Pakistan President Musharraf in Kabul for talks

Pakistan President Musharraf in Kabul for talks

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf is in Kabul for a two-day visit during which he is scheduled to hold talks with his Afghan counterpart, Hamid Karzai. The talks are expected to focus on the continuing militant activity on both sides of the border, with Taliban forces allegedly infiltrating into Afghanistan from across the border in Pakistan.

Economic cooperation and reconstruction in Afghanistan are also on the agenda. President Musharraf is scheduled to meet cabinet ministers and address parliamentarians tomorrow. His delegation includes ministers for foreign and religious affairs and the petroleum sector, and the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

“Frank discussions on the war on terror and expanding bilateral cooperation on regional issues,” read a statement by President Karzai’s office.

Pakistan foreign office spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam told AFP news agency that the Presidents “will exchange views on bilateral relations, economic cooperation, reconstruction activities in Afghanistan and cooperation in the fight against terrorism,”

“Afghanistan is expecting the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to take effective action against terrorism,” Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman Sultan Ahmad Baheen said.

Pakistan signed a peace agreement with pro-Taliban militants in the North Waziristan region on the eve of the visit. The deal aims to end years of unrest in the border province. Under its terms the Pakistan military forces and militants will stop attacks on each other and the militants have agreed to disarm or expel foreign Al-Qaeda-linked fighters in the area. Pakistan has rejected criticism that the deal will allow pro-Taliban forces to operate freely in the area.

“Pakistan is committed to its policy on war on terror, and Osama caught anywhere in Pakistan would be brought to justice,” army spokesman Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan told the Associated Press.

On Wednesday, President Karzai met the NATO General Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer in Kabul and signed an accord aimed at boosting security and development in the country. The NATO chief warned that “some of the terrorists, the spoilers, think they can win in the south,”, adding “They are wrong. Because they cannot win, they will not win, […] That is why we are engaged in combat as well at this very moment.”

The visit comes amidst an upsurge in violence in Afghanistan, with US forces saying that 60 militants were killed by artillery and air-strikes on Tuesday. Some 700 more are believed to be surrounded by soldiers in an operation in Khandahar province.

NATO and Afghan forces launched an operation in Khandahar’s Panjwayi district last weekend, and NATO reports 250 militants as killed in the operations, though a Taliban commander has disputed the figure and there is no independent confirmation of the toll. Hundreds have been killed in continuing fighting between government and international security forces and insurgents in the last four months.

An estimated 1500 families have been displaced by the fighting in Khandahar.

Suspected Taliban militants shot dead two muslim clerics in Lashkar Gah, capital of the Helmand province in the last two days and raided a district headquarters in the town of Arghandad in Zabul province.

Musharraf last visited Afghanistan in 2002. Afghanistan has previously complained that Pakistan is not doing enough to combat Taliban insurgency in its side of the 2,250km (1,400-mile) mountainous border between the two countries. Earlier in the year, allegations by Afghanistan that Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders were living in Pakistan were dismissed by Musharraf as “nonsense”. In February, Afghanistan issued a list of 150 Taliban suspects it said were living in Pakistan. President Musharraf dismissed the information as “old and outdated”, but President Karzai reiterated that the list was up-to-date.

Some Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders have been arrested in Pakistan, which has also stationed close to 80,000 troops along the Afghan borders. There is international pressure on Musharraf to deal with Islamist groups in Pakistan who are believed to assist Taliban forces.

“Pakistan has the potential to be the solution to the problems of Afghanistan,” Afghan foreign ministry advisor Ali Muradian said.”We hope that President Musharraf will open a new chapter in relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Pakistan was closely associated with the Taliban’s rise to power in the 90s one of only three nations that recognised the then Taliban government.

While state run dailies Kabul Times and Hewad expressed hope that two leaders will work together to improve security, The daily Cheragh said that while statements about restoring security can be expected from the meeting, “as experience has shown”, previous pledges by Pakistan “have not been fulfilled”.

Kabul Times also said Afghanistan was grateful for Pakistan’s help to thousands of Afghan refugees.

“The key concern is whether the agreement is going to lead to more insurgents going to and fro across the border or less,” A diplomat told AFP, while another questioned Pakistan’s peace deal with the militants.

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US unemployment rate reaches 8.5%

US unemployment rate reaches 8.5%

Friday, April 3, 2009

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday that the US economy lost 663,000 jobs in March, bringing the unemployment rate up to 8.5%, an increase from last month’s jobless rate of 8.1%. The jobless rate is the highest it has been since 1983.

Since the start of the recession, 5.1 million jobs have been lost. 13.5 million people are currently unemployed. 3.3 million people have lost their jobs in the last five months.

“The hemorrhaging of jobs has been so extreme,” the deputy director at the National Employment Law Project, Andrew Stettner, said. “Even if the economy picks up or the contraction slows, there’s so much slack in the job market, it’s going to take a tremendous amount of time for it to recover.”

The Federal Reserve has stated that it predicts the jobless rate to go up to 8.8%, although many economists forecast that it could go above ten percent and only start coming back down when the broader economy starts to recover.

The government said that 16% of all the residents of the US are now in search of work, working part time because they are unable to find a full-time job, or do not have a job and are not searching for one.

“We’re closing in on 25 million people that are underemployed in one way or another. It highlights the incredible breadth of the downturn,” said the founder and chief economist of Moody’s, Mark Zandi.

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Woman killed on amusement park ride in New York

Woman killed on amusement park ride in New York

Sunday, July 1, 2007

A young woman was killed Friday night after an accident occurred on a gyrating ride at the Playland amusement park in Rye, New York in the United States. The woman, Gabriela Garin, was a worker at the amusement park, and had worked there for the past seven years.

The accident occurred near the end of Garin’s shift; as she was loading riders onto the ride. The ride’s new operator, unaware of Garin’s presence, started the ride while Garin was still on it. The new operator then noticed Garin, and shut the ride down in 20 seconds, but Garin had already been ejected from the ride and killed, according to a park spokesperson.

The ride is an attraction that spins people around in two-seat cars, inside a darkened tent to flashing lights and music.

This incident is not the first in the ride’s history. In 2004, a seven-year-old from Connecticut managed to free herself from the ride’s restraining bars, and climb onto the front edge of her seat. She fell soon after the ride started. A safety precaution was put in place after this incident, however, the spokesperson acknowledged that it was not followed when Garin was killed.

The company which owns the ride shut it down, along with two other rides it owns at the park.

This is the fourth fatality in the park’s history. The park features more than 50 rides, a pool, and a beach. It attracts more than 1 million visitors annually.

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Pest Control For Realtors: Different Effective Pest Control Techniques To Use In Buildings

byAlma Abell

With the booming business of buying and selling commercial and residential buildings, the dealers or realtors are keen on ensuring that there are no pests in the buildings they are selling. The presence of pests in a house can easily put off the client’s desire to buy the house. The house brokers or realtors, therefore, ensure that they use professional pest control methods to get rid of raccoons, rats, spiders, mice, possums and other annoying pests from the houses they intend to sell. A few techniques of the Pest Control for Realtors include:

  • Article chemical sprays: The chemicals will effectively kill the target pests in the buildings once you apply them in strategic places both in the building and around the yard. Professional exterminators know the sprays that effectively kill the burrowing and gnawing pests. Chemical sprays use kill pest instantly and have no harmful health side effects to the family members who live in the building and to the environment as well.
  • Technological traps: Many people do not understand why the traps take long or even fail to trap the target pests while the traps catch target pests within a few hours. Professional exterminators know the right trap settings to use and the best way to dispose of the trapped pests like rats. If the traps just only hurt the pests, it will be hard for other pests to come near the traps due to the blood scent they detect. However, the professionals will dispose of the pests in the right way and clean the trap uniquely to attract other pests.
  • Shoot the pests: Professional pest control experts can decide to use snipers to kill the annoying larger pests in your building. Before the experts choose to use the guns that shoot pests, they will first consider the gun regulations and laws in your area. If there are no such ordinance, they will use Pest Control for Realtors to eliminate pests in your house within a few hours without harming the environment.

The best way to eliminate pests in your houses for sale is by hiring exterminators with incomparable experience and solid reputation. Look for experts use effective pest control products that are healthy and environment-friendly. Visit to contact such exterminators.

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Saudi Arabia plans to open embassy in Finland

Saudi Arabia plans to open embassy in Finland

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It has been announced that Saudi Arabia is planning to open an official embassy in Finland, to signify continuing improvement in relations between the two countries.

Teemu Tanner, director general of Africa and the Middle East at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, said to reporters concerning Finnish President Tarja Halonen’s first visit to Saudi Arabia on Sunday, “One indication of this visit is that you (Saudi Arabia) are planning to open an embassy here in Helsinki,” adding that “We regard this as extremely important for relations,” and that it is only a matter of time before the facility is made available.

Another act set to strengthen diplomatic relations is the planned visit of a trade delegation headed by Saudi Minister of Trade and Commerce Hashim Yamani, which will arrive in Finland next month.

“Our relationship is no longer in relation to trade,” said Tanner. “More broadly, we will discuss regional and global issues. It is extremely important for us to know Saudi Arabia’s views on Iraq, Iran, but also issues such as Somalia… One objective of the visit is to convey notes on international questions, as we enter a very interesting phase in the Middle East peace process,” adding that the presidential visit is a relational “landmark” that will “crystallize” Finland’s image to Saudi Arabia.

Despite the comment that the international cooperation is no longer entirely a trade issue, he did point out Saudi Arabia’s important role in the Finnish economy as one of the five largest importers of Finnish products. Finland’s main exports to Saudi Arabia are mobile phones, paper, wood and machinery, while Saudi Arabia exports large quantities of raw materials for use in manufacturing plastics. The total volume if this trade is estimated to be worth over €840 million.

Other topics on the table for the two nations to discuss during Halonen’s visit include energy, the role of science, environmental issues and combating terrorism, as well as other global issues. Tanner has also suggested tourism may be a future area of attention, with a possibility of package holidays for Finnish tourists being organized to Saudi Arabia.

Finland and Saudi Arabia have been officially involved in diplomatic relations since 1969. Finland has maintained an embassy in Saudi Arabia since 1974.

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  • 9 February 2018: Poet, lyricist, and digital activist John Perry Barlow dies, aged 70
  • 18 January 2018: Irish rock band The Cranberries’ lead singer Dolores O’Riordan dies at 46
  • 13 December 2017: Apple, Inc. confirms acquisition of Shazam
  • 24 October 2017: Five United States ex-presidents raise relief funds at hurricane event
  • 5 October 2017: US rock artist Tom Petty dies at 66
  • 30 July 2017: British dancer and talent show winner Robert Anker dies in car accident aged 27
  • 25 July 2017: Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington dies at 41
  • 5 June 2017: Conductor Jeffrey Tate dies aged 74
  • 27 May 2017: British counterterrorism agents say many of Manchester arena suicide bomber’s confederates in custody
  • 15 May 2017: Salvador Sobral wins Eurovision for Portugal

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Light Switch Plate An Easy Way To Brighten A Room

By Jesse Akre

Take a look at that light switch plate by the doorway. Have you ever considered how it feels? It’s sitting there, on the wall, relatively ignored. It’s not the light switch plate’s fault. You haven’t even given it a chance, since it’s just a boring, plain piece of plastic.

That light switch plate looks around the room and sees the love you gave to the rest of this space. The walls were given a coat of paint to make them prettier. You may even have gone all out and added borders or wallpaper to really dress it up. The floor was given rugs and other accents to make it look nicer. The door even got a glass door knob and looks great. But, then there’s the light switch plate, plain white plastic, and unloved.

It’s time to give your light switch plate what it’s been begging for, a little love and attention.

While you could just go to the store and pick up a ready-made decorative light switch plate, why wouldn’t you want to show that long-neglected light switch plate that you really care for it and want to give it a new life.

YouTube Preview Image

Making your own decorative light switch plate can also be a fun project.

First, you need to decide what you want on your light switch plate. One of the options are to cover it with dried flowers. Another option is to paint it yourself. Still another possibility is that you could use wallpaper, or other accent paper, to make your light switch plate match the rest of your room.

For all of these projects, you will need a few basic elements. Glue, paint, items you plan on attaching to the light switch plate and a water-proof sealer.

Painting – If you are going to paint your light switch plate as a piece of art, to add to the room, pull out the brushes and get to work. Once the paint has completely dried you can either finish the project or add to it. If you want to add a few touches, you can glue items to the top of your creation. Once it is all dried, make sure to use the water-proof sealer to protect it.

Covering – Using cloth or paper to cover a light switch plate is a project of precision. It may take a lot of little cuts and careful placement to get a smooth coverage of the cloth or paper. Make sure to glue it in place and once it dries, cover the whole creation with a water-proof sealer.

Decorating – If you like texture in your creations, add some to your light switch plate. From flowers to stickers, pictures, glitter and other items you think will make a fun addition to a light switch plate, glue them in place. Once the glue has dried and everything is where you want it, make sure to protect it with a water-proof sealer.

You may have noticed all these light switch plate decorating ideas end with a sealer. The reason for this is not only will it help your creation hold together better over time, but it will also make them easier to clean when grimy hands miss the switch but gunk up the light switch plate.

About the Author: Jesse Akre,author and owner of numerous home decor sites, offers online consumers his thoughts on purchasing indoor accessories such as decorative

switchplate covers

, brightly hued

switch plates

and an elegantly embellished

light switch plate



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Toyota accused of misleading public over recalls

Toyota accused of misleading public over recalls

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toyota has been accused by a U.S. House of Representatives committee with misleading the public and investigators over its recent recalls.

The accusations, in a statement from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, claim that Toyota both relied on a flawed study in its assessment of the issue of sticking accelerator pedals at the heart of the recalls, and then made misleading statements about its response. According to the authors of the letter, Henry Waxman and Bart Stupak, Toyota dismissed, rather than investigated, the idea that the cars’ computers were at fault. In a statement, James Lentz, the president of Toyota’s American division, claimed that hardware issues were to blame, and that dealers were repairing the faulty part. Toyota also released a study commissioned from the research firm Exponent that said electronic systems were not to blame.

According to the House committee, however, the study involved only six vehicles, none of which had problems with their electrical systems, and was insufficient to produce an accurate result. “Our preliminary assessment is that Toyota resisted the possibility that electronic defects could cause safety concerns, relied on a flawed engineering report and made misleading public statements concerning the adequacy of recent recalls to address the risk of sudden unintended acceleration.”

The company is under a criminal investigation, and has received two subpoenas for documents from two House committees relating to the recalls, although whether they are directly related to the letter is unclear. The documents are related to accelerator issues in several models, as well as brake problems with the Prius hybrid car, and were served earlier in in February by a federal grand jury and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Toyota has released upwards of 75,000 pages of documents under the requests.

In a separate, though related, development, it has emerged that Toyota last year negotiated a limited recall for two models, the Toyota Camry and Lexus ES, that were affected by the accelerator recalls, saving the company an estimated $100 million. A confidential internal presentation in July 2009 made the claim, and a month later, a Lexus ES, one of the models under the limited recall crashed in California, killing four people. The claims apparently referenced a September, 2007 recall of floor mats that could trap gas pedals, the same problem that triggered a full recall of numerous Toyota cars to fix the same problem. In the same presentation, the company claimed to have avoided recalls of another model related to rust, as well as delaying new federal safety regulations.

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Scientists take strong stance for cutting emissions at Climate Conference in Bali

Scientists take strong stance for cutting emissions at Climate Conference in Bali

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A group of over 200 scientists have signed a document demanding that political action be taken following the scientific evidence that had been put forth in the last International report on climate change. The document, that had been drafted by the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales in Australia, was presented today at the United Nations Convention on Climate change, the scientists wanting to give a strong signal to the currently ongoing negotiations.

Unlike the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which tries to assess the current situation and what the future trends are, the 2007 Bali Climate Declaration by Scientists makes explicit recommendations to policy makers. These are twofold, one regarding the current Conference, and one future goals. On the talks here at Bali, the Declaration says it is necessary that “a new global climate treaty […] needs to begin in December 2007 and be completed by 2009”. It went on to say that “The primary goal of this new regime must be to limit global warming to no more than 2 °C”, and that emissions would need to be cut to 40% or less than 2004 levels in order to be able to reach that goal.

Asked by which means these reductions could be achieved, Professor Richard Somerville from the United States answered that only a combination of technological advances and lifestyle changes would be sufficient to attain the proposed emission levels.

The declaration, which is only about a page long, and its signatory list can be found at the Climate Change Research Centre’s website (see below).

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How To Create An Outdoor Oasis In Your Backyard}

Submitted by: Don Jacobson

Most of us are in awe of some of the landscaping we see when we travel. We can create that type of ambiance in our own backyards. Magazines and do it yourself shows are giving us the knowledge we need to transform a simple crabgrass filled backyard to an outdoor oasis.

You just need to do some planning and budgeting first and foremost. It wouldnt hurt to draw a rough draft of your plans. It does not have to be perfect sketches; simple shapes will suffice. Sketching your plans in color will help you distinguish your plants and flowers.

If the budget allows, and you dont feel confident enough to do it yourself, hire an expert; however, be proactive so that you will have some ownership in your project. You can at least tell your friends you selected the perfect spot for your sunflowers.

Once youve selected your perennials, plants that bloom annually and biannually, you can select you annuals. Your annuals usually die off after one blooming season. They are interchangeable from one season to the next. Some annuals may be transferred to the house in winter if they are still growing in the fall.

YouTube Preview Image

Fruit trees are a popular addition to a backyard oasis. The fragrance of the flowers and fruit awakens the senses. You will have to consider where you live in making your tree selection just like your flower selections. The position of the trees will be of utmost important. Away from the house would be ideal.

Backyard ornaments or statues make great accents to your oasis. A trellis will work well for climbing plants like roses. Koi ponds are also popular. Many people are doing it themselves. A short wooden bridge could lead to another beautiful part of your oasis. A fountain is a must for that tranquility and sedation we all need to take relaxation to the proper level. Then there is the lighting element.

Solar spikes are what people are using to light the ground these days. A string of lighting, lanterns and/or torch lighting makes everyone look attractive. There are so many types of fire pits available these days; you can be creative with your choices including making your own. Then theres seating.

I suggest that you make 2-4 different seating areas, depending on the size of your back yard. It gives 2 or more people the opportunity to hold different conversations. It also gives the homeowner a variety of spots to enjoy. A couple of Adirondack chairs and matching table in on area, a swing in another, and an umbrella table and chair set in yet another area. If there are a couple of mature trees in the yard, a hammock may serve you well here. Make the space your own and it is instantly an oasis.

Once youve planted your favorite flowers, trees and plants and youve outfitted your oasis with Adirondack chairs, and or loveseats, youve cut on the fountain, and the lights youre ready to turn on some soft music, prepare your favorite beverage and reach for nirvana. Thats the way I see it, now how about capturing your own vision

About the Author: To Find more about

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