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Written by the late broadcaster and writer Humphrey Carpenter, these stories bring a fresh and fun emphasis to school themes that kids will associate with. Short Description for some stories of Mr Majeika:

1. Mr Majeika He can behave just like any ordinary teacher if he wants to, but something has to be done about Hamish Bigmore, the class nuisance, and so he uses a little magic to turn him into a frog. And to everyone’s delight it looks as if Hamish will have to remain a frog because he can’t remember the spell to turn him back again! With him in charge, suddenly life at school become much more exciting there’s even a magic-carpet ride to Buckingham Palace!

2. With the School Inspector Poor he goes to the bottom of the class when the school inspector comes to call. Things don’t get any easier when he turns himself into a lobster by mistake. Class Three somehow has to get Wilhemina Worlock to undo the spell…

3. In the Ghost Train When Class Three and he get on board a ghost train, they are in for a surprise. Real ghosts appear and the wicked Wilhemina Worlock isn’t far away. But Jody comes to the rescue – with a dragon to help her!


4. With the Dinner Lady Mrs Chipchase, the nasty dinner lady, makes lunch hour at St Barty’s really unpleasant. That is, for everyone but her ‘favourite friend’, Hamish Bigmore. Up to his usual tricks, Hamish is allowed to eat chocolate instead of ghastly school dinners! he decides it’s time to sort out the menu…

5. At the Haunted Hotel ‘Oh, don’t be cowards,’ said Jody. ‘I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.’ Mysteriously stranded in the fog at night. Mr Majeika and Class Three find themselves in a creepy hotel near Hadrian’s Wall, where some very spooky things start to happen. Strange lights, ghostly sounds and vanishing people…

6. The Lost Spell Book Fun and magic combine as usual in this new story. The pupils in Class 3 at St Barty’s School are not impressed when their head teacher imposes strict rules of behaviour for Halloween. He uses a little magic to make the evening memorable but nasty Hamish Bigmore tells the local press and gets the wizard-teacher the sack. School without magic seems rather boring and he doesn’t last long in the other jobs he tries. His long-time enemy, Wilhelmina Warlock is clearly behind all the trouble; she and the dreaded Hamish must be defeated before life can return to normal.

7.The Music Teacher

‘Music teacher? What music teacher?’

The sudden arrival of a new music teacher throws St barty’s School into confusion. Mysterious smells start coming from the staffroom and creepy-crawlies appear out of nowhere. The new arrival is, of course, Wilhelmina Worlock, a wicked witch with some nasty tricks.

8. The School Book Week

‘Oh dear,’ said Mr Majeika, ‘I seem to have made the spell too strong.’

Class Three has fun during Book Week, when famous storybook characters suddenly appear! But there’s trouble ahead with Wilhemina Worlock the witch at the school’s Olympic Sports Day…

Will Mr Majeika manage to magic up a solution?

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