How To Make Your Mid Year Resolutions Successful

So, everyone has heard of New Year’s Resolutions, right? Did you make any this year? Were you able to stick with them, after the excitement and newness of the new year faded away? Or, are you like over 50% Americans, who have fallen off the goal-setting train after the first, second or third stop of life?

Have you ever stopped to think of why we only make resolutions the first of every year? Why don’t we make them in March or October? OR better yet why not on July 1st, when we are only half way through the year and have six months left to board that achievement train again and change your life forever?

I am sure you are asking yourself right now, how do I make resolutions that stick?

First off, your resolutions must be simple, specific and to the point. The goal should fill a need that you have not been able to fill this year. Sit back and think about it: do you have a need to improve a certain relationship? Drop a certain amount of weight by the end of the year for your health? Or do you need to make an extra amount of money in order to pay your bills?

You must make the goal REAL to you by allowing it to feel a desired need. This adds meaning and a motivation for achieving your goal, that you might not otherwise have.

Now, do not create one broad resolution that covers multiple areas of your life. As mentioned earlier, resolutions should be short, simple, to the point.

For example instead of creating a goal to just lose weight, make the goal more specific by saying, “I want to lose 10lbs by Thanksgiving”. The goal above states a specific date, to which you would like to achieve your goal by. It also quantifies it by stating a number as to how MUCH weight you would like to lose.

The more specific you can be with your goals, the more focused and attainable they will become.

Next, you need allow some intense emotion to flow through your goals/resolutions. Emotion tends to be what drives us as humans to do what we do every day. It is what drives us to take action… or even not to take action. Each goal must carry an emotional feeling deep down inside of you that makes you want to create a change in your life.

Take out a pen and paper now and write down a sincere emotion for each of your goals/resolutions.

This step may be painful or even saddening, it may bring up feelings of fear or anger, but ALL of these emotions are fine and natural. The more emotion you can dig up, the more likely you will be to stick to that goal/resolution. Remember emotions drive you to do what you do… or don’t do!

Now that you have found a need and attached emotion to it, you must find that burning desire to make the change. Why do you want to change? How will you feel when we have changed? How will you feel about yourself when you drop that 10lbs by Thanksgiving? Just think of all the compliments you will receive and how fantastic you will look in that new outfit as you strut your stuff at the Christmas Party.

Or imagine how you will feel when you start to earn that extra income each month. Let your mind soar and imagine what you can use that extra income on or for!

Thirdly, find an alternative for your previous actions. For example, if you need to lose 10lbs because you come home and sit in front of the TV every night and eat chips and queso, than you need to find a replacement action for your evenings.

You might opt to go for a walk when you feel like pulling that bag of chips out of the pantry, or grab a big glass of water from the fridge. Or find something that you enjoy doing that will occupy your time, so that the bad habits do not creep back in.

Lastly, consistency is key. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. We must be consistent with our actions, desires, and goals. You must pledge to do whatever it takes to make the change. You must decide to change, no matter what, and it must come from you and no one else.

Yes, life gets hard and schedules get rearranged, but do not forget those emotions that you attached to your goals. When life gets in the way and you FEEL like it would be easier to give up then to stay strong and take the essential steps necessary to meet your goals, be sure to keep these emotions fresh on your mind. If necessary, sit down for five minutes and envision how you would feel and what the end state of your goal looks like, feels like, and yes, even tastes like! These feelings must be so much stronger than any other outside distraction.

Now GO, get off your chair and go take the action steps neccessary to make it all happen! You know you can do this, dig down deep and believe in yourself. You are powerful, strong and mentally tough. Make it all happen TODAY by setting those Mid Year Resolutions NOW!

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Agricultural Adjuvants Market Research Report

Agricultural Adjuvants Market:

The GMI Research expects the agricultural adjuvants market to expand at a significant rate. From a regional perspective, the Asia-Pacific is projected to increase at a faster rate attributed to the strong demand for agrochemicals in emerging economies, including China and India, driven by increasing population in Japan, China, and India, which is enhancing the demand for food crops.

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Agricultural Adjuvants Market Dynamics (including market size, share, trends, forecast, growth, forecast, and industry analysis) Key Drivers

The high adoption of protected agricultural practices, the increasing usage of salts, oils emulsifiers, and surfactants for improved production of crops, and the growing importance of precision farming are the significant factors contributing to the growth of the global agricultural adjuvants market size. Precision farming allows farmers to utilize agricultural adjuvants for correct agrochemical applications. In the past few years, organizations are opting for eco-friendly bio-based adjuvants, including methylated seed oil (MSO), modified vegetable oils, and organo-modified siloxanes. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has positively impacted the demand for organically produced food owing to the biodegradability and increased level of safety of salts, surfactants, oils, and emulsifiers, they are regarded as environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the rising adoption of organic farming is further anticipated to stimulate the growth of the market in the upcoming years.

The majority of the emerging countries are dependent on the agriculture industry, where farmers can generate the highest possible yield from the available resources. The rising demand for food crops will boost the requirement for more pest control chemicals and other pesticides. Land availability is restricted in most regions, thus raising need for better crop production and reducing crop damage. This factor is propelling the growth of the agricultural adjuvants market. On the other hand, the factors hindering the market growth include cost volatility and unawareness in people about these products.

Function Segment Drivers

Based on the function, the market is segmented into activator adjuvants and utility adjuvants. The activator adjuvant segment is predicted to dominate the market over the forecast period due to its capability to improve herbicides’ properties when added to spray solutions. Activator adjuvants are fit for different types of applications as they are efficient to raising the solubilization and decrease the surface tension.

Agricultural Adjuvants Market’s leading Manufacturers:

  • Corteva
  • Solvay
  • Nufarm
  • Croda International Plc
  • Huntsman International LLC
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • Clariant AG
  • Brandt, Inc.
  • Wilbur-Ellis Holdings, Inc.

Agricultural Adjuvants Market Segmentation: Segmentation by Function:

  • Activator Adjuvants
  • Surfactants
  • Oil-Based Adjuvants
  • Utility Adjuvants
  • Compatibility Agents
  • Buffers/Acidifiers
  • Antifoam Agents
  • Water Conditioners
  • Anti-Drift Agents
  • Other Utility Adjuvants

Segmentation by Application:

  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Other Applications

Segmentation by Adoption Stage:

  • In-Formulation
  • Tank-Mix

Segmentation by Formulation:

  • Suspension Concentrate
  • Emulsifiable Concentrate

Segmentation by Crop Type:

  • Cereals & Grains
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Others
  • Oilseeds & Pulses
  • Soybean
  • Others
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Others

Segmentation by Region:

  • North America
    • United States of America
    • Canada
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • Rest of APAC
  • Europe
    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
    • France
    • Spain
    • Rest of Europe
  • RoW
    • Brazil
    • South Africa
    • Saudi Arabia
    • UAE
    • Rest of the world (remaining countries of the LAMEA region)

About GMI Research

GMI Research is a market research and consulting company that provides syndicated research reports, consulting services, and customized market research reports. Our reports are based on market intelligence studies to ensure relevant and fact-based research across numerous sectors, including healthcare, automotive, information technology & communication, FMCG, and other industries. GMI Research’s deep understanding related to the business environment helps us in generating objective strategic insights. Our research teams consisting of seasoned analysts and researchers have hands-on experience in various regions, including Asia-pacific, Europe, North America, and the Rest of the World. The market research report offers in-depth analysis, which contains refined forecasts, a bird’s eye view of the competitive landscape, factors impacting the market growth, and several other market insights to aid companies in making strategic decisions. Featured in the ‘Top 20 Most Promising Market Research Consultants’ list of Silicon India Magazine in 2018, we at GMI Research are always looking forward to help our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

Media ContactCompany Name: GMI RESEARCHContact Person: Sarah NashEmail: enquiry@gmiresearch.comPhone: Europe – +353 1 442 8820; US – +1 860 881 2270Address: Dublin, IrelandWebsite:

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How To Design A Travel Business Using Artificial Intelligence?

What makes a holiday wonderful is those family trips that can help you refresh and spend time with your loved ones, while for travel businesses, this means Gold!

With the market flooded by millennials today, customer tours are on the high. Custom tours are those tour packages that are specifically designed for consumers according to their preferences and schedule. That is the sole reason, consumers search for experiences than the actual hotels.

Today, travel businesses around the world are building experiences rather than tours and travel packages. This has led to the acceptance of intelligent technologies like Artificial Intelligence into the design structure of these experiences.

Intelligent Travel Agents(ITA):

Intelligent Travel Agents or ITA is the amalgamation of ML(Machine Learning) and the travel-purchase behavior of the consumers. This is considered as a radical innovation as it ensures consumer engagement through “Smart Services”.

For example, you are at the airport, waiting for your flight and suddenly your entry gate to the flight is changed, you are instantly notified through an ITA regarding the same, without you even leaving your Social Media site.

ITAs uses machine learning techniques to identify the optimum pricing, comfort, and relevance to any particular traveling activity through real-time data analysis and processing through an algorithm trained for the same.

Take an example of the “Virgin Trains Alexa Skill”, launched in 2018, it allowed the passengers to book their tickets directly from Amazon’s Alexa device. This is a prime example of an ITA operating through an intelligent voice bot.

Travel Intelligence-The Personalized Learning:

Artificial Intelligence technologies have a wide acceptance in the business of tours and travels, due to their ability to learn from the real-time data and come up with unique and relevant solutions for the consumers.

There are three different learning models in the Artificial Intelligence that needs to be explored for designing algorithms that can use real-time data to learn specific travel knowledge and use the same to provide more personalized experiences to the consumers.

These three models are:

  1. Supervised Learning
  2. Unsupervised Learning
  3. Reinforcement Learning

Supervised learning uses the data available to train the machine under human supervision. The unsupervised learning model helps machines to learn on their own without guidance or human intervention. But, reinforcement learning targets a particular dataset for training the machine for specific scenarios.

When it comes to travel intelligence use of any of the above machine learning algorithms can be used based on the type of personalization required.

Real-Time Preferences:

In the travel and tourism business, the necessity of real-time preferences have gained traction. Especially in the costing and expenditure aspects of the business, real-time preferences have played a huge part.

Just take an example of online taxi-booking services, transport is an important aspect of any travel and tourism business and this has been revolutionized through the on-demand business models equipped with ML tools that help dedicated app developed through a mobile app development company to predict the total fare of a ride by taking into account all the real-time preferences of the riders.


Once these intelligent machines account for real-time preferences they tend to self-optimize making the very consumer searching for the right experience to be their travel agent. They provide a bouquet of product bundles in the most optimum possible way.

These machines can convey their bundled packages through a mobile interface, voice assistants or other intelligent means. They also impact the consumer’s travel behaviors and purchase behaviors.

Value-Added Services:

A concierge of services is offered by the tours and travel businesses these days like in-flight support, luggage support, lounge access, hotel transfers, medical support during tours, etc. With travel intelligence, these services can be further enhanced.

As these intelligent machines, use real-time preferences as the reference data to train the algorithm for self-optimization and provide enhanced value-added services.

The Role Of Virtual Personal Assistants:

VPAs or Virtual Personal Assistants are the new revolutionary technology that is changing the fundamentals of the purchase behavior of consumers. Current VPAs in the market are Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Home, Google Now, etc. These VPAs understands the natural language voice controls and processes knowledge acquisition.

With the intelligence in their algorithms, these VPAs can be leveraged by the tours and travel businesses to recommend products and activities related to travel. Many enterprises and businesses around the world are already using such technologies for marketing and even sales of the travel business.

Chatbots and Travel Businesses:

Chatbots have become quite useful in the current market scene, as many consumers and travelers always need real-time assistance with their issues during the travel. Chatbots can provide real-time assistance during the travel and also recommend personalized packages to the consumers.

One of the important aspects of intelligent systems is collecting important user’s data, this can be achieved with a series of questionnaires that occur during a chatbot-to-human conversation that almost replicates the natural conversation. Chatbot often excels at natural interactions and collect user’s data that can help the chatbot’s algorithms to learn from them.

Top AI travel companies:

  • Hopper-Boston & Montreal
  • Pana-Denver & Colarado
  • Baarb Inc.-Los Angeles & California
  • UTrip-Seattle & Washington D.C.
  • Claire-San Carlos, California
  • Amtrak-Washington D.C.
  • Hipmunk-San Francisco, California
  • Instalocate-Palo Alto, California
  • Mezi-Sunnyville, California

Signing Off:

The cycle of travel intelligence leading to the integration of real-time preferences and further self-optimization that leads to enhanced value-added services certainly leads to revolutionary change into the travel-distribution and travel-behavior of the travelers. Artificial Intelligence has truly transformed the travel business into something more than a regular business activity.

There are concerns around the data protection and regulation in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies that can expose the user’s data to data risks and identity thefts.

But, many regulatory bodies around the world are in the process of developing data regulations for data collection, mining, and analysis in the most secure manner to ensure proper adoption of such intelligent technologies with security and safety. So, if you are into a travel and tourism business, just go for an AI-based model to rip the fruits of intelligent labor!

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How You Can Save On Remote Control (Rc) Toys

One of the most popular toys today is a remote control or RC toy. These toys allow a child to use a joystick or something similar to control the motions of the toy. The most common RC toy is a remote control vehicle. You can find these in just about every shape and size imaginable, from a tank to a motorcycle.

However, the one drawback to such a toy is often the price. These toys can range in value from under twenty dollars to several hundred dollars. There are a few ways you can save money on these toys and here are some tips to help you.

Visit the Mega Size Toy Stores

Many of the larger toy stores will buy products in bulk and pass their savings onto the customer. You will usually find a larger selection of RC toys as well. Most will have weekly or monthly sales and you can check the ads in your local paper to plan your shopping accordingly.

Shop During the Holidays

One of the best times to shop for remote control toys is during the holiday season. This is when all of the good sales happen and when quite a few newly released toys hit the market. There are always huge sales right after the holiday as well. This can be a great time to pick up a birthday present or two.

Visit a Hobby Store

Remote control toys arent just for kids. Many adults consider them a hobby and spend thousands of dollars each year on keeping up with the latest developments. The hobby stores that serve this segment of the population are a terrific place to look for these toys. You can find new toys, used toys, and parts for repairs. Best of all, you can usually get some great advice on using your remote control toys.

Browse the Net

Online shopping isnt just for clothes! You will find entire websites dedicated to remote control toys. If you find a toy that you like, take a moment and look for a coupon code. These online discount codes can offer a wide range of ways to save some money, such as with codes for free shipping or a percentage of your total purchase.

Stores such as NitroRCX, offer both types of codes. This lets you choose which one can save you the most money. Nitro Planes gives you free shipping on all of their replacement parts. As quickly as shipping charges seem to rise, these can result in a significant amount of cash in your pocket.

In Closing

Remote control toys are a fun pastime for many people, but often the cost of the toy can be a drawback. With the above tips, you can find several ways to save that money. Shop online and use an online discount code. Check out the nearest remote control toy stores. For children, shop the large chain toy stores at or after the holidays. You can save on remote control toys!

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