Yamaha Ypg 235 Worth The Price Tag?

Yamaha YPG 235 Worth The Price Tag?


M K Tan

A quick scan suggest that Yamaha YPG 235 is focused on empowering the user and making music more realistic and expressive.

There are 76 piano style keys with Graded Soft Touch feature. These keys are a bridge between weighted keys and pure synthesizer keys.

Besides the Graded Soft Touch keys, another great feature for smooth transition between keyboard and piano playing is the full keyboard fingering mode.

Unlike other 61 keys keyboard which are reasonably limited by the music that they can play, this 76 keys Yamaha YPG 235 features greater versatility.

Yamaha YPG 235 has 116 panel voices, 12 drum/SFX kits plus 361 XGlite voices. Most notably is stereo-sampled Piano, a selection of unique sounds including Sweet! Trumpet, Flute, Pan Flute, Soprano & Tenor Saxes and Cool! Voices including Galaxy Electric Piano, Organ and Rotor Organ.

In addition to that, you will find 9 top quality reverb effects that can reproduce the acoustics of a modest room to that of a concert hall ambience, along with 4 chorus effects to add richness to sound. What’s more, it features a one touch button to call up Yamaha Grand Piano sound plus a professional pitch bend wheel for even more expressive playing of brass as well as string instruments.

Users have the ability to perform remixes and listen to their progress by using the 6-track recorder, computerUSB connectivity and midi compatibility features.

Yamaha YPG 235 and Yamaha DGX 230 is essentially the same keyboard. The difference in model number simply indcates the different type of merchandiser (e.g. music store or mass merchandiser such as Walmart) retailing this keyboard.

Check out all the features of Yamaha YPG 235

YouTube Preview Image

76 piano-style keys with Graded Soft Touch

Pitch bend wheel

More than double the speaker output (12 W vs. 5 W)

Full Keyboard Fingering Mode follows piano playing styles

Performance Assistant Technology features Chord/Free Mode in addition to Chord Mode

Music Database 300 keyboard setups by song title

Yamaha Portable Grand Piano Sound

Yamaha Education Suite

6-track recorder

116 panel voices, 12 drum/SFX kits plus 361 XGlite voices

Digital effects: 9 reverb + 4 chorus

LCD Screen

Computer connectivity

MIDI compatibility

Who Should Get Yamaha YPG 235?

The basic functions of this keyboard are totally intuitive.

The extensive tools in Yamaha Education Suite plus the ability to record, review as well as monitor one s improvement makes Yamaha YPG 235 most suitable for novices..

Even so, intermediate players are able to make much better use of the sophisticated features and work their imagination.

When it comes to looks, this keyboard is similar to that of a professional instrument. In terms of features, it has plenty of bells and whistles to stimulate, inspire and also stimulate the users’ creativeness.

This keyboard has sufficient functions to allow the users to progress to another level.

Have a look at a critique by a current owner of this keyboard

Nathan A.E.

I could not decide between Yamaha YPG 235 and 535. I now have not any regret for purchasing the lower priced 235 because if anything is lacking, it is only the dozen extra keys in 535. This keyboard is very uncomplicated to work and has a lot more sounds than I ever know what to do with.

The graded soft touch keys is an excellent transition for an individual who is accustomed to synthesizer style keyboard. The YPG 235 features USB connectivity and general MIDI compatibility, in addition to a big assortment of top quality voices, In my view, the YPG-235 offers the buyer more bang for their comparative buck.

Review paraphrase for size

Investing in musical instrument is costly, so you want to make sure that you make the right choice. Click on

digital keyboard review

to read actual user reviews before you commit.For more information about

Yamaha YPG 235

, click the link.

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‘Earned It’ earns The Weeknd his first Grammy

‘Earned It’ earns The Weeknd his first Grammy

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

On Monday, at the 58th Grammy Awards ceremony, Canadian singer The Weeknd won his first Grammy Award, Best R&B Performance, for his song Earned It, which was also featured on the soundtrack of the 2015 Fifty Shades of Grey movie based on E.L. James’s erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Weeknd also won the Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album for his second studio album Beauty Behind the Madness. Abel Tesfaye — The Weeknd — had seven nominations in total including Record of the Year for his song Can’t Feel My Face and Album of the Year.

The YouTube video of the song received more than 179 million views and more than 1.1 million likes.The Weeknd was also nominated for Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance, but British singer Ed Sheeran won the golden gramophone for his song Thinking Out Loud.

Last year, Beyoncé won the Award for Best R&B Song for Drunk in Love featuring her husband Jay-Z.This awards ceremony marked the first Grammy wins for The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

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Clashes in Nigeria kill hundreds, troops on alert

Clashes in Nigeria kill hundreds, troops on alert

Monday, March 8, 2010

According to witness and media reports, at least two hundred people in Nigeria have been killed after pastoralists and villagers clashed near the city of Jos, which has been the source of repeated tension between Christians and Muslims.

Local authorities, however, contradicted witness reports, saying that there were eight casualties, as did Mark Lipdo, an aid worker for the Stefanus Foundation charity, who reported that at least a hundred people were dead.

Witness reports state that pastoralists started firing into the air in the village of Dogo Nahawa, about five kilometres south of Jos, at night, and attacked those who emerged from their homes. “They came around three o’clock in the morning and they started shooting into the air. The shooting was just meant to bring people from their houses and then when people came out they started cutting them with machetes,” commented Peter Jang, who lives in the village, as quoted by Al Jazeera.

According to the Agence France-Presse news agency, some of the victims were children.

Acting Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan said he had placed national troops on “red alert” following the clashes. “The acting president has placed all the security forces in the plateau and neighbouring states on red alert so as to stem any cross-border dimensions to this latest conflict,” read a statement released by his office. Armed forces are already present in Jos.

“The security services are on top of the situation,” said Jonathan’s spokesman Ima Niboro in an email statement to the Bloomberg news service.

In January, at least 400 people were killed and a further four thousand injured in the city of Jos after tensions between Christians and Muslims.

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18-year-old charged for Thanksgiving lesbian assault

18-year-old charged for Thanksgiving lesbian assault

Monday, November 26, 2012

An 18-year-old man, Travis Hawkins Jr., was charged yesterday by police in Mobile County, Alabama, for allegedly beating a woman who is romantically involved with his sister. Hawkins was bailed following a charge for second-degree assault.

Mallory Owens, 23, the victim of the attack, is in the USA Medical Center in Mobile, recovering from the injuries. Owens has had to have facial reconstructive surgery and had a broken nose from the assault during Thanksgiving. Owens’ family have told reporters they believe it to be a hate crime and called for the prosecutors to upgrade the charges against Hawkins.

The father of the arrested man, Travis Hawkins Sr., has said they have hired a lawyer for his son, Hawkins Jr.

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Benefits Of Routine Maintenance To Your Commercial Air Conditioning In Maple Grove, Mn

byAlma Abell

Properly maintaining your business’s air conditioning system can save you valuable time and money. By routinely maintaining your system, you will ensure that the system is running at its full potential. The following is a list of benefits that you will receive when you properly maintain your Commercial Air Conditioning in Maple Grove, MN.System LongevityIf you keep your businesses air conditioning system on a routine maintenance schedule, you will be able to lengthen the life of the unit and avoid costly repairs due to negligence. When the HVAC technician comes they will check your a/c pump and belts for signs of wear. Being able to catch these issues early will enable them to replace the parts before more damage is done. Having your system run at peak performance is the goal of any knowledgeable HVAC technician.Lower Costs on RepairPerforming routine repairs such as belt replacement or adding Freon, is far less expensive than replacing your Commercial Air Conditioning in Maple Grove, MN unit. If you have recently had a new a/c unit installed, many of the parts may still be under warranty. This means that you will not have to pay for routine repairs for as long as your manufacturer’s warranty lasts. You should check with the company that installed the unit for the length and specifics on your warranty contract.Energy CostsIf your air conditioner is running at its peak performance, it will be much more energy efficient. Generally, if the unit is working to hard due to lack of maintenance, it will cost you considerably more on your energy bills. You should check with your HVAC tech on more tips for making your unit run more efficiently.The professionals at Twin City Mechanical will be more than able to help you with any of your commercial air conditioning needs. They have many years of experience in dealing with a variety of different commercial businesses. You can reach them 24/7 in case you have an emergency that just can’t wait. Twin City can also help you if you are having issues with the plumbing at your business.

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American actor Morgan Freeman in serious condition after car accident

American actor Morgan Freeman in serious condition after car accident

Monday, August 4, 2008

American Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman is in reported to be in serious condition but good spirits in a Tennessee hospital following a single car accident in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi in the Mississippi Delta. The 71-year-old actor was flown to the hospital by air ambulance with injuries to one arm.

Freeman, the Associated Press reports, “has a broken arm, broken elbow and minor shoulder damage, but is in good spirits,” according to a statement from Donna Lee, Freeman’s publicist.

Reports say that Freeman was driving Demaris Meyer — the owner of the 1997 Nissan Maxima — when the car flipped over two or three times around 11:30 p.m. Sunday night. Meyer’s condition has not been released. Meyers is reported to be a 48 year old family friend visiting from Memphis.

According to reports, Freeman over-corrected the vehicle when he may have dozed and began to go off the highway, causing the car to flip two or three times before landing in a ditch. The accident occurred on Highway 32 just north of Ruleville, Mississippi not far from where Freeman currently resides.

Clay McFerrin, editor of the Sun Sentinel in Charleston, told the Associated Press he arrived at the accident scene soon after the accident. “They had to use the jaws of life to extract him from the vehicle,” McFerrin told the Associated Press. “He was lucid, conscious. He was talking, joking with some of the rescue workers at one point.”

Freeman was one of the stars of the recent film The Dark Knight and is currently being treated at Memphis Regional Medical Center along with Meyer. Spokeswoman Kathy Stringer says that “Freeman is in a serious condition,” but did not comment further. The hospital, known locally as “The Med” is an acute care facility for up to 150 patients.

According to Sgt. Ben Williams of the Mississippi Highway Patrol, “there’s no indication that either alcohol or drugs were involved” in causing the accident. He also said that both Freeman and Meyer were wearing their safety belts.

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St. Anthony Foundation provides hope

St. Anthony Foundation provides hope

Friday, September 23, 2005

On the corner of Golden Gate Ave. and Jones St. in the Tenderloin, San Francisco, right next to the Civic Center you can see a throng of low-income and homeless people lining up outside of St. Anthony’s Dining Room hall which opens up it’s doors everyday at 11:30 a.m. Volunteers dressed in St. Anthony Foundation shirts help keep the lines moving as hundreds of homeless and low income people shuffle their way towards the dining hall underneath the watchful eyes of a small statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

“There’s a lot of people who go hungry out here and it ain’t right.” says Jimmy Scott, a slightly brawny 44-year-old black man who has been living homeless in San Francisco for the past three years. “There are families out here with kids and everything and they have to walk around all night just to stay awake so they don’t get hurt or killed…Right here in the U.S. this is going on…it ain’t right.”

The dining hall, which has been open for the past 54 years, is owned by the St. Anthony Foundation which helps low income and homeless people and families in the Civic Center, Tenderloin, and SOMA areas with clothing, shelter, food, drug rehabilitation, and many other services. St. Anthony’s administrative offices are found at 121 Golden Gate Ave. with the majority of the foundation’s buildings on Golden Gate Ave. and Jones St.

“We are right in the heart of the homeless population of San Francisco,” says Barry Stenger, 55, who’s been working for the St. Anthony Foundation for one year, and is the Director of Development and Communications, “and people are pushed here because of the economic forces of San Francisco because it’s hard to be upper middle class in San Francisco.”

According to the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, “San Francisco’s cost of living remains one of the highest in the country” with the average household income in San Francisco being around $76,400 and the average price of housing being $543,000. Average household income for the United States in 2002, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, was $42,409 and the average price of housing for the United States according to the National Association of Realtors was $185,200 in 2004.

“We served our 32 millionth meal on Tuesday,” said Stenger, “and we serve 2,500 meals a day. Some of our people who work here actually get served [food] here because they spend all their money towards rent and medical costs.”

The St. Anthony Foundation was started by Fr. Alfred Boeddeker in 1950 one year after Fr. Boeddeker became pastor of St. Boniface church on Golden Gate St. where he was baptized as a child. During his lifetime, according to the foundation’s website, he was referred to as the “Patron St. of the Tenderloin” and had Boeddeker park named after him because of his, and his foundation’s, achievements with helping out the homeless and low income community.

“[St. Anthony’s] is a good thing,” said Jimmy Scott, “they provide a good service and they feed people and they clothe them and provide furniture when you get housing and give you groceries when you have AIDS. It’s a good little organization.”

“Our dining room is open 365 days a year.” Said Stenger. “Our other facilities are open seven days a week. We have a residence for senior women and our [free medical] clinic is open five days a week and we also have a furniture and clothing store. We have 12 programs all together.”

Some of those programs are the Father Alfred Center which provides 61 men two programs for getting out of drug and alcohol abuse, the Employment Program/Learning Center which helps participants in educational and employment opportunities and provides each one with a personal staff advisor, and a Senior Outreach and Support Services center which states its mission is to “promote independence, self determination, and alleviate isolation” for seniors who are 60 and older.

A few homeless people who were interviewed complained that St. Anthony’s had some staff who were rude and that they were kicked out of the dining hall; other homeless within the area refuted those claims saying St. Anthony’s has nice staff and only kicks people out who cause trouble.

“It’s a good place and good people. Everybody is so kind and so respectful and everything is under control.” Said John Henderson, a tall and skinny 57-year-old homeless black man who has only been living in San Francisco for close to two months because he recently moved there from Phoenix, Arizona. “It’s pretty cool because they’re under control because yesterday I saw at Glide [Memorial Church which also has services for the poor and low income] and they were handing out food boxes and people were just rushing in and the woman in charge there was freaking out and so she just sat down. That would never happen at St. Anthony’s.”

“And they clean too!” Henderson said laughing with a grin on his face referring to the fact that there are no drugs allowed in the premises. “Not that Glide ain’t clean if you know what I mean.”

“We [also] have a whole division that deals with justice education and advocacy to change the system that brings people to our doorstep.” Said Stenger. “We hear a lot of appreciation from the people we serve. We get a lot of testimony from our clients who have become clean and sober. Sometimes we have to push them a little to get them out the door because they love the [foundation] so much because it has changed their lives.”

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

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Hope fades for families of trapped Mexican miners

Hope fades for families of trapped Mexican miners

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Almost 600 desperate family members and others remained camped outside the Pasta de Conchos coal mine near San Juan de Sabinas, in the northern Mexico state of Coahuila where 65 Mexican miners were trapped by a gas explosion around 2:30 a.m. (0830 GMT) Sunday. Some are threatening to storm the mine while soldiers are trying to keep them calm and rescuers continue to pick through the rock and debris with hand tools, fearing that any power equipment might set off another explosion.

The local newspaper’s headline caused panic by quoting one of over a dozen surviving miners who were close enough to the exits to escape: “They are surely dead,” (La Prensa de Monclova). However, Arturo Vilchis, Civil Protection Director, refused to speculate on the condition of the miners, while Javier de la Fuente, an engineering contractor with mine owner Grupo México S.A. de C.V. also tried to hold out some hope.

The men were each supposed to be carrying oxygen tanks, each with a six hour supply, and there’s some hope that they could reach other oxygen supply tanks, or that some air might be reaching them through the ventilation shafts into which rescuers have been pumping more oxygen since shortly after the explosion.

Juan Rebolledo, vice president of international affairs for Grupo México, assured onlookers that U.S. mining experts were on the way, and officials at the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration have confirmed that they’ve sent a specialized equipment truck and several mining experts which should arrive at the mine site on Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile Consuelo Aguilar, a spokeswoman for the National Miners’ Union, called for an investigation into Grupo México’s responsibility for the disaster. Pedro Camarillo, a federal labor official, said nothing unusual was found during a routine evaluation in early February.

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Homes For Sale In Pella, Iowa: The Benefit Of An Agent


For those looking for homes for sale in Pella, Iowa, a good place to start on this search is with the help of a local real estate agent. These professionals work closely with individuals to ensure you get all of the information and access you need to the best homes for sale. Not every home on the market is going to be an option for you, but the region has plenty to offer. Navigating it on your own is not a good idea especially when there is no risk to using an agent.

Finding Homes for Sale in Pella, Iowa

If you are thinking about buying a home, the process starts with understanding what your options are. You may know what type of features you desire, but you may be unsure about factors such as neighborhood information or locations where home values are on the rise. You may be looking for a fixer upper which would allow you to make the location truly your own. On the other hand, you may simply be looking for help finding a specific type of home in a highly competitive market.

Once you do find a home for sale right for you, you will appreciate your agent even more so. He or she will work closely with you to get the right offer in to ensure you get the home you desire. You also need a powerful negotiator who can help ensure your investment is a good one.

Many factors go into making the decision to buy a home. The homes for sale in Pella, Iowa can be an excellent investment. For this to happen, you need a reliable real estate agent to work with throughout the buying process. There is no benefit to doing it on your own.

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News briefs:July 27, 2010

News briefs:July 27, 2010
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