Ask Russ Whitney: Why Should I Invest In Real Estate?

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Russ Whitney wants you to understand that the real estate business is mostly about taking chances and being successful by taking on said risks. For him, the most important thing you have to consider before you invest in a real state property is location, the profitability of that property, and the people who you will be dealing with about the investment.

You have to know that the real estate business as a whole is a haven for fraud people and fraud investments; and you have to protect yourself and your money from these common frauds. How? You have to be conscious of the people you will be dealing with. And why? Because what is involved in business like these is big money. Yes, your hard-earned money, and you have to safeguard that from fraud investors.

When it comes to real estate investing, Russ Whitney believes that one of the most essential things you also have to consider is to purchase a property with no debts. You have to know that real estate is also bound by rules and policies, and purchasing a property without any debt is the most legitimate means of acquiring a property.


What else? You have to have at least a good sense of management. You have to learn how to be vigilant in doing business either it is a woman or a man investor. Your sales and negotiation skills are also a good thing to consider. In order to achieve such skills, consult real estate experts and mentors and seek aid from them so that you may also succeed in this business. If you are unsure of something, do not just decide depending on what you feel. Real estate should always be a win-win situation and you have to be very careful on any real estate decision you make. Therefore, if is something is unclear to you, don’t decide yet. Inquire, study, then decide.

Also, before purchasing a property, you have also to assess if that property can give you great profitability in the future. There should be no strings attached to that property or whatsoever, only profits at your end. If in case you already purchased a property and you choose to make it available for rent, make sure that the people you choose to rent your property can be trusted and knows how to main a property well. See real estate business is not just investing and purchasing it is also about making money.

Now why are a lot of people choose to engage in this business no matter how risky this business is? Because once they knew they have the right amount of capital to enter this business, they already know from the beginning that it can double even quadruple if they choose the right investment. Therefore if you also have the right capital like Russ Whitney, and you have the knowledge and the sales and negotiation skills, then it so now about time for you to get rich in real estate like Russ Whitney.

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