High Risk Public Liability Insurance

High Risk Public Liability Insurance



Ben Cornick, a 31 year old skydiver was lucky to be alive after falling 12,000 feet with a broken parachute, landing on a vehicle. However, after failing to buy insurance before travelling, the medical bill of 20,000 needed to fly him to New Zealand to save his leg needed to be paid before flying. After generous donations on social media and his parents pooling life savings, the money was paid and he did travel. The accident shattered his elbow and broke his leg in three places after the toggle to assist steering the parachute broke.\\r\\n\\r\\nIt serves as a stark reminder of the need to get insured before you travel whether it is for business trips or pleasure as these policies also include an amount of cheap public liability cover that some would assume is automatically covered under a cheap property insurance policy.\\r\\n\\r\\nThe long running dispute between the estate of Michael Jackson and Lloyds underwriters who had insured the This Is It tour for 10.6 million has finally been settled. The underwriters had insured the event against cancellation through death or disability. But following the King Of Pops death in 2009, the underwriters argued that that were not made aware of his taking powerful drugs (that led to his cause of death). The case was due to go on trial next month but has been settled in private between the parties, according to Reuters.\\r\\n\\r\\nThe entertainment industry spends millions each year on low cost public liability, particularly where stunts and pyrotechnics are involved and is a huge business in itself. This case highlights that irrespective of how famous one is, the processes that are followed to ensure limited damage or injury occurs, accidents do happen and they do not discriminate. Similarly cheap employers liability for tradesmen is not easy to find in the entertainment industry.


Tradesmen Insurance is designed to meet the demands and needs of self-employed persons and small businesses employees (including limited companies) undertaking a variety of manual, clerical and professional trades who wish to protect their business.

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