The Best Ways To Get To Telluride

By Penny Lane

Telluride is a popular destination for vacations all year long, but it is especially popular in the wintertime because of the great skiing that can be found there. Since it is such a popular area, the number of resorts that you can choose to stay out is so high that you will probably be shocked. The area caters to tourists so you will always be able to find accommodations when you are ready to schedule your vacation.

The part of planning your trip that most people believe is the hardest is figuring out how you will actually get there. Because of the remote location, many people think that it is much more difficult to get there than it actually is. The truth is that there are three different airports that provide you with access to the area.


The Telluride Regional airport is one option that you have. The airport is less than 10 minutes from Mountain Village and Telluride which makes it easily the most convenient option for getting into the area. If you fly into this airport, you can skip the shuttle rides that are associated with the other airports in the area. The airport is 9,078 feet above sea level which makes it the highest commercial airport in all of North America. Another benefit is the stunning view you get of the San Juan Mountains when you fly in. Another option if you are flying into the area is to use the Montrose Regional Airport. This one is about 90 minutes away from Telluride, but you can get more direct flights. From December through March there are direct flights Newark and Dallas-Fort Worth. Year round there are also direct flights available from Denver, Phoenix and Houston. Although flying into this airport to start your vacation will require that you take a 90 minute car ride, it will give you the opportunity to more fully experience the beauty of what southern Colorado has to offer you.

The third major option that you have if you are flying into the Telluride area is to use the Durango La Plata County Airport. This airport is the farthest away from your final destination, but it is a great choice if you want to experience more of Colorado. This is the largest airport in the region of the four-corners so you are more likely to find a direct flight depending upon where you are coming from. If you use this airport for your transportation, you can plan a little extra time to visit Wolf Creek or the Mesa Verde National Park. This airport will also give you the opportunity to travel down the ‘Million Dollar Highway’ that is a well-known highway is a two way highway in the mountains.

Although traveling this highway can test your nerves due to the hairpin turns, steep cliffs and the absence of many guard rails, it also provides you with benefits too. You will get the most breathtaking view you will ever have the opportunity to see, and you will get to tell your friends and family that you drove the Million Dollar Highway.

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