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  • 30 August 2018: Brisbane, Australia Magistrates Court charges two cotton farmers with $20m fraud
  • 10 August 2018: New South Wales, Australia government says entire state in winter 2018 drought
  • 9 April 2018: Woolworths, Australia moves single-use plastic bags ban date to June 20
  • 24 November 2016: Gympie win Twenty20 cricket final on Australia’s Sunshine Coast
  • 6 June 2016: Brisbane man granted bail on charge of raping 15-year-old girl
  • 31 May 2016: Australian Opposition Leader pledges to save Great Barrier Reef
  • 25 April 2016: University defeat Toads in 2016 Sunshine Coast Rugby Union round 4
  • 23 April 2016: Lebanon child abduction charges against mother may be dropped in exchange for custody
  • 20 April 2016: Charges against Sally Faulkner and 60 Minutes news crew dropped in Lebanon abduction case
  • 3 September 2015: Dedicated domestic violence court opens on Australian Gold Coast

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Polls held for US state and local elections, with incomplete GOP success

Polls held for US state and local elections, with incomplete GOP success

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Voters went to the polls on Tuesday for several US state elections seen by some as a referendum on the policies of President Barack Obama one year after his election (and by others as a purely local election). A few key races in the elections are in states the president carried last year.

In Virginia, results indicated that Republican candidate Bob McDonnell won over Democrat Creigh Deeds in the governor’s race. Polls suggested that many independent voters in the state who last year voted for Obama supported McDonnell.

Another race being closely watched was in New Jersey, normally a safe Democratic area. The New Jersey State Assembly remained Democratic, but the Republican challenger won the governorship. Democratic Governor Jon Corzine was competing with Republican challenger Chris Christie.

Obama has campaigned for both Democratic candidates, trying to avoid a result that Republicans would interpret as a rejection of his policies on the economy, health care and other issues.

Political analysts say Republican victories in both New Jersey and Virginia would energize the Obama administration’s opponents and set up a major battle for control of Congress in the 2010 midterm elections.

Elsewhere in the country, a closely watched special congressional election in upstate New York has exposed tensions between moderates and conservatives within the Republican party. A Democrat apparently won that seat, which the Republican candidate supported after retiring from the race.

In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to easily win a third term in office. (He won, but by a closer margin than expected.) Mayoral races also are on the ballot in the cities of Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

In a number of states, the public will vote on controversial issues such as legalized gambling, same-sex marriage (which lost) and allowing marijuana use for medical reasons (which won).

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Pricol Limited India

Pricol Limited, India stands testimony to its commitment to manufacture and develop authentic and reliable automobile parts.The company’s mission for creating a leadership principle based on customer satisfaction; building pride among Partners, employees, stakeholders and suppliers through fair judgment and delegation has been upheld time and again. The resilience shown by company in face of adverse circumstances sets a benchmark for automobile industry

The core values that form the foundation of such a robust conglomerate primarily is respect for an individual contributor.Pricol is a company that understands the importance of innovation and re-evaluation of its products and manufacturing techniques.Hence, is entitled distinct recognition as an ace in the automobile advanced techniques?

Its offices are spread across India.The factories are located in New Delhi, Uttarakhand, Pune, and Coimbatore. Marketing and regional offices are situated in Indore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, and Gurgaon.It has its presence in 45 countries of the world making it a key global player.Pricol has its offices in Chicago, USA, Roserath, Germany, Pisa ,Italy, Kariya, Japan, Guangzho, China and Jakarta Indonesia.

YouTube Preview Image

The group of companies are Pricol Technologies, English Tools,Pricol Travels, Pricol Packing Limited, Pricol Cargo, Xenos Technologies, Pricol Properties limited, Pricol corporate services limited, Pricol Academy of Excellence (PACE), and Carcerano Pricol tech, It has liaisons with companies like DENSO, Magneti Marelli, NHK Spring and Directed Electronics. More than four thousand people contribute in ceaseless, qualitative and reliable productivity, growth and sustenance of the company and its International alliances. The success of is assured because of these devoted and sincere professionals who have worked diligently to make this a dream come true.The glory belongs to each and all members of the Pricol family.

Pricol Limited has seven (7) manufacturing units, more than fifty (50) products, around two thousand (2000) product variants on offer.Instrument Clusters, Secondary Air Valves, Oil pumps, Speed Sensors, Auto Decompression units ,Centralized lubrication Systems, Vehicle Tracking systems, Convenience and Security Systems, Digital Tachograph, Low oil pressure switches, etc .Sintered components such as Gears, Gerotors, Hubs, Pistons are manufactured using ferrous carbon and nickel carbon based alloys.Anti- rust steam treatment , projection wielding and secondary machining is also done to ensure a longer life of the automobile parts

Automobile industry giants include suppliers, importers and manufacturers. Pricol has been a trustworthy partner in most of their business endeavors. The clientele of the company includes L&T CASE, Either India, Ashok Leyland, Escorts, Tertra Udyog, Terex UK,John Deere, India, Indo Farm Tractors, General Motors and other stalwarts of the industry. It has ISO/TS 16949 ,ISO 14001 &OHSAS 18001 certifications for its Management Systems, Design, Development and its factories.

Pricol has won many prestigious accolades and national awards for quality, performance, and development of technology. A few of them are Outstanding Performance in cost by Denso Haryana Pvt Ltd- 2007-08, Best supplier award, Bronze Award for overall excellence in manufacturing, Certificate of Honor for Contribution Technology developed in India, Export Award, Best Vendor Award, Outstanding Indigenization Award, Outstanding performance in quality, and countless others reflect the unfailing devotion to the growth and establishment of technological prowess of the company.

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About Author:

Pricol Technologies – Pricol: Global Supplier of Pricol auto parts, automotive products, automobile components, auto instruments, auto accessories and have market leadership through customer delight.Author: Abhinash Chaudhary

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Category:April 28, 2005

Category:April 28, 2005
? April 27, 2005
April 29, 2005 ?
April 28

Pages in category “April 28, 2005”

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Politically concerned movie Zootopia wins Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film

Politically concerned movie Zootopia wins Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On Sunday, Disney’s Zootopia won the Oscars award for the Best Animated Feature Film at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony held at Los Angeles. Pixar’s animated short Piper won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film and Disney’s The Jungle Book won for Visual Effects.

Others competing with Zootopia in the category were Kubo and the Two Strings, My Life as a Zucchini, The Red Turtle, and Disney’s Moana. This was the first Oscar for directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore who were previously nominated for, respectively, Bolt and Wreck-It Ralph.

In the acceptance speech, director Byron Howard said, “About five years ago, almost six now, […] we got this crazy idea of talking about humanity with talking animals in the hopes that, when the film came out, it would make the world just a slightly better place.” The Disney movie addresses several social problems such as racism, sexism, prejudice, stereotyping, and fear. The New York Times said the parental guidance (PG) rated movie was “Funny, smart, thought-provoking — and musical, too.”

Before announcing the award, Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal said, “As a Mexican, as a Latin-American, as a migrant worker, as a human being, I’m against any form of wall that wants to separate us.” The movie was released in March, during the 2016 US presidential race.

In an interview with Variety, the directors of Zootopia said movies about bias and discrimination haven’t been Disney’s main focus, but during its production, “Things were not great in the world. […] It was more like we had our finger on something important right now and we really need to do our best to portray this as honestly as we can. Then with the election and the campaign, the real move towards governing by fear […] I don’t think we could have predicted it any closer with this film.”

With this win, the Walt Disney Company has won nine out of ten Best Animated Feature Film Oscars in the last decade, with Pixar Animation Studio winning six out of them. Zootopia also won Best Animated Film at the Annie Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

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Wikinews interviews Frank Moore, independent candidate for US President

Wikinews interviews Frank Moore, independent candidate for US President

Saturday, March 1, 2008

While nearly all coverage of the 2008 Presidential election has focused on the Democratic and Republican candidates, the race for the White House also includes independents and third party candidates. These parties represent a variety of views that may not be acknowledged by the major party platforms.

Wikinews has impartially reached out to these candidates, throughout the campaign. We now interview independent Presidential candidate Frank Moore, a performance artist.

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Find A High Quality Teen Bedding Set In Green Bay, Wi


Teenagers are notoriously fickle when it comes to styles and preferences. What was all the rage yesterday will not be popular next month. This can be an issue when seeking a Teen Bedding Set in Green Bay WI that will appeal to changing preferences. The usual scenario is the bedding outlasts the interest in the style. There are some tips to combat that problem

Focus on a Favorite Color or Two

Once a Teen Bedding Set in Green Bay WI is placed on the bed, accessories follow. That may be some throw pillows, a stuffed animal, or a lap blanket arranged in the middle of the bed. Bedding that matches a favorite color, accents the colors of the walls, or has a block pattern will fit in beautifully with the decor and not clash with the accessories the teen decides to add that week. Another option is a solid set that has a reversible comforter to alternate the look.

Bring the Teen Shopping

Instead of letting teens pick out a set at the local superstore, bring them to a bedding store to look around and see what is available. There are two major reasons for this strategy. The first is the bedding set will not be something cheap that will have sheets fraying at the edges and comforters bunching up after the first wash. Affordable, yet high-quality, products will last longer and not fade.

The second reason is a wider selection of themes, patterns, and colors. Department stores only have room for the mainstream sets that are sure to sell. This eliminates so many fantastic and unique options. Teens will appreciate the fact their bedding will not be the same as every other teen’s in the neighborhood.

Look Online Together

Schedules may prevent shopping at the same time or the teen may be at that stage where being seen out with a parent is a social disaster. If this is the case, take a few minutes and go online to get an idea of what is acceptable, what is awesome, and what will simply not do. Check out a few websites, then Browse us before heading out to shop.

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Over 10,000 attend Gallipoli dawn service for ANZAC Day centenary

Over 10,000 attend Gallipoli dawn service for ANZAC Day centenary

Monday, April 27, 2015

A crowd of over 10,000 people attended the dawn service on Saturday at Gallipoli, Turkey for the 100th anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops there in 1915. The solemn remembrance ceremony was held at the site of the original Gallipoli landings, now known as Anzac Cove.

The Gallipoli Campaign of the First World War is remembered as a failed attack in which thousands of lives were lost for little to no gain for either side. The campaign killed 45,000 Allied and 86,000 Turkish troops.

Attendees at the dawn service included Prince Charles, the Prime Minister of Australia, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s speech later in the day emphasised the importance of the day to Australians. “Like every generation since, we are here on Gallipoli because we believe the Anzacs represented Australians at their best. Because they rose to their challenges, we believe it is a little easier for us to rise to ours. Their example helps us to be better than we would otherwise be”, he said.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key at dawn described Gallipoli as a symbol of the highest ideals of Australians and New Zealanders “especially when they work side by side in the face of adversity”.

Prince Charles stirred emotions by reading extracts from a serviceman’s diary. The diary entry, by Company Quartermaster Sergeant Benjamin Leane, was addressed to his wife and was written hours before the first Gallipoli landing.

The centenary milestone of Anzac Day also drew a Turkish security force of 3700, both police and paramilitary. Attendees entered past six security checkpoints.

A record 120,000 people also attended services at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to commemorate the centenary.

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News briefs:July 26, 2010

News briefs:July 26, 2010
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Blues musician B.B. King dies aged 89

Blues musician B.B. King dies aged 89

Friday, May 15, 2015

B.B. King, legendary blues guitarist well known for tracks such as “Rock Me Baby”, “My Lucille”, and “The Thrill Is Gone”, died in his Las Vegas home yesterday at the age of 89.

Attorney Brent Bryson said King died in his sleep.

A 15-time Grammy winner, with over 50 albums released, King played live for nearly 70 years. He had reportedly collapsed at a Chicago performance back in October, and blamed dehydration and exhaustion for the incident. King recently was under hospice care at home, after being treated for diabetes and high blood pressure in hospital. The last public statement B.B King made, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, was early this month. He said, “I am in hospice care at my residence in Las Vegas. Thanks to all for your well wishes and prayers.”

Known for playing the blues on his Gibson guitar called Lucille, B.B King was admired by many musicians, including Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Rush. The Blues Foundation Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame both inducted him in the 1980s; and the Songwriters Hall of Fame recognized him with a lifetime achievement award in 1990. King also collaborated with other music artists and bands. In 1989 he played with U2 on their track “When Love Comes to Town”, and in the millennium, worked with Eric Clapton on “Riding with the King”; which received a Grammy that same year.

Riley B King, who would eventually be called the King of Blues, grew up in Mississippi where he lived on a plantation as a sharecropper. He found success in the 50’s with hit track “Three O’Clock Blues”, and was well-known for not singing and playing guitar at the same time; a call and response between his vocals and his Lucille.

With the news of his death, many musicians payed their respects through Twitter. Guitarist Richie Sambora wrote, “My friend and legend BB King passed. I’m so so sad, he was so great to me. We’ve lost the King. My love and prayers to his family.” The Beatles’ Ringo Starr also wrote, “God bless BB King, peace and love to his family”.

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