on campus. It wasn’t until the late 1990’s when then-coach Marty Gaughan decided to play one game per year in the Alumni Gym to remind the school of its history. “There is just an electricity, and you feel it when you are in there,” said Gaughan, who coached the team from the 1989–1990 season to the 2007–2008 season. 

This tradition continued until the 2006–2007 season, when the Redwings played against long-time rival St. Francis High School. Renovations prevented the gym from being used for athletic events over the past two seasons. This game was Benet coach Gene Heidkamp’s first opportunity to coach in the older gym. “So much history and winning has taken place there, which makes it so special. It is something the entire school community is excited about,” said Heidkamp. 

Saturday’s game was played at the Alumni Gym at the request of Oswego assistant coach Jim Bagley. He wanted his son, senior forward Chris Bagley, to experience the same atmosphere he had as he played for Benet in the 1978–1979 season. Greg Kwiatkowski was also Jim Bagley’s teammate in Benet, and his son, Joe Kwiatkowski, was in the Panthers’ starting lineup as well. “Two of us who played at Benet together and now our son’s play on [Oswego] together and for them to have a chance to play where we played is going to be a great night and great experience,” said the senior Bagley. 

Alumni Gym apparently still had its charm in the second half for the Redwings, whose 15–17 score at halftime worsened into an 11-point deficit in the third quarter. Benet fell behind with a score of 21–29 at the start of the fourth quarter. From that point, the Redwings’ defense began to kick in. Oswego could make only 2 of its 13 field goals in the third quarter. Benet’s offense also gained momentum as center Frank Kaminsky scored all of his 9 points in the fourth quarter. A shot by senior Mike Runger brought the score to 31–31, and two consecutive driving layups by David Sobolewski gave Benet the lead that would last for the rest of the game. 

“We hit a dry spell there, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Defense wins games and they are the best defensive team we’ve faced all year,” said Oswego coach Kevin Schnable.

Benet’s Matt Parisi led his team with 15 points, and Sobolewski scored 12. Oswego’s Andrew Ziemnik also scored 12. 

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Green Public Relations Is About Highlighting Environmentally Friendly Policies}

Submitted by: Kevin Waddel

We all want clean air, blue skies and some form of pristine green space. As of late, it has become in fashion to say that whatever you are doing, it is green. Everything from cars to hotels have gone green, and strangely I can still chose to have my car painted silver, so maybe its not quite that literal. Anyway, many consumers now a days are concerned with the environment and what kind of an effect they have upon it. As a company, you may genuinely care about the environment, or you may not, but regardless, cutting costs and waste are a sure way to save some green, and I am talking about more than the cotton paper type.

When it comes to green public relations, you have to make sure you are getting the right message out and being honest in your claims. People do care and even if you exaggerate and fool people for a time, it is best to be honest and approach the issue seriously, as collectively what we do impacts each of us. Our actions are not localized but global. If you are looking to get recognized for your product or services attention to the environment, you will definitely want a green public relations firm working with you to develop a dynamic strategy to help you.

When you partner with Makovsky + Company, you will be working with a company that has over three decades of experience in public relations. They have been dealing with green public relations for many, many years and their people are some of the brightest in the industry. What they do is design a strategy to get your environmentally friendly practices recognized by the public. This could involve alliances with environmental groups and causes, as well as getting awards for your changes.

YouTube Preview Image

Green public relations however, is more than just getting the word out, but a long-term strategy. Small steps can be taken to refine your image, or depending upon the structure of your business it may be possible to be aggressive both in publicity and actual practices. This type of decision is ultimately up to you, but regardless you will want the most effective branding possible.

This may even include dealing with accidents and disaster management. Spills, leaks, fires and mishaps are always a risk and in some industries it can be devastating to the image. That is why cleaning up and moving forward are critical components to an effective green public relations campaign. With Makovsky + Company, you can be certain that they will have solutions to remedy those situations and mitigate damage to your company.

In the end, green public relations is about cultivating a culture of environmentally friendly policies. This means improving your businesses practices and cutting cost to improve your bottom line. And if you want to make sure you get the most out of your changes, the best thing to do is hire a green public relations firm. Makovsky + Company is one that will help you excel with that mission.

Makovsky + Company is a public relations company that specializes in green public relations. We have been in business since 1979. For more information please visit us at and for more specific information on our green public relations services please visit us @

For more information visit to

About the Author: Kevin Waddel is a free lance writer. To get more information about Public relations, Public Relations New York, Green Public Relations and Health Public Relations visit


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Mexican therapy increases survival of cervical cancer patients

Mexican therapy increases survival of cervical cancer patients

Friday, June 19, 2009

A research team from the Institute of Biomedical Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico has developed a therapy that extends survival for locally advanced cervical cancer patients. The study was started at the National Oncology Institute, before trials were conducted worldwide.

The new treatment, which serves as a guideline worldwide, involves using the drug gemcitabine as a radiosensibilizing agent to potentiate the effects of a regime of cisplatin chemotherapy and radiotherapy, explained Alfonso Dueñas González, who led the study. Despite the addition of another drug making the scheme slightly more toxic, the secondary effects are acute and are present only during the 70 to 80 days the treatment lasts, during which the patient can become weak, as with any chemotherapy.

Under this treatment, the survival of patients rises to 78 percent. This is 9 percent above conventional methods, as concluded the study in its phase III, which lasted four years and involved 515 patients from different countries.

Despite cervical cancer being preventable if detected early by the Pap test, it causes more than 250,000 deaths a year worldwide, becoming the second cause of death by carcinoma among women, and the second most diagnosed illness in this group.

One of the advantages of this therapy is that both gemcitabine and cisplatin are affordable drugs, which makes it available for the world population and may help reduce the death rate by this disease. According to Dueñas González, although cervical cancer should be fought by focusing on early detection rather than on treatment, the therapy is expected to start being used in short by health institutions throughout the world.

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Liberal candidate Brian Jackson, Oxford

Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Liberal candidate Brian Jackson, Oxford

Monday, October 1, 2007

Brian Jackson is running for the Ontario Liberal Party in the Ontario provincial election, in the Oxford riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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How Can You Get Admission At Columbia Medical School?

Overview of Columbia medical college:

Columbia medical school continuously ranked and famous around the world to grant qualified and trained experts or doctors. Our major goal is to endow an outstanding education to prepare the personality to make a leader in their field. Add to this; this medical school aims to construct for learning that allows you to excel in developing the interests and polish your strengths in medicine. We have the world’s best teachers, experts, and trainers who are ready to build your personality. In this context, we will explain the main features of the Columbia medical school that help you to know them awesomely.

Academics eligibility to get admission:

Every medical college and the school have some eligibility criteria academically that ensure the registration of the students in the school. SO, Columbia medical school also have some rules that are enlisting below for you:

  • An applicant at least have three full academic years from regionally accredited medical college around the state
  • Must have Baccalaureate degree earlier to matriculation
  • Candidate must complete one year of English and another course
  • Each applicant complete one year of biology or one year of physics with labs
  • Complete two years of chemistry in which one year contains on organic chemistry with lab and others contain on inorganic chemistry with lab work
  • Give preferences to statistics, biostatistics, and biochemistry but not required compulsorily.

Ranking of Columbia medical school:

As you know, Columbia medical school is highly reputable and reputed in the state. According to the findings, this medical school is ranked on the 6th number for the best medical school research among the other institutes among the state. Now, you can estimate the Columbia medical school ranking to grant a better education and prepare the students for practical works as well. Also, this medical institute ranked on the 31 number due to granting the best primary care education to these students. In the field of Anesthesiology, the institute ranked on the 8th number, and for Psychiatry, this college ranked on the 4th number. Furthermore, it ranked on the 5th number to grant obstetrics and gynaecology. Furthermore, Columbia medical school average GPA is around 3.82, and most of the students are able to get the highest GPA for continuing their career.

A requirement for Columbia medical school:

If you are interested in getting admission to your school, you must fulfil Columbia Medical School requirements’. You can understand how the Columbia medical school is so selective to look at the student’s application. In this regard, some steps are enlisting below for you:

  • Acceptance of the median GPA is 3.89 for med students
  • Students must score 520 in MCAT exams, so they need to achieve 130 in each section
  • Students have an understanding of the basic and biosciences

So, these statistics are the margin to get registered as a med student in this medical school. Columbia MD program endows the best program for the interest of students to polish their skills. So, here it arises the question for the students how they can stand in the crowd of highest GPA students and make a vigorous place in the Columbia school of medicine.

The acceptance rate for Columbia medical school:

Every institute has an acceptance rate of students who get the right to register in the school. So the Columbia medical school acceptance rate is 4% that gives the high competition to get admission to this school. This year 2020, from 7,914 applications, only 278 applications are accepted to get registered in this school. So, it shows the toughest competition among the students.

Columbia medical school Programs:

This medical school offers a variety of programs for the well-being of the students. So, they can easily select their program according to their interest. The list of some most important programs are enlisting below for you:

  • Primary care programs
  • Anesthesiology
  • Radiology
  • Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Radiology
  • Psychiatry
  • Surgery
  • Internal medicine
  • Urology

Facilities for the students at CMS:

If students get some facilities at the educational platform, then they are able to learn things more clearly. So, every student who gets admission to this university is able to take advantage of versatile facilities. For instance, such students have the opportunity to study in the well organized and high tech classroom. They found systems, internet facilities, and laboratories to do their work without any hesitation. Add to this, most of the students are able to get financial assistance for achieving their dreams. The environment of this medical college is quite collaborative and team-based learning. Last but not least, the major benefit of grant dorm-style apartments for students to live peacefully. It has ground and fitness centres to keep your mind and body active or healthy.

Tips for surviving at Columbia medical college:

As you know, to get admission to Columbia medical school is quite difficult and competitive. And most of the students relax after getting admission and forget to work hard to get stunning results. In this regard, as med students, you should need to follow the enlisting tips.

  • You must make your notes during lectures
  • Managing your time and do study for a specific time on a daily basis
  • Work hard to get good results and GPA
  • Although the study is good but bring out some time for fun and enjoy your life because it relaxes your mind and stress-free

Ending up the discussion:

The above discussion is quite evident to explain the requirements and statistics of the Columbia school of medicine. It also tells the acceptance rate, programs, eligibility criteria, and ranking of this medical school in the rest of the others. It also bestows knowledge to grant versatile facilities and the environment of the school for students. This discussion helps you reach the right decisions that enhance your chances to complete your desires from the right platform.

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UEFA Euro 2016, quarter-finals: Germany defeats Italy 6-5 on penalties

UEFA Euro 2016, quarter-finals: Germany defeats Italy 6-5 on penalties

Monday, July 4, 2016

On Saturday, in the quarter-final of UEFA Euro 2016, Germany defeated Italy 6–5 in a penalty shootout decider as the score was 1–1 at the end of additional time. Germany missed three penalties in the shootout, but Manuel Neuer stopped two penalties by the Italians.

Early in the first half, Bastian Schweinsteiger was substituted for German midfielder Sami Khedira following a muscle injury. The Germans had greater ball possession and also led in passing accuracy. But they had to wait till the 65th minute when Mesut Özil scored a goal. Thirteen minutes later, the lead was nullified as the Italians were awarded a penalty kick as defender Jérôme Boateng committed a handball foul in the penalty area. Stepping up for the penalty, Leonardo Bonucci scored the equaliser. This was the first goal Neuer conceded in his last 557 minutes of major tournament play. The previous record was set by Sepp Maier at 481 minutes.

The match proceeded to additional time as the score was 1–1. None of the sides could find the net in the additional time and the referee signalled a penalty shootout. Lorenzo Insigne and Toni Kroos scored their respective kicks. In the next round, Simone Zaza missed while Thomas Müller’s spot kick was saved by Gianluigi Buffon. When Andrea Barzagli scored his penalty kick and Özil missed by hitting the woodwork, Italy were 2–1 up.

Graziano Pellè missed his penalty and the Germans levelled as Julian Draxler scored. Leonardo Bonucci’s attempt to score was saved by Neuer, but Schweinsteiger wasted his chance to lead the shootout. Emanuele Giaccherini and Marco Parolo scored their spot kicks, as did Mats Hummels and Joshua Kimmich. Mattia De Sciglio’s goal was followed by Boateng’s equalising penalty. Neuer saved Matteo Darmian’s kick and Jonas Hector scored the winning penalty.

Neuer was awarded the Man of the Match award.Eighteen players stepped up for the penalty shootout equalling the record of the UEFA Euro 1980 third-place encounter. Except for these two fixtures, never has a Euro match witnessed eighteen men taking the spot kick.

Germany is to play winner of France and Iceland in the semi-final. Mats Hummels is to miss the semi-final serving a one-match ban. Striker Mario Gomez is to miss the semi-final with torn muscle fibres. Schweinsteiger pulled his knee ligaments.

Manager Joachim Löw responded to these injuries saying, “It is very bitter to lose important players in the decisive stage of the tournament. I am especially sorry for Mario. […] For us this means accepting the new situation and having to find solutions. We will do so. The quality in the squad is high and I have full confidence in all players.”

21:00 July 2, 2016 (UTC+2)
Germany 1–1 (a.e.t.) Italy Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Referee: Viktor Kassai, Hungary
Mesut Özil 65’Toni Kroos Thomas Müller Mesut Özil Julian Draxler Bastian Schweinsteiger Mats Hummels Joshua Kimmich Jérôme Boateng Jonas Hector 6–5 (penalties) Leonardo Bonucci 78′ (pen.)Lorenzo Insigne Simone Zaza Andrea Barzagli Graziano Pellè Leonardo Bonucci Emanuele Giaccherini Marco Parolo Mattia De Sciglio Matteo Darmian
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NBC employee wins $266M from California lottery

NBC employee wins $266M from California lottery

Thursday, May 6, 2010

An NBC employee won US$266 million from the California Lottery’s Mega Millions drawing.

The winner, wishing to remain anonymous, will receive $165 million in total, after federal taxes, reports spokesperson for the lottery Cathy Doyle Johnston.

David Reese, a KNBC assistant manager, was informed by the winner around 2:30 local time Wednesday. Reese told the employees working the night shift to keep the name a secret until the winner wishes to step forward.

Reese said the winner worked for NBC as a freelancer for four years, and her husband was laid off two weeks ago.

L & L Hawaiian BBQ in Pico Rivera, California, sold the winning ticket with the numbers 9, 21, 31, 36, 43, and the “Mega Number” 8. Danny He, the owner of the BBQ, will receive $1 million from the lottery for selling the winning ticket.

According to lottery officials, there was a 1 in 175,711,536 chance in winning with all six numbers with 38 other states and the District of Colombia playing as well.

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Why Incorporating Can Mean Amazing Tax Savings

According to a new survey carried out by Alliance & Leicester, one in five small business owners view tax astheir greatest concern. The Chancellor has announced in hislast budget that companies with profits below ?10,000 willnot have to pay any corporation tax with effect from 1 April2002. The question to be asked is: does that announcementmake incorporation a more attractive option compared tobeing a sole trader?The answer is that from a tax point of view, it isadvantageous to trade through a limited company as longas the income is drawn from the company by the owners asdividends from their shares and the amount of dividendsdrawn is restricted below the 40% band rate (i.e. ?31,063for tax year 2002/03). That way, the owners have no furtherpersonal tax (“income tax”) to pay. Moreover, dividends arenot subject to national insurance contributions. This isexcellent news of course. But, if dividend income fallswithin the higher rate bracket of income tax (i.e. above?34,515), they will be taxed at 22.5% on the excess, whichof course will increase the tax burden. The company profitsare subject to corporation tax rates. Those are lower thanincome tax rates.The most catastrophic scenario is when the director takeshis reward from the company as salary. Then his/her salaryis taxed at income tax rates (like a sole trader’s income).That is because, unlike sole traders, the tax system treatscompanies as separate from their owners because a company isa separate legal entity. The problem is that the incometaxes are higher than corporation tax rates. On top ofthat, they will be subject to employee and employer nationalinsurance contributions, which of course increase the taxburden and render his position worse than even anunincorporated business (“sole trader”), because NIC Class 1on payroll are higher than NIC Class 2 paid by selfemployed.In contrast, a self employed person (“sole trader”) is taxedat income tax rates on the profits from his business, whichare added to his other sources of income. As it has alreadybeen mentioned, income tax rates are overall higher thancorporation tax rates. On top of income tax, nationalinsurance contributions class 4 are payable on the businessprofits within a specified band (7% on profits between?4,615and ?30,420). National insurance contributions Class 2are also paid by self-employed people, although those arelower than those payable by company directors on theirsalaries.To illustrate the above, let’s take a simple example. Wehave a limited company and a sole trader. They both make?60,000 profits each in the tax year 2002/03. We assume thatthe company director takes a salary equal to the amount ofhis personal allowances (untaxed income) of ?4,615 and thebalance as dividends. The company will pay corporation taxat 19% equal to ?10,523 and nothing else. The sole traderwill pay income tax ?16,542, National insurance Class 2 ?104and National insurance Class 4 ?1,806. Total ?18,452. Thebottom line is that the person that has incorporated hisbusiness into a limited company will make a tax saving of?7,929 compared to a sole trader! Isn’t that fantastic?Somebody might be wondering: why is this entire happening?The official explanation is that, this government, to helpthe economy grow, encourages people to leave as much profitswithin their businesses to be reinvested, instead of beingtaken out and spent.The “unofficial line” is that, as a matter of fact, foryears the Inland Revenue has tried to reclassify theself-employed. The 1% in NIC hike on staff salaries abovethe NIC threshold from next April adds to both theemployees’ and employers’ tax burden and may more thanoffset the saving from the corporation tax zero rate on thefirst ?10,000 of profits.Aren’t there any other matters to consider in decidingwhether to incorporate or not?Higher administration costs to comply with company law,payroll and bookkeeping is one factor. Another issue ispension planning. Extracting profits out of the company asdividends rather than salary means that there will be no”net relevant earnings” and therefore pension contributionscan’t be made. But the advent of stakeholder pension planshas meant that contributions up to ?3,600 per year can bemade without the need for any earnings. If a person does notwish to transfer funds in existing plans into stakeholderbecause of high charges, there is a way out: the best netrelevant earnings (i.e. salary) in five consecutive yearscan be used for making contributions for the next fiveyears, even if there were no salaries in the remainder fouryears. It is comforting to know that entitlement to basicstate pension is not affected by taking a salary from thecompany at the level of a person’s personal allowances i.e.?4,615.Furthermore, an individual may decide not to bother withpension plans and instead invest in ISA. Often, these can bemore efficient than pensions but that’s beside the scope ofthis article. If that option is taken, no salary isnecessary.Another factor is business motoring. It might be taxadvantageous for an unincorporated business that owns manycars not to incorporate because if these cars have someprivate use there will be benefits in kind taxed on theusers. These are generally higher than the straightapportionment between private and business for all carrunning costs in the case of sole traders.The conclusion is that there can be considerable tax savingswaiting the sole trader who decides to go down theroad to incorporation. But, one needs to proceed withcaution and careful planning. And don’t forget the biggestadvantage of incorporation, which is Protectionfrom Personal Liability. Incorporating is one of the bestways to protect a business owner from personal liability.Shareholders of a company are generally not liable for theobligations of the company. Creditors of a company may seekpayment from its assets, but not the assets of theshareholders. This means that business owners may engage inbusiness without risking their homes or other personalproperty.Thank you for taking the time to read this Article. I hopeyou’ve found it useful. If you have, please drop me an emailand let me know what you think.You can email me at…constantinesavva@accamail.comAlternatively, you can visit our website at and read a series ofother full length articles that present the complete pictureon a variety of interesting topics.If you would like to know how to save tax and make sure thatmore of your hard earned cash stays with you to expand yourbusiness and increase your profits, we have a Free SpecialReport addressed to small businesses either starting up oralready in business. This Exclusive Free Special Report isavailable automatically when you subscribe to our regularseries of Free Newsletters on finance advice and taxplanning by visiting our subscription area on our It is complied from reallife situations dealing with small business tax affairs forover 10 years and it is loaded with down-to-earth advice andpractical, understandable examples.LEGAL NOTICEWhilst every care has been taken in the preparation of thisarticle, the author cannot accept responsibility for anyerrors or omissions. Proper professional advice should betaken at all times.We retain copyright for the contents of this article. Anyunauthorized copying or onward distributions are prohibitedwithout our consent.

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