Boundary Line Agreement For Land For Sale In Louisiana

Submitted by: Chuck Magee

After you have found that Land for sale in Louisiana you have been searching so long for check out a few things to cut down on potential problems at closing or even worse after you ve purchased the property. I have seen so many times after a client buys that dream property, goes to walk it after the purchase then meets the neighbor for the first time and gets informed he is not on the property he thinks.

After you have found your Louisiana land for sale the natural next move is to close on it right, well before you do that to first here is a short list of things to check on. I will give you a quick rundown of property line issues I have seen while dealing with land for sale in Louisiana. Once you buy the land and find yourself walking your land lines and you meet the neighbor and he tells you that you are actually on his property that s when panic sets in and it hits home somebody lied about the lines but there is a fence all the way around your land how can he say that.

If you see land for sale in Louisiana and the property you re looking at is fenced all around this does not mean that there is no way to still have trouble. If there is any kind of property markings in or outside of the fence this most likely a survey has been done and someone knows that the lines are in dispute. I have seen the surveyed lines weave in and out of the fence; here is one likely reason for this. In the past tractors, and bushhogs were not as good so clearing the fence lines were a problem so farmers, ranchers and land owners just built the fence where is was most easy. Now that a new owner is in town it seems everybody about the lines being off, so what to do. The first thing is try very hard to work it out with your neighbor, I can tell you from experience in almost every case the fence will stand a court battle and remain the property line.

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Before you even think about a court case remember, I have seen many fence line challenges in court and in twenty years of land experience I have yet to see a fence loose in court. If the fence weaves in and out try to do what s called a boundary line agreement, this is where you both know the fence and lines are off but you agree to a common line. Have a licensed Louisiana land surveyor do a survey and mark the lines then give you a proper legal description, if you are both in agreement have an attorney draw up your boundary line agreement and execute your document. I have sold many land properties with lines we knew to be incorrect but disclosed to the buyer and after my client took possession of the land got a wild idea he would get that tiny extra piece of land I told him he would never own and after years in court and thousands of dollars ended up with the same property lines I told him he was buying, does not make much sense does it.

If you are looking at land for sale in Louisiana and you see this situation arise remember this warning, taking a fence line to court thinking a judge is going to see it your way just because you think its right is just not going to happen. I will give you the advice I gave my last client to try this, buy your wife a nice diamond it will get you a lot more pleasure than buying one for your attorney s wife.

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