5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Albuquerque}

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Albuquerque


Daniel Estes

It is a difficult process to secure compensation for your injuries and other losses after a severe accident. You may need an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney to represent you and to reflect your interests in settlement and negotiate with an insurance company. Finding an experienced and potential attorney may be a tough task, but if you go on a right track you will find an ideal attorney for you assuredly.

Are you looking for a personal injury attorney in Albuquerque? Here are the questions you should ask before hiring them.

What are the areas you are focusing?

Would you approach an eye doctor for leg fracture? Definitely no, right? Similarly, you need not approach an attorney who handles wide range of cases from traffic to criminal to domestic. Approach an attorney who handles personal injury or complex civil services, when you have been injured by a car accident or have a personal injury claim. Finding a right attorney for the personal injury will help you in resolving the case potentially and shortly. So that, ask them if they are only focusing personal injury cases.

Who will handle my case?

When you are looking to hire a personal injury attorney in Albuquerque NM, ensure that the attorney is experienced and skilled. Many attorneys pass the responsibility to their staffs and you may find your case goes longer. It doesnt mean that staffs are not good in handling cases, but working with the experienced and senior attorneys would resolve the case very soon and more efficient. While asking this question to the attorneys, make sure you are receiving answer yes, our senior lawyer will handle your case.

How long have you been practicing law?

An experienced attorney would handle the case without making any troubles and give you a solution as you expect from them. If you have a personal injury claim, you need to follow certain agreements and instructions, in such cases, an experienced attorney would instruct you to do the right things based on the seriousness of the case.

What fee will you charge for my case?

Ask the attorney about the fee. Many attorneys handle personal injury fee as a contingency fee basis. Personal injury law firms are creative on billing. You need to pay charges such as postage charge, copies, long distance calls, legal research etc., While the fee for expert witness, deposition, mediation, etc. If the firm you approach helps you to get additional money through medical payments insurance, you need to pay extra for it. So that, clarify about the fees and charges that the attorneys have been offering for the similar cases you approach.

How long will it take to resolve the case?

Ask the attorney about how long it will take to resolve your case. Many attorneys take several years to resolve the case but an experienced attorney do the necessary to resolve your case as quickly as possible. Ask for an estimate time to them that could help you to find the abilities of the attorney. Make sure the Albuquerque personal injury attorney you approach is having the capability to resolve the case within the estimated time.

So, you need an attorney who is well experienced and skilled in personal injury law firm. Before hiring them, try to ask all the above mentioned questions and find an attorney who fights for your rights.

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Six Essential Things You Need To Bring When Moving Into A Furnished Apartment

By Adriana Noton

What are the six essential things you need to bring when moving into a furnished apartment? Many people nowadays choose to live in an already furnished house or flat, for many different reasons. For example, students or people that are not going to live in the same place for many years usually prefer not to buy their own furniture. There are also people that prefer renting a furnished apartment because they cannot afford to buy all the things that need to be in a house. Even though you do not have to buy most of the furniture, you still need to bring many things into your new apartment if you want to live comfortably in there.

For example, you probably want to clean your apartment before moving in, and you will need some cleaning equipment later, too. So some cleaning supplies are really essential; some examples could be bleach, sponges and a toilet cleaner.

Kitchen equipment is also a must. You probably do not want to find yourself hungry late at night, when every shop is closed, without anything to cook with. So you should bring with you some pots and pans, dishes and so on, as a furnished apartment usually does not include kitchen equipment. If you are a big fan of ready meals, you can consider buying a microwave too.

YouTube Preview Image

You should not forget the bathroom! Things like towels, rugs, soap and toilet paper are essential, and it is absolutely necessary that you buy them as soon as you move in, or that you bring them with you when you move.

Regarding the bedroom, you will need at least a set of sheets and a duvet or a blanket. Another important thing you should put in your bedroom is a laundry basket, because it is better to avoid having your dirty clothes everywhere in the room.

A thing that most people forget when they move to a new house is an alarm clock. This is a really good thing to have in your apartment, as it will save you many problems. And of course you should not forget the batteries, as without them the alarm clock would be quite useless. It is advisable to buy some extra batteries besides those you need at the moment, so that you have some at hand when you need them.

One of the advantages of a furnished apartment is that you do not have to fix everything that breaks by yourself. You can simply call you landlord and ask him to solve the problem. However, waiting for your landlord sometimes means losing a lot of time, so an useful thing to have in the apartment is a small tool set. In this way, you can fix the easiest things by yourself.

These are some of the most useful things you need to bring when moving into a furnished apartment. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and you will need many more things to live happily in your new apartment. However, the things that have been listed above give you an overview of some essential items you need to have.

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Learn Welding Symbols And What Weld Symbols Mean

By William Walley

When you first start welding it may be difficult to understand what you are seeing when you look at the weld symbols. However, if you think of this as a system of codes or a way of shorthand that tells you different information about the weld that needs to be done, these weld symbols will be easier to read.

The information you can gain from these symbols is important; they tell you the type of weld to do, the size of the weld you should do and other information about how you will process it or finish the job. These are all weld symbols that are set up by the American Welding Society and the American National Standards Institute.

The first part of the weld symbols that you will find is a horizontal line because this is the one that tells you much of the information. This is also referred to as the reference line because it is the part that all the other symbols will be attached to. In other words, you will look at this line first to see what is needed a then the other lines act as the attachments for the rest of the work (attachments similar to email attachments).

YouTube Preview Image

There are also going to be arrows on different parts of a diagram after this initial reference point to show you where you need to do the weld. You might have one side of the joint that needs welding or more than one place. The diagram and the reference line will tell you what to do.

You will know which side you need to weld by the way that the symbols are laid out. As an example, the weld symbol will show one side with an arrow and white space that will put the reference line in the middle of the space to be welded.

You will have the side with the arrow called the arrow side and whatever information you have below and above the reference line will be what you will do on that side. The second side of the joint of course called the other side will have directions of what to do listed under the reference line. This helps to keep things form getting to confusing, and will be the same no matter how the arrow is directed.

When you see a small circle around the angle part of the arrow and the reference line, this indicates a flag which means that the weld you are making should be made in the field when you are creating the structure. If you do not see the flag then this means you are to do your weld inside the shop. Also, the circle may also tell you that the weld needs to go the full circle of the joint. In some of the drawings of older structures you might see a filled in black circle which will indicate that this weld should be done in the field.

You will find that every weld type will be shown with a different symbol and usually it will be placed close to the center of where the reference line is located.

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Guaranteed Cash Advance Loan Without A Credit Check

By Jessica M Peterson

Like many Americans, you may have bad credit. With a record number of layoffs and many big companies going out of business due to the economy, it is hard to find anyone who is not struggling to keep up with rising prices and falling wages. It costs now more than ever just to put food on the table and pay for the basic necessities for your family. Oftentimes, those who are working just do not have enough money to handle emergency situations like home or auto repairs, an overlooked utility bill, or even emergency medical expenses. For situations like these, even those with horrible credit can rely on the guaranteed cash advance loan that is available without a credit check or inquiry.

Traditional loans and the people that write them look at numbers when deciding whether or not to loan you money, and most importantly, they look at your credit score. If yours is not up to par with their expectations, which is usually 650 or better on the FICO scale, you can almost be certain that you will not be approved, even for emergency loans. The guaranteed cash advance loan is different because even borrowers with negligent credit files can get the money they need for any imaginable purpose, without undergoing a credit evaluation and the embarrassment of being turned down by the bank. This type of loan is also perfect for those with bankruptcy, judgments, liens, and other notations on their credit file because cash advance loan servicers simply do not care about the past, only that you have the ability to repay them.

YouTube Preview Image

Your Credit Score Is Unimportant

To qualify for a guaranteed cash advance loan, you must be holding down a job that pays a regular paycheck. You must also have an active checking account with a positive balance. For those borrowers who do not have a checking account, some lenders will allow you to use a savings account instead to meet this requirement. This is because many people with bad credit do not qualify for a checking account. A savings account, however, can be obtained by nearly anyone, regardless of their credit score, and without depositing a huge amount of money.

The guaranteed cash advance loan is written for a very short term, usually less than a month but sometimes longer. Your loan is due in one lump sum payment on the due date, which usually coincides with the next time that you will receive a paycheck, or thereabouts. Borrowers can qualify whether they are paid weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. Those borrowers whose income is from Social Security, SSI, retirement, or other programs can also qualify for a loan of this nature.

Borrow Up To $1,500 Without A Credit Investigation

To obtain your guaranteed cash advance loan, you will write a check out to the lender, or agree to have the amount of money that you need to borrow withdrawn from your checking or savings account on a particular date. You will also agree to have interest and fees deducted to pay the lender for loaning you the money. Most of these loans are written for amounts ranging from $200 up to $1,500. Certain borrowers with higher incomes can qualify for even more. You will need to provide the lender with certain documents via fax or email, like your paystubs or identification. The lender can usually approve your application in minutes once documentation is provided and deposit your money in just a few hours to your account.

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The Declining Term Life Insurance Option

By Dennis Jarvis

There are all types of term life insurance on the market and one of the various flavors is declining term life. It’s not nearly as common as level term life (the heavy weight on the market) but it is available and typically for a lower rate when comparing apples and apples (term benefit, etc). Let’s take a quick look at declining term life and size it up versus level term.

First, what is declining term life? Essentially, it’s a payout option where the life insurance benefit decreases during the life of the policy. For example, with 15 years of total term length, the life benefit may be $500K in the first 5 years, then $250K if triggered in the next 5 years, and finally…$100K if triggered in the final 5 years of the 15 year policy. In a nutshell, this is declining term life. Why would anyone go this direction?

YouTube Preview Image

Price. Declining term life insurance will be less expensive than Level term and it’s obvious why…the benefit is decreasing with time. With level term life, the $500K benefit (or whatever amount you select up front) stays the same for the full duration of the policy . Whether it’s year 1 or year 15, the benefit is $500K if the insured passes away. To some extent, to make a fair comparison, the above example of $500K/$250K/$100K is probably more akin to $250K of benefit if we want to price it out. Also keep in mind that on average, the chance of passing away increases as we get older. Accidents may happen any time but diseases that affect mortality (cancer, heart attacks, etc) occur at a higher frequency as we get older. To some extent, the carrier is reducing it’s risk with such a declining benefit set-up. So what’s our take on declining term life insurance?

So often with insurance in general (be it life, health, or others), people like to play fortune teller. It’s interesting since risk is risk regardless of what shape it comes in. It’s similar to someone taking health insurance and opting out of chemo/radiation therapy to reduce the rate. The savings may be big but you gambling that you won’t need these services. This is only a step away from gambling that you will not need health insurance at all. We’re all familiar with someone who went without health insurance and had a huge medical bill that financially wiped them out. Life insurance is no different. To gamble that you will be less likely to trigger the benefit in the last 5 years than the first is counter-intuitive and the life insurance companies love taking this bet (since they know better).

Maybe there’s a rationalization such as “Well, my mortgage debt is decreasing with time so I can match the term life insurance benefit to that fact”. The actual debt (as opposed to equity) is decreasing but the monthly payment is the same. Keep in mind that life insurance is generally used to replace income over a period of time. It’s hard to believe that income in year 11-15 will be any less needed than in 1-5. If anything, most people will agree that financial responsibilities only increase with time…especially for a family with children that will one day go off to college (translated as expensive).

Our recommendation is to not play a guessing game for the trade-off of lower rates. If you guess wrong, you’re loved ones suffer as a result. It makes more sense to purchase level term life insurance that fits within your budget. There may be situations where a person truly has a decreasing financial responsibility for which, the decreasing term life payment option might fit, but this is usually in addition to a traditional term life policy used for general protection of your family.

About the Author: Dennis Jarvis is a licensed insurance agent concentrating on

term life insurance

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