Most Famous Pizza Restaurants In The Us And The Uk

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There are lots of pizza restaurants around the world. Know which pizza restaurant best suits your tastebuds.

Pizzas are usually made from round and flat bread that is oven baked and normally covered with tomato-based sauces, toppings as well as cheese. These dishes have become famous in different cities, towns and other countries like the US and the United Kingdom.

Listed below is some of the most famous Pizza Restaurants in the US and the UK

United States of America

— New York J and Pizza Restaurant: The New York J and Pizza restaurant offer wide selections of pizza, salads, pasta, subs, steaks, and seafood, as well as chicken and veal dishes. Their pizza is made in strombolis, calzones and the freshest ingredients. It also has beverage bars that offer wine and beer for adults. This pizza restaurant is located at central portion of New York.


— Pizza Inn: This restaurant or inn is located at #3551 Plano Parkway, Texas. This inn has a seating capacity of about 140 up to 190 persons. Moreover, it normally offers additional delivery services as well as ‘take out’. It also offers sandwiches, deserts, beer, wine and pasta. Their product is also found in airports, convenience stores and college campuses.

— Round Table Pizza Fast Food Restaurant: This unique pizza restaurant offers garden salad sandwiches without the garlic sauce and cheese. On its menu are various garden salad delights for vegetarians. Their parmesan cheese pizza is the most famous dish in this restaurant. This is due to the fact that it is made from animal enzymes. In addition, their product Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza contains natural flavors and eggs only.

— Filippi’s Pizza Escondido, Grotto: This restaurant is known for their traditional Italian menu such as ravioli, spaghetti, salads, lasagna, soups as well as mozzarella and pepperoni pizza. The Filippi’s restaurant is not for franchising. It is located at #114 East Avenue California and it is open from 10:00 AM up to 11:00 PM on weekdays.

— Brick Oven Pizza: This restaurant cooks the pizza directly into the oven, along with garlic butter and topped with long-simmering sauces and cheeses. In their menu are Italian pizzas that come with Italian sauces, seafood-styled pizza-breads, smoked hams and vegetarian pizzas. It is also served with Biersch Gordon beer. Hence, the pizza and sandwiches prices are less than $10 up to $31 dollars. It is situated in Kaumuali Highway 50 California, USA.

United Kingdom

— Olive Grove Restaurant: This restaurant is beautifully designed in high rustic furniture. It offers a variety of Paella pizza, Mediterranean dishes, sandwiches, pasta as well as salmon supreme drinks. This restaurant opens from 11:00 AM and closes at 11:30 PM on weekdays. It is located at #14 Dame Alice Street Bedford, United Kingdom.

— Campana’s Pizza Restorante: This restaurant has various toppings added on their delectable pizza. This would include pesto sauce, common cheese, basil, garlic vegetables, and oregano. Their pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are also found in supermarkets, convenient stores, and grocery stores. Hence, Campana’s Restaurant delivers pizza within the range of their restaurant. Their restaurant is situated at #69 Micklegate Street UK.

— Pizza Point Restaurant: This pizza restaurant has friendly and fast service for their customers. Their menus include Margherita Vegetarian, Hawaiian, Volcano, Marina, Beefeater pizza, and Pizza Point Special. This is for a price of only $7.20 dollars. They allow their customers to watch their staff cook and bake their pizza. It is located at #4 Church Street, Warrenpoint, Maryland, United Kingdom.

— Pizza Magic3 Restaurant: This restaurant always serves pizza with fresh toppings and fresh ingredients. It offers delivery, take out, dine in and catering services. Their restaurant has a top rated Canadian Bacon Pizza, Bison classic pizza, and Garlic shrimp pizza. It is situated at #4353 Central Avenue, Columbia Heights.

— Monsoon Pizza restaurant: This pizza restaurant serves the best Thai pizza and Thai meals ever! The dishes in this restaurant are extremely healthy for it uses fresh ingredients as well as fresh vegetables. This restaurant serves their dishes well and fast. They also provide free delivery as well as catering services. Thus, Monsoon Pizza Restaurant is located at #4 London Road Hindhead, United Kingdom.

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