The Professional Coaching Process Explained

Submitted by: Keith Lawrence Miller

The ORID model is revolutionary and is the next step in the evolution of communication. This coaching model is a coach s best friend because it identifies the correct process to enable the client to expand on their inner potential. Awareness and motivation are critical elements to seizing success in personal and professional encounters. We believe that there is no such thing as a dead end and there is always a possibility to win when there is a present unstoppable will. Our clients overcome extreme adversity and we have the endurance to support against any odds. We implement strategic tools and logic to expand the field of view concerning all situations. The ORID provides a great system to improve communication between the coach and elite associate. Coaching skills such as active listening and powerful questions enable the professional coach to take this tool to a higher level and a lesser qualified coach would not be able to manage the above tool effectively.

The ORID diagram seems complex and difficult to interpret, but the following will explain the complicated terms in clearer detail. The O in ORID stands for observation which is code for understanding the background information concerning specific client situations. Background information is important for understand current and future situations. A qualified professional coach knows how to understand the content that is being communicated. There are hidden messages that a competent coach can pick up on and create awareness for their client. If done correctly, this feedback can be greatly influential in the client’s life.

The R in ORID stands for reflective which concerns understanding the feelings and emotions associated with the background information. A skilled coach will move effortlessly between these two categories and can maneuver back and forth gathering background information mixed with the associated feelings. The ORID box is extremely important because it identifies when uncomfort is created – A lesser skilled coach will unknowingly create uncomfort during the coaching process because they are unaware of the critical rules of communication. Trust is incredibly important when exploring feelings and emotions when supporting a client during this experience. Comfort and safety associated with privacy and confidentiality during the coaching process is essential in understanding all connected elements. True empathy is omnipotent in these situations and a born to be coach will posses this ability.

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The I in ORID stands for Interpretive which concerns a full understanding of the previous two categories of O and R plus a focus on co-creating strategic solutions to improve current and future situations. A common mistake of inexperienced coaches is to cross the center and jump to decisions from feelings or from solutions back to background information. These jumps cause uncomfort and skew the coaching relationship because mistrust is unconsciously created. When the coach has safely guided their client to the solutions stage there is a synergy that is growingly powerful. The momentum to overcome obstacles is fierce and the client begins to establish new growth that leads to greater accomplishment. This stage provides a clear-minded platform for expert brainstorming that magnifies client abilities to think strategically from multiple perspectives. The coaching feedback during this stage is extremely beneficial for the client because it signals that they are on the right page and reinforces their motivation to succeed – Sounds great huh.

The D in ORID stands for Decisions and this is the fourth category that has the task of capturing the momentum of the previous three categories. This is the mental arena where the client puts the optimum solution into practice and owns the process. This firmly empowers the client to take action in their lives to improve their position by making decisions that are free of false underlying beliefs that create arresting emotions that inhibit appropriate action. The coach guides the process and the client controls the content – The coach empowers the client through the coaching process and the client embraces the opportunity to reach their ultimate potential. An ongoing coaching engagement provides a constant platform for the client to interact with a professional coach. This provides the ability to reflect on progress or various factors that limit progressive action. This is a time to gain a deeper understanding about issues, circumstances, decisions, beliefs, and to brag about reaching previously unrealized goals faster than could possibly be conceived. This experience is what professional coaches live for and witnessing the development of clients is the greatest gift that the coach could receive. If you are interested in getting started or restarted in a coaching engagement – Please visit to view the products and prices that we have available or e-mail your questions to

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Salvation Tattoo Lounge – Home To The Best Tattoos In Fort Lauderdale

byAlma Abell

While there are certainly many types of tattoos available in Fort Lauderdale, if you want your body art to be unique, you should seek the Salvation Tattoo Lounge, without question. But why the Salvation Tattoo Lounge, when there are so many choices available in Fort Lauderdale? Because the tattoos from the Salvation Tattoo Lounge can be easily distinguished from any other tattoos due to their exemplary designs. Here is what makes the Salvation Tattoo Lounge the birthplace of the most awesome tattoos in Fort Lauderdale.

The Tattoos of the Salvation Tattoo Lounge

YouTube Preview Image

Unique and Original.

Truly great tattoo artists are bursting with talent, and the Salvation Tattoo Lounge only employs the best of the best. Whether you are getting your tattoos in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere else, you always want your tattoos to be distinguished from all of the others. With their outstanding and exemplary skills, the artists at the Salvation Tattoo Lounge can design and create tattoos that are unlike any that have been seen before. Each artist is able to incorporate a wide variety of styles in any of their works, which only means that more options will be open to you.

Always in Style.

The tattoo artists in the Salvation Tattoo Lounge are always drawing inspiration from the outside world, whether it is from current trends in popular culture or powerful social movements. In addition, they have extensive knowledge of older trends as well, for any particularly nostalgic or meaningful pieces that you might desire. Either way, the artists here are equipped to work with you and design the perfect tattoo that will always be in style and relevant for you.

Intensely Realistic.

When you are getting tattoos in Fort Lauderdale, you want to make sure that the body art is created with high quality. After all, if you are choosing to decorate your body with permanent artwork, you want to make sure it is something that you can take pride in. At the Salvation Tattoo Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, quality is not something you will ever be worried about. Every artist is incredibly passionate about their own work. As a result, they pour an incredible amount of dedication, as well as effort, into making their tattoos come to life. You will find that the tattoos designed and created at the Salvation Tattoo Lounge can be identified by the level of realism in each and every piece of art. Every artist takes care with every single detail and provides each tattoo with an unbelievable sense of depth as well as shading. Everyone who sees your tattoos in the future will be awestruck by their intricacy.

Start Designing Your Body Art

With so many options available to you, there is no need to look at other tattoos in Fort Lauderdale. Make the Salvation Tattoo Lounge your one and only stop by setting an appointment today. You will find yourself immensely happy and satisfied with your choice.

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