How To Create An Outdoor Oasis In Your Backyard}

Submitted by: Don Jacobson

Most of us are in awe of some of the landscaping we see when we travel. We can create that type of ambiance in our own backyards. Magazines and do it yourself shows are giving us the knowledge we need to transform a simple crabgrass filled backyard to an outdoor oasis.

You just need to do some planning and budgeting first and foremost. It wouldnt hurt to draw a rough draft of your plans. It does not have to be perfect sketches; simple shapes will suffice. Sketching your plans in color will help you distinguish your plants and flowers.

If the budget allows, and you dont feel confident enough to do it yourself, hire an expert; however, be proactive so that you will have some ownership in your project. You can at least tell your friends you selected the perfect spot for your sunflowers.

Once youve selected your perennials, plants that bloom annually and biannually, you can select you annuals. Your annuals usually die off after one blooming season. They are interchangeable from one season to the next. Some annuals may be transferred to the house in winter if they are still growing in the fall.


Fruit trees are a popular addition to a backyard oasis. The fragrance of the flowers and fruit awakens the senses. You will have to consider where you live in making your tree selection just like your flower selections. The position of the trees will be of utmost important. Away from the house would be ideal.

Backyard ornaments or statues make great accents to your oasis. A trellis will work well for climbing plants like roses. Koi ponds are also popular. Many people are doing it themselves. A short wooden bridge could lead to another beautiful part of your oasis. A fountain is a must for that tranquility and sedation we all need to take relaxation to the proper level. Then there is the lighting element.

Solar spikes are what people are using to light the ground these days. A string of lighting, lanterns and/or torch lighting makes everyone look attractive. There are so many types of fire pits available these days; you can be creative with your choices including making your own. Then theres seating.

I suggest that you make 2-4 different seating areas, depending on the size of your back yard. It gives 2 or more people the opportunity to hold different conversations. It also gives the homeowner a variety of spots to enjoy. A couple of Adirondack chairs and matching table in on area, a swing in another, and an umbrella table and chair set in yet another area. If there are a couple of mature trees in the yard, a hammock may serve you well here. Make the space your own and it is instantly an oasis.

Once youve planted your favorite flowers, trees and plants and youve outfitted your oasis with Adirondack chairs, and or loveseats, youve cut on the fountain, and the lights youre ready to turn on some soft music, prepare your favorite beverage and reach for nirvana. Thats the way I see it, now how about capturing your own vision

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