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What are the advantages of subscribing to Forex trading signals instead of learning to find them myself?

If you can trade profitably by using Forex trading signals that you find then there is not much reason to buy them. Also if you do not have time or the inclination to do the research needed for good Forex trading signals then why not take advantage of someone who is willing to put in the time.

If the purchased Forex trading signals make you considerably more then you have to pay for them then it sounds like a win-win situation. Of course you do not always know when you see someone touting their great Forex trading signals if they are just hype or the real deal. So here are two suggestions. First always make sure you test them for a month or so with a free demo account (Please remember that demo accounts simulate live trading but your results using a demo may not be the same as a live account). Keep in mind that many providers are trying to support their own trading. Other providers just seem to want to make a name on the web. So a good test first on a demo account will be money well saved.

The second thing that should help to weed out the less than profitable Forex trading signals is to ask for a free trial. I can understand when the provider will not want to give too long of a free trial since they are doing the research and posting the signals. But a reputable Forex trading signals provider who stands behind their work would be agreeable to at least a couple of weeks. It takes two weeks to a month to understand what to look for and what to expect. On the other hand, the provider is also taking a chance. If his or her system works 10 of 12 months with nice profits but two months a year has flat or even slightly negative results. Any potential new customers who are taking the free trial for a test drive will drop them and move on. That is just the way it goes.


I have mentioned before that I also bought Forex trading signals and have learned a lot from watching them. It is a training tool for those that are interested. Some teams of traders hav spent months refining the Forex trading signals. There are also EA’s or expert advisers to trade all the signals automatically. Their team of traders has spent months refining the Forex trading signals. They are also building an EA or expert adviser to trade all the signals automatically. However these Forex trading signals have to be tweaked from time to time since market conditions are constantly changing. I don’t think there are many “set and forget” strategies that work for an extended period of time. I have not run into or stumbled upon them anyway.

So you see, the adage I like to repeat is find a way to “earn as you learn” as it applies also to Forex trading signals. If you are interested in what I have learned about specific Forex trading signals that I have used then write me and ask. Or ask about some you are thinking about trying.

If you have tried some or are using some Forex trading signals now, please write me and tell how it works for you. I may just have a page on this site that rates various Forex trading signals. If we have 12 or more traders tell us about the same providers and two give a poor rating and 10 give a good rating then those two may want to give it another shot. We can have a scale of 1 to 5. The higher the number, the better the experience. Send me your rating and tell me why you gave it that rating would also be helpful. Let’s rate the Forex trading signals to see who has the real deal.

How To Find A Useful Forex Signal Trade

There are many ways and many schools of thought to find a proper forex signal trade. For example, one way is to use a simple 14 period exponential moving average – or ema – on a one minute chart. This is a very basic trade. When the candle closes above the ema – buy. When it closes below – sell.

I understand that for most people that is way too simple. So let’s add another component to our next trade. We will now add a 5 period ema and move out to a five or even a fifteen minute chart. So the rule for this forex signal trade is: Once the 5 period ema crosses above the 14 period ema, we buy. When it crosses below, we sell.

Now let’s add one more component to this trade that will give us a higher probability in our trade direction. We now add a 62 period simple moving average – or sma. When the 62 period sma is going up, then we only take long or buy side trades and pass on the sell trades. When the 62 period sma is pointing down then we only take sell trades. The idea is we want to trade with the trend. Often times this type of trade will net us more pips with less stop outs. As with any forex signal trade, always have a stop in place and don’t get out of a positive trade until you see signs of a market reversal. Please be advised that the use of stop loss orders may not limit your losses to a specific level as market conditions may make it impossible for the order to get executed at a specific price. Have a good risk to reward ratio and make sure that your forex signal trade has been tested on a free demo account for a few weeks first.

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Waddling Through Day Trading And Futures

Waddling Through Day Trading And Futures



Before we proceed, let us first clarify that day trading means the regular session during the day where most investment trades are conducted. Day trading usually ends at four PM, after which it is called the after-hours trading. Now, on to the discussion on futures.


The common denominator why people choose to invest in futures is the lure of money. However, day-trading futures is not a fool-proof business. There are risks involved and it would be wise to first find out what you\’re ready to face before you get into it. Statistics show that more and more people are becoming interested in investing into futures trading accounts because of the strong likelihood of collecting robust gains. One of the common mistakes in day futures trading is overshooting. When you make a financial plan, stick to it until the end and don\’t keep changing along the way. This will only cause confusion and result in you losing a lot more money in the end. Here are some tips traders should keep in mind every time they engage in day futures trading. The market is highly unpredictable and volatile. Just because you\’re trading futures and have some form of control over the outcome of your transaction, you can never be fully sure that you\’ll be banking a win. A lot of experts will give out forecasts about where the futures market is going, but none are extremely accurate. Trading is basically a gamble, so it\’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket. To be successful in day futures trading, you must first determine what your key goal is. Are you trading to generate profits, or are you doing it because it\’s exciting? Also, you must have a realistic aim, one that you can truly work with based on the resources you have. You must determine how much you\’re prepared to risk All traders seek to prevent huge losses on their futures accounts and not even the most seasoned of traders are spared when the tides turn against them. However, what separates professionals from the novices is that the former have greater emotional control when the heat turns up. It is inevitable that markets fall, because that\’s their nature. If you think you can\’t handle too much risk, then don\’t invest too grandly. Put out only what you can comfortably work with. What futures trading can guarantee is that at some point you win a lot and at some point you will lose. Thus, traders are expected to exercise an ample degree of patience and prudence when they make their financial decisions. That is, hope for the best and expect the worst. If you\’re not prepared to face a major downfall, then maybe futures trading is not for you. Remember, the market is unpredictable and no matter how much of an expert you say you are at it, there is no 100% fool-proof strategy to ensuring a win.

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FCFutures Past performance is not indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading futures contracts or commodity options can be substantial, and therefore investors should understand the risks involved in taking leveraged positions and must assume responsibility for the risks associated with such investments and for their results.

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Getting Started With Forex Trading Robot

Getting Started with Forex Trading Robot



Now you may get started like a forex (Forex) trader along with just a computer as well as a web connection. Establishing a merchant account with a agent can be carried out along with as low as $250. To reach your goals, an explorer needs not just an account using a broker. There are lots of


\”>Forex trading robot resources open to assist an investor to produce the proper decisions as well as profit from their buying and selling. Before a potential fresh Forex dealer commences trading, The most effective instrument offered by many agents is a \”training\” accounts where you trade without having endangering any real cash. These kinds of practice balances should imitate the investing consideration enabling any new trader the opportunity get a sense for that marketplace. In addition forex trading robot they encourage the fresh dealer to try out feasible methods. Just about all key agents forex trading systems use one of the primary trading platforms And these will offer several different graphs that permit the actual historic tracking of a forex. Many chart will allow traders to look at the historical movements over many different schedules. Whilst these types of charts will not provide a predict, they can help in creating a strategy. These chart use different ways associated with presenting the final results so an understanding of these is necessary just before they become a useful tool. As Forex trading systems

marketplaces perform around the world over a round the clock basis having a break at weekends, the particular investor may wish to record swap price motions on the cell phone. Many agents may have a software that are obtainable to some cellular phone allowing the trader to observe their assets as well as carry out deals.

Important affects around the Forex trading robot rates will be the various financial figures for everybody region. As an example when there is an abrupt unforeseen large rise in the particular jobless within the USA, the usa Buck could weaken considerably. A seasoned investor will often have a give food to from the headlines of all of the main financial indications so that they can make quick selections in order to trade. These quick decisions can make the main difference in between substantial income as well as losses. For first time traders, attaining as well as understanding the details available is one of the most significant aspects in figuring out whether or not they tend to be productive. There are several online discussion boards obtainable as well as brand new traders forex trading software should join a minimum of one of them. These types of community forums permit brand new traders to activate with increased experienced folks as well as gain valuable information. The most crucial forex trading software

tool for anybody in different occupation will be a single most overlooked- a person\’s human brain. This body organ from the entire body can process complicated information as soon as any kind of PC. Being a PC, When the details provided to the brain is not necessarily precise, then a end result (i.e. choices produced) will not be precise. What this means is examine and practice to be able to hone the most important tool obtainable right into a beneficial useful resource. As a result, it is vital the investor properly knows the info at hand so that rewarding selections can be made.

Chris Dibbs is really a beginner Forex trader who\’s looking to connect with well matched people. He or she advises usingForex Investing Toolsto maintain current with the present monetary industry.

Hi I am HelenSha. I have shared some ideas about the forex trading robot which are useful for trading. Many forex trading systems are available with forex trading software tool.

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Move Your Super By Jamie Mc Intyre

By JamieMcIntyre

Australians have way too much of their superannuation tied up in the share market, and theyre following the unsound investment advice of buy and hold spruiked by financial sales people oops, sorry, financial planners.

This flawed strategy wiped out many baby boomers in the first Global Credit Crisis and its about to happen again.

Interestingly, Australians with more of their super in real estate have fared much better.

Australians simply have too much super weighted in shares.

Personally Im reallocating more of my super away from equities and into the following:

Australian land

Land appreciates faster than houses. Its a much safer, more secure investment (especially if you dont have to pay for it for a decade).

Plus by not having to pay for it for 7 to 12 years (by utilizing options) and then building a house on the land if you wish, this type of investing is a perfect way to hide from the financial storm thats coming.

Think about it. Theres no need to borrow money or pay holding costs, which can send you broke. Its leverage without the borrowing risks. And that means you can wait as long as you want.

Patience is a virtueand makes you rich when you have no borrowing costs.

US Property

Ive talked about this before however in a worse case scenario of the US economy going into a 10 year Japanese-like recession, US property will still be a phenomenal investment.

Listen; dont let the global uncertainty confuse you into thinking that the US property market shouldnt be exploited as much as possible especially whenever our dollar is above parity.

Being able to buy at rock bottom prices now (i.e. houses that were $250,000 for $80,000) with high rental returns will ensure most houses are paid off in 5 to 7 years.

And did you know rents are expected to rise further? Its true; the high amount of foreclosures is pushing former owners to become renters.


Plus many of those former owners are happy to rent their house back and agree to rebuy from you later at a healthy profit.

Why would they want to do that? Its simple. They can still get their house back at fraction of what they paid for it. And in truth, theyre very grateful to have a second chance.

Many of these houses, even in a recession, will recover back towards at least replacement value when surplus US housing stock runs out.

But even if it somehow didntyou dont need capital growth in US Property to make a small (or large) fortune.

What about further price drops?

Its possible, but buying houses at $80,000 that were $250,000 in 2008Im more than comfortable that any price drop will be minimal.

Actually in some areas small price rises have occurred as foreign investors compete for bargains.

Rural Land

I saw the Asian Food Crisis coming 5 years ago. Now I see soft commodities booming even more and I predict Australian rural prices will boom in coming years.

Actually, heres something interesting: small farmland in the US has boomed in recent years while residential real estate has crumbled.

What About The Stock Market?

For some months now Ive been saying, hold back, because better buying opportunities will come up.

Now were starting to see some good buying opportunities. And you know what? There will be even better ones coming.

Be prepared to take advantage of the market, but dont be overweighted in equities. It will be volatile.

(Those who know how to insure shares and make money when the market drops would be having a field day recently!)

Forex & Eminis

The Australian dollar has been in a good pattern. Up to $1.10 then retracting 5 to 10 cents, then rising again.

Forex trading is only for the educated though. The same with Eminis.

If financially educated, these can be great boosters to your portfolio. But they shouldnt be your portfolio.

To be nicely balanced, Id have these more speculative strategies backed up with lower risk type strategies such as land and houses.

Gold and silver

10 years ago I told 21st Century Members to buy gold when it was around $200 an ounce.

I explained in my book What I Didnt Learn At School But Wish I Had, Americas debt based Federal Reserve System would crumble because they cant just keep printing money with no reserves.

I bet my members wish theyd bought more gold now

Id still buy gold and silver, even now. Mainly as a hedge, not so much as an investment even though theres still immense profit potential available.

In fact Im trying to go one better and trade some assets for a nice slice of a silver mine ASX listed company to dig it up rather than just buy it.

Renting shares and selling insurance

These cash-flow type strategies can be very effective. The key is doing it over quality assets that have long-term inherent value.

For example: using the Warren Buffett stock selection criteria I modelled off arguably the worlds greatest investor.

Leave this part out of the recipe and youre messing with the strategy.

Remember crisis is opportunity.

Now is the time to be increasing your financial education, to take advantage of the volatile times heading our way.

Panic or profit. Everyone has a choice.

For free educational resources on many of these strategies check out these links:

US Property


Warren Buffett Strategy

Share Renting

Selling Insurance

See Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Eddie McGuire, Myself, and a world-class line up of internationally renowned speakers at the 21st Century Financial Education Summit.

Move Your Super by Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntrye

CEO of 21st Century Education

Jamie McIntyre is an authorised representative of Romad Financial Services Pty Ltd (AFSL No 238 032). Jamie is RG 146 compliant in the areas of derivatives, securities and managed investment products. He is currently authorised to provide general advice and dealing services in Derivatives, Deposit Products, Managed Investments and Securities (ASIC No. 321 315).

About the Author: Jamie McIntyre is the founder of the 21st Century Group of companies and CEO of 21st Century Education. He is also author of the bestselling book What I Didnt Learn At School But Wish I Had, successful entrepreneur, investor, sought after success coach and speaker


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Profitable Currency Traders What Motivates Them?

Profitable Currency Traders – What Motivates Them?


James Woolley

Many people dream of becoming a successful trader, but why is this? Well I have been trading the forex markets for several years now, so I think I am in a good position to be able to tell you three of the main factors that motivate people to become successful forex traders.


The first is obviously money. The great thing about currency trading is that you can potentially make unlimited amounts of money. If you are successful, your account balance is just going to grow and grow, and obviously if you are risking say 3% of your account per trade, then you will make more and more money as your account grows. The beauty of all this is that you can start off with a modest amount of capital behind you, maybe just a few hundred dollars, and grow this into a sizeable sum over time. Of course it takes a large amount of skill to come up with a trading system that is able to achieve this goal, but it is possible because plenty of people have done it in the past. The second motivating factor is the independent lifestyle that is available to you if you are successful. Most of us hate working for someone else, but with forex trading you can easily work from home (or anywhere in the world that has an internet connection) and choose the hours that suit you. Some people find that they need to be watching every tick for around 8 or 9 hours per day in order to make money, whilst other profitable traders are able to generate profits trading just a few of the most profitable hours of the day. The point is that you have the freedom to choose the hours that suit you, once you have an established trading system in place. The final thing that motivates people to become highly profitable forex traders is of course the challenge. For some people the money that they make is obviously greatly appreciated, but it is the challenge of beating the markets that gets them out of bed each morning and eager to get started. The fact is that not many people are able to generate consistent profits from their forex trading. This can be said about some of the traders that work in the city as well. So to keep coming out on top is immensely satisfying and gives you real job satisfaction when you are essentially just working from home. So hopefully you can see what drives people to become successful forex traders. It is not easy by any means. If it was, then we would all be sitting on a deserted beach somewhere sipping cocktails. However it is definitely possible and you don’t need a great deal of money to get started either. You just need skill, discipline, motivation and a decent trading system.

Click here to learn how to choose a good

forex trading course

and to learn how you can use

automated forex signals

to successfully trade the markets.

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Profitable Currency Traders – What Motivates Them?

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What Is A Small Business?

By Chris Johansen

Are you tired of feeling like you work harder and harder and get no benefit from it? Perhaps you feel like you have a great business idea to fill a real need in your community. If so, you may want to consider branching out on your own and starting an entrepreneurship of your very own. Before you start, however, you may want to get as many facts as you can. What better way to start is there by asking exactly what is a small business?

There are some basic criteria involved when defining this term. A small business is often defined as a business that is privately held and run. It normally has a lesser number of workers and does a low amount of total sales. This type of business is usually a sole proprietorship or corporation.

The lawful meaning of the term small does vary from country to country and can be based on several factors. A business of this type can be classified strictly by the quantity of personnel that company maintains. Even this can differ from place to place, with some countries defining it with as little as fifteen workers while others classify it as anything under five hundred.


Sometimes the definitions can vary within the same country. In Canada it can be seen as this type based on the number of workers or based on the annual revenue. It all seems to depend on which organization you ask.

One organization states that a small business is defined by the amount of revenue they generate. In their view, a business that has revenue between thirty thousand dollars and five million dollars is considered small. Other people may differ with this opinion.

Another firm has a completely different take on the subject. They define the term as a business that has less than five hundred employees and generates less than fifty million dollars in revenue. This may seem like a very broad spectrum when trying to pinpoint a description.

A third definition also can be found among Canadian groups. There is another approach that believes the phrase is described by the number of employees. Here, a small business would be defined as an operation that has fewer than fifty workers in its fold.

So what is a small business? It seems that the definition itself is somewhat broad, but there are some basic facts that are maintained within. It is a privately run organization with a small number of employees. In any case, when looking to start this type of company yourself, it will take a lot of effort and hard work to get things up, running and profitable. Some people may have difficulty handling all the responsibilities that come along with operating a small business. Companies can assist you with items like payroll, taxes, accounting and general consulting. There are many services available that can offer you professional advice and help to keep things running smoothly for you.

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“5 Facts About Obtaining Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading”

“5 Facts about Obtaining Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading”


george michaels

“5 Facts about Obtaining Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading”


With the amazing growth of the forex market, you are going to see an astounding amount of traders lose all their money. Unfortunately, they haven’t followed the simple steps I have laid out for you. Go through these steps and give yourself the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals. 1. Have Faith In Yourself To reach the level of elite forex trader, you must trust in yourself and your forex trading education. You must be willing to make all your trading decisions, instead of relying on someone else’s thoughts or ability (or lack of). Of course, you will prepare yourself fully before every risking any money. 2. Accept Your Learning Curve Unless you are a veteran trader, you will lose money trading the Forex market. This is a near certainty. I don’t say this to talk you out of trading. In fact, quite the opposite. You will be trading against others that fall to this reality day in and day out. You, however, will not risk a dime until you have learned the skills you need to make money trading the forex. 3. Decide What Type of Trader You Are There are many ways to trade the forex. They range from very active to very patient. You must decide which style suits you best. The best time to learn this about yourself is while you are trading a demo account. There is no need to allow your learning curve to cost you money. 4. Get Educated Education is the shortest path to elite forex trading. Regardless of your ultimate goals, you will reach them quicker with a great forex trading education. Take some time to review different options before deciding on who to trust with your forex trading education needs. A forex seminar will help shorten your learning curve drastically. 5. Continue to Get Educated In order to achieve and retain elite forex trading skills, you must constantly be adding to you knowledge base. Your education should never end. In fact, one of the key points to look for in an elite forex trading course is ongoing education. It’s nice to have an ongoing relationship with the person/people helping you to achieve your goals. What separates an elite forex trader from all others is their desire and ability to be independent. Many traders are willing to follow signals, systems, strategies, or anything else you may call them. By taking this approach, however, these traders are only as good as the people they follow. An elite forex trader will lead. Their decisions will be calculated and analyzed to near perfection. They will make decisions with no hesitation, and handle the growth of their account in a predetermined, intelligent fashion. Take your trading to their level and you will never look back. For more trading information –

George Michaels is the managing editor for

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“5 Facts about Obtaining Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading”

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