Why Go On A Cruise?}

Why go on a cruise?


Jack WaltersWhere else can you experience luxurious living, endless food and entertainment, the possibilities for romance and an ever changing vista from the deck or porthole of your cruise liner?Cruise liners are so large and luxurious that you don’t feel you are all at sea at all which is good as you need a firm stomach as food is on offer all the time. From breakfasts and brunches to light or heavy lunches, afternoon teas or regular visits to the many fast food restaurants open on board; then dressing up for fine dining and the evening’s entertainment before returning to the comfort of your cabin. Cruises stimulate all the senses. They create opportunities to liven up existing relationships, make new friends and indulge in a bit of romance. Then when your ship hits port, it is time to escape the confines of the ship and set out on your mini voyage of discovery, experience exotic locations for a short while and see what the locals have to offer. Then when you have had enough, escape back again to the familiarity of the ship, indulge in the Friday night karaoke or dessert extravaganza, then sing yourself hoarse or indulge yourself with chocolate fudge cake and champagne.Why not cruise at Christmas and New Year? Let someone else cook the turkey for once and forever remember where you were at that time of year. Whether it was having a turkey dinner with all the trimmings on a tropical beach surrounding a turquoise bay in Tahiti, or watching a New Year firework display in Rio de Janeiro or Sydney harbour; a cruise will provide some fabulous memories to keep with you for the rest of your life.Whether planning cheap cruises or something a little bit more expensive, there are always good cruise deals to be had which will leave you with many unforgettable experiences and the desire for many more.

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