Dog Actors

Dog Actors


Gareth Hoyle

Dog actors are used in virtually every form of media from print advertising to TV and film acting, as well as more recently digital media presentations. Dog actors can be trained to take on very specific roles or dog actors with existing talents can be found that provide a range of acting talent that enables you to get the advertising or acting that you want most when you look for dog actors.

Media Types

Dog really is man’s best friend and, as such, dogs are used in virtually every type of media outlet and for a variety of reasons. Dogs are popular in advertising and are extremely popular for use in TV and films. They are also ideal for use on websites and in digital media productions too. They can be used for a variety of parts from West End shows to advertising slots and can be trained for virtually any use.


Dog actors are typically not only good looking dogs but also have a very good standard of obedience too. They will have an understanding of many calls and commands, and most have a natural aptitude to learn new tricks and training. This ability to learn is what makes dog actors so highly valued in the media world.

Other Aspects Of Hiring Dog Actors

The showbiz saying is never to work with animals or children, but this doesn’t have to be true if you rely on professional actors with acting abilities and the capability to learn new commands. You do need to be sure that you have everything from insurance to dog safety covered when you work with dog actors but a good dog actor agency can assist you in all of the relevant matters.

Dog Actors

Dog actors are used in everything from PR and theatre to TV and film. They are also employed in print media and digital media. Dog actors are very well trained and they can be trained to learn further commands as required for a specific part or for a specific role. Using dog actors means finding the right agency that not only provides you with the dog but the necessary support too.

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