The Advantages Of Composite Decking For Creating A Children’s Outdoor Play Area

byAlma Abell

A backyard deck can be a haven where children enjoy playing. Composite decking constructed close to ground level is one option, although many homeowners like a raised deck as long as it’s safe for the youngsters. A raised deck of about four feet has the kid-friendly advantage of providing a sheltered place underneath where they can pretend they are in a fort or some other fantasy structure. It becomes a playhouse of sorts in addition to functioning as a place for adults to relax and entertain guests.

Age Considerations


Parents may worry about the safety of a raised deck for young children who aren’t being constantly supervised. Age is an important consideration. It may not be a wise idea to leave toddlers unsupervised on this deck. However, by the time they reach age five or six, most kids are freely jumping off of stairs, playground equipment, and swings without incident. Most playground equipment with stairs and platforms tends to be at least four feet tall.

Raised Deck Safety

Parents might keep in mind the way wood and plastic play structures are built on playgrounds, allowing kids to get the sense of being off the ground but not so far that the height is hazardous. Secure railings are important, as is soft material around the deck just in case somebody does take a spill. For example, playgrounds commonly have wood chips placed around these structures.

Child-Friendly Features

Composite decking, as installed by a contractor such as Jenks Fence, is less slippery than wood and not as hard as concrete. That makes it a more child-friendly play surface. In addition, it is more resistant to scratching than wood is. That won’t guarantee no scratches will ever occur, but it can withstand more vigorous play with miniature cars and other wheeled toys.

This material is also resistant to staining from foods and beverages that children might spill. Kids might be drinking soda or juice outside, or they might drop part of a hot dog with ketchup on it. Wood is significantly more likely to develop stains from these substances because of its absorbent characteristics. In contrast, a composite material can be easily cleaned with some mild soap and water. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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