Car Financing Without A Down Payment, Find Out How Its Possible

By Hilary M Bowman

Do you need to buy a car but do not have any money to pay down towards the purchase? Never fear, there are lenders who specialize in down down payment or no deposit car loans. You, too, can be approved for the new car that you need or want. Even those with less than perfect credit can receive the car loans that they need.

Easiest Loans To Obtain

A car loan is granted to a borrower to purchase a car, but the lender will place a lien upon the car until its paid for, which means that most lenders are willing to finance car purchases because if you fail to pay them for the money they extend to you for the purchase, they can repossess the car and sell it to someone else to recoup their money. This makes car loans among the most easy to approve loans in the industry.

What Your Lender Looks For

When considering you as a good candidate for a car loan, lenders will look at not only your FICO credit score, but also your income. Those borrowers who have been on the job the longest are quickest to qualify for the financing that they need; however, having a job for at least six months with the same employer makes you look stable as well. The longer length of time on your job the greater the approval rating for your car loan.


Bad credit borrowers should be prepared to pay a slightly elevated rate of interest than other borrowers for the same loan. But paying a bit more now can help you build your borrowing history and also add points to your credit score by paying your lender on time every month. Additionally, once you have paid on your car loan for a year or more, you can always elect to refinance at a better interest rate that reflects your excellent payment history, either with the current lender or a new lender.

Buying Your New Vehicle

When shopping for the car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle you need, be aware that you should always elect to buy a car that has some type of warranty attached to it. Most new cars have a warranty that protects you against paying out of pocket repairs, but if you are buying a used car, go for one that has a factory warranty remaining, or a dealer who offers the same. You need to be protected for the first five years or fifty thousands miles of usage, whichever should come first.

Also, look for one that will replace tires that have been damaged, offers towing assistance, and rental car coverage as well. Having a warranty can be a big asset if something goes wrong with your vehicle.

You can find great car loans for borrowers of all credit types without deposits or down payments on the Internet. Online lenders have greater rates of approval for all borrowers as well as reduced interest rates that can save you tons of cash.

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