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Ragini SharmaAs it is rightly said that music is the only escape that silences the world and all the worries. While living in this modern present day world where cut throat competition exists in almost every field, undoubtedly; music is the best source that soothes the mind and gives it rest. In fact, most of the people worldwide believes that none other thing in universe except the music itself holds a capability of plying the moments, pausing the memories, Stop the pain and can rewind the happiness. Consequently, music is an integral part of a considerably large mass of people rather majority of people worldwide. Apparently, majority of people all across the world are observed listening to their favorite kind of songs whole today along of at various different parts of day in different manner. Like, some hear music while traveling, some while doing work like cooking, some during free time, some simply to cope up with pain, some during celebration, some to express love and many more. Whatever be the way and choice but what remains same everywhere is music. Ultimately we can say that music is the voice of the soul.In a country where entertainment industry is quite popular Bollywood movies are the chief source of a significant amount of songs every year. In fact, Bollywood itself is the best source of getting both melodious and soothing songs as well as for spicy and grooving songs and majority of people are seen enjoying them to the fullest. However, the real essence which Old Hindi Songs

have is truly unmatchable. Therefore, the charm and the demand of old songs are still persisting in the market despite the fact that now a lot of development has been made in music industry with respect to instruments and recording and sound systems. In fact, the most amazing fact about Hindi old songs is that it is a kind of music that not only old and aged people enjoy, rather it is a kind of music that is also common in youngsters too and people of all ages are seen enjoying it at various different moments.


With the rapid evolution and advancement of technology world has changed drastically. Now lifestyle of majority of people has altered tremendously such that they now use various technological devices for various purposes. In fact, now most of the people worldwide use various technological devices like iPod, mobile phone, decks, stereos, computer, laptop and many more for hearing and playing the music. Therefore, now gone are the days when cassettes and CD’s were the only way one can get the music to play. Certainly, with the aid of internet technology now most of the people prefer to Download Hindi Songs

online through various songs portals available online that offer a great variety of songs of various different genres and artists.

Downloading Songs online should fulfill requirements and grab free MP3 songs in your list and be musical every time. You Can Search us Bollywood Movie songs, Indian Songs, Punjabi Songs, Remix songs, Free Indian Songs,English POP, Dj Remix and more.

One such online song portal is Apart from a great collection of Hindi old songs of various artists and music directors like Lata Mageshkar, R.D Burman, Asha Bhosle, Kishor Kumar, Mohd Rafi, Manna De, Mukesh, S. D Burman, Naushad and many more it also offer a wide collection of songs of different genres like Jazz, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Pop, DJ Remixes,

Punjabi Songs

and many more. So, if you are music lover and are in search of really good music why go anywhere else when you can the best collection of famous songs here.

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