High Risk Public Liability Insurance

High Risk Public Liability Insurance



Ben Cornick, a 31 year old skydiver was lucky to be alive after falling 12,000 feet with a broken parachute, landing on a vehicle. However, after failing to buy insurance before travelling, the medical bill of 20,000 needed to fly him to New Zealand to save his leg needed to be paid before flying. After generous donations on social media and his parents pooling life savings, the money was paid and he did travel. The accident shattered his elbow and broke his leg in three places after the toggle to assist steering the parachute broke.\\r\\n\\r\\nIt serves as a stark reminder of the need to get insured before you travel whether it is for business trips or pleasure as these policies also include an amount of cheap public liability cover that some would assume is automatically covered under a cheap property insurance policy.\\r\\n\\r\\nThe long running dispute between the estate of Michael Jackson and Lloyds underwriters who had insured the This Is It tour for 10.6 million has finally been settled. The underwriters had insured the event against cancellation through death or disability. But following the King Of Pops death in 2009, the underwriters argued that that were not made aware of his taking powerful drugs (that led to his cause of death). The case was due to go on trial next month but has been settled in private between the parties, according to Reuters.\\r\\n\\r\\nThe entertainment industry spends millions each year on low cost public liability, particularly where stunts and pyrotechnics are involved and is a huge business in itself. This case highlights that irrespective of how famous one is, the processes that are followed to ensure limited damage or injury occurs, accidents do happen and they do not discriminate. Similarly cheap employers liability for tradesmen is not easy to find in the entertainment industry.

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Tradesmen Insurance is designed to meet the demands and needs of self-employed persons and small businesses employees (including limited companies) undertaking a variety of manual, clerical and professional trades who wish to protect their business.

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University of Wales to close down after 120 years

University of Wales to close down after 120 years

Saturday, October 22, 2011

120 years after it was founded, the University of Wales (UoW) will shut down. Already comprised of several institutions, two will merge fully while two more will become independent universities.

With a charter from 1893 and the Prince of Wales as its chancellor, problems began at UoW last year after concerns the head of a Malaysian partner institution, a local pop artist, had non-legitimate qualifications. This was followed by Thailand’s authorities denouncing another UoW partner as illegal, then an investigation in the UK into all the UoW’s foreign ties.

The Quality Assurance Agency said UoW’s overseas checks on foreign institutions were inadequate. The UK Border Agency is investigating a possible visa scam whereby foreign students were sold exam answers for a qualification leading to UoW entry and British visas. Two colleges — Rayat London College and Lampton College — are suspended over the claims.

Trinity St David and Swansea Metropolitan universities are to merge, forming University of Wales: Trinity St David. It is to use the latter’s own royal charter, which is itself 190 years old. Newport and Glyndwr are set to become universities in their own right. The dissolution follows calls from the leaders of rival universities for the end of UoW.

“I warmly welcome the historic decision taken today by the University of Wales Council,” said UoW Vice-Chancellor Professor Medwin Hughes, who will fill the same role for the new University of Wales: Trinity St David. “The transformed University will serve and deliver for Wales.” His counterpart for Newport, Dr Peter Noyes, said “The inevitable end to the story of the University of Wales should not detract from a distinguished history lasting 12 decades. Wales should be sad that this day has come[.]” UoW chairmain Hugh Thomas has resigned.

The Prince of Wales is among past students, having spent a 1969 term there. The institution’s various member organisations at one point included the now-separate Cardiff University.

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When You\’Re Pregnant, Therapeutic Massage Can Benefit Your Body, Mind, And Soul

When You\’re Pregnant, Therapeutic Massage Can Benefit Your Body, Mind, and Soul


Aglaia Rara

Let’s face it–pregnancy isn’t easy on the body. Your muscles can ache. Your skin stretches out. You may experience lower back and leg pain. You might also have trouble sleeping, or feel stressed and worried about becoming a parent and how your bundle of joy will affect your lifestyle. Luckily, many massage practitioners are now offering prenatal and post-natal massage among their therapeutic massage offerings. A knowledgeable, experienced pregnancy massage specialist will know how to work with a pregnant body, soothing your muscles and easing your mind without causing any additional discomfort or putting you or your baby at risk. Whether you’re struggling with pregnancy aches and pains or are simply overwhelmed with baby preparations and need a break, consider adding pregnancy massage to your routine.

Physical Benefits Therapeutic massage can help sore and tight muscles relax. The practice can also relieve joint pain associated with the increased load you’re carrying around, as well as improving circulation. If you’re experiencing edema due to the pregnancy, a massage therapist can stimulate your soft tissues to flush out excess fluids, relieving swelling. Massage therapy

can also relieve sciatic nerve pain–common especially late in pregnancy–by loosening the muscles that are pinching the nerve. In short, if you go to a certified prenatal massage therapist and explain the physical problems you’re having, the therapist should be able to use her expertise to find a solution.

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Mental and Emotional Benefits Massage has been shown to lower stress hormones, so if you’ve had a difficult pregnancy or you are overwhelmed with the idea of becoming a parent, getting a massage is a great way to relax. Make it a regular part of your routine to stay calm and focused all the way up to delivery. And not only does therapeutic massage

lower anxiety, it can also improve your sleep; being well rested is vital in staying physically and emotionally healthy. Plus, you can’t underestimate the value of doing something that’s just for you, knowing that once the baby comes, your life will be primarily devoted to his or her care.

Considerations for Pregnancy Massage Look for a massage center in your area whose therapists are certified in prenatal massage, for the best and safest experience. The biggest consideration for pregnancy massage

is positioning and cushioning, and a certified prenatal massage therapist will know how to support and cushion your body on the table to keep you and your baby comfortable and safe. A properly trained therapist will also know what pressure points to avoid during the massage to keep from putting more stress on your body or causing premature labor.

Therapeutic massage is generally believed to be safe for women in any stage of pregnancy. However, if you’re experiencing a difficult or high-risk pregnancy or suspect that your muscle, nerve, or joint pain is medical rather than stress- and tension-induced, speak to your doctor before starting a massage regimen. And if you find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable, don’t stop going once the baby arrives! Post-natal massage is just as beneficial for your body and soul, for many of the same reasons.

Aglaia Rara is a senior Internet marketing strategist for the

SEO firm

Prospect Genius.

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Obama’s suspension of Guantanamo repatriations criticized

Obama’s suspension of Guantanamo repatriations criticized

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Human rights groups have criticized United States President Barack Obama’s decision to halt the transfer of detainees to Yemen from the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Mr. Obama suspended the repatriation of Yemeni detainees Tuesday because of what he called an “unsettled” security situation in Yemen. “It was always our intent to transfer detainees to other countries only under conditions that provide assurances that our security is being protected,” Obama said.

Some lawmakers had expressed concern that freed inmates could join Yemen-based al-Qaeda militants plotting attacks on the United States. The Times has also reported claims that former detainees have joined al-Qaeda on returning to Yemen.

The decision to halt all transfers of detainees to Yemen will prolong a shameful chapter in American history without making Americans any safer.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claimed U.S. authorities had cleared the release of about 35 Yemeni detainees at Guantanamo. Ben Wizner, ACLU staff attorney, said that “the decision to halt all transfers of detainees to Yemen will prolong a shameful chapter in American history without making Americans any safer.” He called the actions “unwise and unjust”.

Human Rights Watch says it appreciates that Yemen poses a “very difficult problem” for the Obama administration. But, it says continuing to hold Yemenis at Guantanamo without charge “only increases resentment against the United States and hands al-Qaida a recruiting tool.”

The Center for Constitutional Rights called the decision “unconscionable”. “We know from the military’s own records that most of the detainees at Guantanamo have no link to terrorism,” the group said.

It was always our intent to transfer detainees to other countries only under conditions that provide assurances that our security is being protected.

Mitch McConnell, Republican Party minority leader in the U.S. Senate, backed the move. “Given the determined nature of the threat from al-Qaeda, it made little sense to transfer detainees from the secure facility at Guantanamo back to Yemen, where previously transferred detainees have escaped from prison and returned to al-Qaeda,” he said.

President Obama reiterated his pledge to shut down the Guantanamo prison, saying its existence helps al-Qaeda to recruit members and damages U.S. national security interests. Obama had said one year ago that he wanted to close the prison by 22 January this year, but recently admitted that this target would not be met. Guantanamo currently holds 198 prisoners, about half of them from Yemen.

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Controversial medical center demolished in Buffalo, New York

Controversial medical center demolished in Buffalo, New York

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A medical center, once the site of intense controversy over abortion in the 1990s, which has been vacant for nearly 10 years, was imploded in Buffalo, New York at 6:00 a.m. [eastern time] today.

Several streets in about a 2 block radius were shut down until the implosion occurred and the dust settled. At least 200 people watched in nearby parking lots and on rooftops of buildings to get a good look at the implosion.

The ground and the walls of buildings shook as the dynamite detonated and a brief shock wave could be felt as far as 1 1/2 blocks away. Witnesses even reported small pieces of bricks and concrete falling out of some buildings, but no one was injured.

The building, owned by Kaleida Health, once housed several medical offices, including an abortion clinic. Hundreds of people protested about the abortions outside the center during the Spring of Life Movement in 1992, but other medical procedures and treatments were also part of the center’s services. It was built in 1965 and was 14 floors tall.

Kaleida Health had the building imploded so that the current Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus can be expanded. Several other major medical facilities are also in the same area including Roswell Cancer Institute and Buffalo General Hospital.

“This implosion of 50 High Street will continue the explosion of growth on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. This event will ensure future opportunity for investment, development and growth,” said the CEO and President of Kaleida Health in a statement on Thursday.


This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
  • Melinda Miller & Sharon Linstedt. “Onlookers watch from rooftops as 50 High St. implodes” — Buffalo News, May 26, 2007
  • “50 High Street Gone in a Flash” — WGRZ, May 26, 2007
  • “Medical campus building to go boom” — MSN Money, May 24, 2007
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Calls for bottled water bans grow in Canada

Calls for bottled water bans grow in Canada

Saturday, August 23, 2008

London, Ontario is the latest in a string of Canadian cities to have acted on increasing public demand to ban bottled water. On Monday, the decision to eliminate bottled water sales in city-run facilities was passed by London’s city council with a vote of 15-3 in favour. The move was driven by a desire to reduce waste and shipping, have a lower impact on the environment and promote tap water as a cheap and safe alternative.

London’s new restrictions will be implemented over the next several months in buildings that are already equipped with water fountains. Bottled water will still be permitted at many city-run events, such as upcoming summer festivals. Privately-owned retailers will not be affected by the ban.

Other cities, such as Vancouver, Ottawa and Kitchener, that are already engaged in debate on the issue, may now be watching London carefully for how the ban plays out. Other areas have already begun to phone London with questions on the details of its new regulations. Toronto has begun taking a look at bottled water packaging as part of its waste diversion strategy, and its public school board is looking into the possibility of a total restriction on bottled water sales.

In recent years, an awareness of the energy that is required to manufacture, transport and recycle the product has spread nation-wide. Proponents of the ban point to the fact that it can produce as much as 150 times the volume of greenhouse gas when producing bottled water as compared to supplying the same volume of tap water. They also point out that the water that goes into bottled water products is not inspected as frequently as tap water in Canadian cities.

Some have taken this cause to heart more than others, such as British Environment Minister Phil Woolas, who called the use of bottled water “morally unacceptable.” Restaurant critic Giles Coren of The Times of London criticizes those who use the product as “the new smokers.”

Canada’s beverage industry has come down with criticism on the increasing opposition to bottled water. Spokesman Scott Tabachnick for Coca-Cola Co., which produces Dasani brand bottled water, commented on the convenience of the product: “It’s hard to bring your kitchen sink with you.”

It’s hard to bring your kitchen sink with you.

Vancouver City Councillor Tim Stevenson thinks that bottled water’s time has come and gone: “Bottled water companies have had a fabulous ride on an unnecessary fad.” Vancouver officials are still determining how bottled water restrictions, which have been voted for by the City Council, can be phased in.

Next month, the city is planning to initiate a marketing campaign encouraging Vancouver residents to choose tap water and to remember to carry reusable drinking containers whenever possible.

Renowned environmental activist Dr. David Suzuki has praised London’s decision, saying that it represents a turning point for people’s perceptions on the issue: “I’m really delighted that London has done this because it really makes us focus on some fundamental issues.” He hopes that someday people will “look at anyone who hauls out a bottle of water and say, ‘What the hell’s wrong with you?'”

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Stuttering And Speech Therapy Ideas

Stuttering (or stammering) is a voice disfluency, a speech disorder. When a person stutters, the normal flow of speech is disrupted by repetitions and/or prolongations of voice sounds. Frequently, an individual is also unable to start a word.

Child stuttering, toddler stuttering and adult stuttering are themes being studied by many scientists and speech specialists all around the world. The Stuttering Foundation of America, the National Stuttering Association, the National Center for Stuttering and individual speech therapists in general are all investigating why people stutter and finding effective and fast speech therapies.

Nevertheless, even though scientists have several theories and suspect a variety of causes for stuttering, the precise mechanisms causing this disability (also called stammering) are not understood. Some believe that many forms have genetic origins.

A common form of stuttering is neurogenic. Neurogenic stuttering arise from signal problems between the brain and nerves or muscles. In neurogenic stuttering, the brain is unable to adequately coordinate the different components of speech mechanism.

The disruptions of speech may be accompanied by tremors of the lips and/or jaw, rapid eye blinks and other movements. This disorder commonly becomes more severe when speaking in front of a group of people or on the phone. On the other hand, speaking alone and singing might generally improve it or disappear completely.

Over three million Americans stutter. Stuttering affects all ages, but most frequently, children between the ages of 2 and 6 are the most affected. Preschool and toddler stuttering are especially affected while they are developing their language. When they grow up, most of them improve or cure. One percent or less of adults stutters.

Many famous people stutter. Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis, Winston Churchill and Mel Tillis are only a few whose success was not impeded by stuttering. Their speech language issue did not stop them to excel and express themselves magnificently.

With these encoraging news about famous people succeeding in spite of their common issue, I end part 1 of these series of articles. Much more information can be found at a site dedicated to stuttering problems and resources, as well as a library of speech language pathology.

This is the end of Part 1 of Stuttering and speech therapy ideas. On next chapters I will be writing about different and effective therapies developed lately by researchers on the field of stammering or speech language pathology.

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85 Hindu pilgrims killed in India lorry crash

85 Hindu pilgrims killed in India lorry crash

Saturday, September 8, 2007

A minimum of 85 Hindu pilgrims have been killed in India and 64 injured after their lorry and trailer plunged 24m (80ft) into a river gorge late last night.

Approximately 150 people were on board when the driver lost control on a sharp bend near the village of Nagbavji, Rajasthan, smashing through a concrete crash barrier and continuing down into the valley, coming to rest inverted.

An overnight rescue operation was initiated, removing both survivors and bodies of the dead from the wreck, with the aid of cranes and spotlights. Ambulances and medical teams rushed to the scene from surrounding areas. Of the 64 who were hospitalised, three are reported to be in critical condition. The Press Trust of India reported that as many as 130 were injured, and Al Jazeera reported that there may have been 200 people on board. It is believed the death toll could rise still further, as many people remain trapped beneath the trailer.

The truck was a 12-wheeled model designed for hauling shipping containers, and was carrying pilgrims from three nearby villages Shiwal, Madri and Bhawa. The driver had offered to take them to their destination for free, a practise common in India, despite the fact that such trucks are not safe for passenger transport, being designed primarily as freight transporters.

The vehicle had been destined for the temple of Ramdev, a site considered by both Hindus and Muslims as being of high spiritual significance. The temple is the subject of an annual ten-day pilgrimage every September, which begins on September 13, although most of the 250,000 pilgrims who flock to the site arrive several days in advance of the festival.

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje visited the three villages in which the victims resided. The local government has initiated a full inquiry into the disaster.

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Wikinews interviews Mark Bunker, producer of anti-Scientology website ‘XenuTV’

Wikinews interviews Mark Bunker, producer of anti-Scientology website ‘XenuTV’

Monday, February 18, 2008

Television producer and owner of the anti-Scientology website www.xenutv.com (XenuTV), Mark Bunker, also known as Wise Beard Man, chatted online with Wikinews for nearly three hours. More than 120 people followed the interview live (many from Project Chanology), which makes this exclusive Wikinews interview our most attended IRC interview to date.

Bunker started XenuTV in 1999 and began to make videos that he provided for the Lisa McPherson Trust. Bunker has been a critic of the Church of Scientology since 1997.

In 2006, he won a Regional Emmy Award after he and KUSI-TV news reporter Lena Lewis produced a documentary news video on the issues with the United States – Mexico border with San Diego, California.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Wikinews_interviews_Mark_Bunker,_producer_of_anti-Scientology_website_%27XenuTV%27&oldid=4567680”

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Skin Care Benefits Of Carrot Seed Oil}

Skin Care Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil


bionovaCarrot seed oil may be a golden-yellow coloured liquid extracted from the dehydrated seeds and roots of carrot through steam distillation methodology. It’s long been thought-about as a natural health remedy everywhere the world due to its high nutrient content. However with the exception of its health advantages, it is often used as a beauty aid too. Carrot seed oil is an economical emollient, that helps lubricate the cells present within the surface layer of the skin by restoring their lost wet. It not only hydrates the skin by leveling its natural oil content, however also makes the dry and rough tissues softer. Moreover, the distinctive composition of the oil moisturizes the skin utterly while not creating it greasy or preventive the pores. It’s already been same that carrot seed oil has wonderful anti-aging properties. Similarly, it is often used for repairing skin damages similarly as restoring its natural health too. The oil contains lots of carotol’, tocopherol and vitamin C, that area unit illustrious to renew our skin cells, keep them sufficiently hydrous and defends them from sun, environmental and stress-related damages severally. So, regular usage of the oil will really rejuvenate the uninteresting, lifeless skin by repairing it completely and promoting the expansion of recent cells.

We know carrots are sensible for the eyes. However carrot oil for the hair and skin? This looks like a really strange preposition to mention the smallest amount. If you’re going put carrot oil on your hair and skin you would possibly in addition rub marshmallows in your hair and skin. There are real advantages for people that have dared to travel against the grain and incorporate carrot oil in their hair and skin conditioning. Carrot oil is very healthy for your skin and hair. Carrot oil is extracted directly from the dried seeds of carrots by steam distillation and in its best and purest type it’s created into a thick orange-colored paste which will work wonders for the skin and hair. Use caution once applying it to your skin or hair as a result of a bit goes a protracted manner. This known oil is understood for its antibacterial drug and healing properties. This light oil is very capable of infusing wet into the skin; scalp and hair. Carrot oil has several nutrients that are useful for hair like vitamin A and E. This oil will prevent hair loss and promote hair growth that indirectly retains the expansion of the hair. It also leaves hair wanting shinier. It’s a superb moisturizer for hair and skin. Any advantages for hair are: as we tend to mentioned earlier promotes hair growth, makes hair soft, shiny and smooth. It improves blood circulation and strengthens hair roots. It protects hair from environmental damages, like daylight and pollution. You’ll be able to use carrot oil during a therapeutic hair mask which can greatly facilitate together with your hair and scalp nourishment. You’ll be able to use carrot oil as a hair conditioner. Try this by heating up a cup of carrot oil and swing it during a bowl and applying it gently to your hair. It’s prompt you apply a moisturizing conditioner on prime of the carrot oil treatment. Cover your hair with a cap and set yourself below a blow dryer for half-hour. Wash it out fully and then your hair. Enjoy your soft and moisturized hair.

Bionova provides products of

Carrot oil


Carrot seed oil

. These both products are very effective in our health.Its giving lots of benefits in our body.

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