Breast Implant Cost In Singapore

Breast Implant Cost In Singapore



It s a common belief among people that breast implant cost is too expensive and middle class women can t afford it. But the reality is not like that. Although, breast implant surgery may be expensive; however its costing may differ from location to location. As far as its costing in Singapore is concerned, there are many breast specialists who provide professional treatment at the minimal cost according to patients specific needs and requirements. Before going for breast implant surgery in Singapore, you must seek medical advice from a qualified and experienced surgeon who has been doing cosmetic & reconstructive breast surgery. The authorized surgeons who are responsible for this may be a plastic surgeon or an oncoplastic breast surgeon.

Everybody is not considered to be suitable for breast implant surgery. Your surgeons have to take detailed look at your medical history and your overall health. Following are not ideal conditions for breast implant surgery if:

You are pregnant.


Your age is less than 18.

You have any kinds of infection in your body.

You have a medical condition that may be responsible for increasing risk from surgery or the general anesthetic or increase your risk of infection.

You have malignant (cancerous) or pre-malignant breast that has not been fully treated.

Moreover, you will need to be emotionally stable and have realistic expectations about what the breast implants will achieve before making a decision about suitability for surgery. You have to be completely satisfied with your body conditions in terms of physically as well as mentally to perform breast implant surgery for you in Singapore. You should not be pressured by someone else for performing breast enhancement surgery. It should be your body and your decision under medical supervision. You will be offered free reconstructive surgery which may include breast implant if you have had breast removal surgery (mastectomy) as part of your treatment for breast cancer.

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article that cost of breast enhancement or implant surgery may vary from location to location. The average cost of this surgery in USA is $3500. However, it varies which depend on the treatment center you choose. In Singapore, there are many plastic surgeons which have been doing breast augment surgery for many years and over the time, they have made well reputation. You should always choose reputed surgeons for the surgical treatments as these kinds of treatments are considered to be critical and any kind of negligence may be dangerous for your health.

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