Cosmetic Surgery And Realistic Expectations

Submitted by: Rena Graham

Aside from deciding on the right surgeon, the extent of work you want done, or preparing the budget, another thing that you have to manage are your expectations. In fact your expectations are one of the factors that a surgeon considers when assessing you, whether you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery or not. Your perception regarding the whole thing largely affects your satisfaction which is the most important thing to consider when you want improvement.

The moment that you decide to go under the knife, you have that certain outcome that you want to attain. Whether if it is a tighter set of abs, longer nose, or a larger pair of breasts. How you envision that physical results is an important determinant of how healthy your outlook is. For instance you may be asking a surgeon for a face that has perfect symmetry and all the right proportions, but this is not possible.

Every surgeon would tell you that as much as cosmetic surgery can dramatically change or improve your look, there are still limitations. Perfection is not an option when it comes to cosmetic surgery however excellent performance can be expected. When a client is unable to come to terms with this fact, it will be harder for them to accept the results and their immediate appearance after the surgery.

After any cosmetic surgery, it is only normal that you don t immediately look like a million bucks. You must understand that as a normal response of your body to trauma, your body may look bruised, reddened or swollen. Remember, it gets worse before it gets better. You have to go through the motions of applying ointments, ice packs or changing bandages before you can see the final outcome.


Some may probably be impatient during the recovery period and not realize that it is a gradual process. Others might feel that they might be robbed off because they are not getting the results that they want, leaving them to be prematurely disappointed.

Aside from the physical aspect, your psychological expectations should also be factored in. How do you see this procedure? Is it something that you think will make you better than others? Something that will help you earn respect or a way to stand out and be noticed? Or maybe entertain ideas that if you get liposuction you ll never have to worry about exercising again.

How you answer to the questions above can determine how healthy your reasons are for choosing to go through with cosmetic surgery. Some may think that it will change the person that they are, or gain more respect and attention if they have this or that cosmetic procedure done. However these people would find it disappointing or maybe even depressing once they find out that it is usually not the case.

Having a healthy psychological expectation to a cosmetic procedure means that they choose to go through it not to change who they really are, but only to improve how they look and feel better about themselves. Doing it in order to impress people can only lead to resentment or depression if they realize that their reactions have not changed.

Another hazard about unrealistic expectations is that these people are good targets for opportunistic cosmetic surgeons. They advise them on different kinds of unnecessary procedure leading them to end up looking like something from a sci-fi movie. Take for example Michael Jackson s face or Dolly Parton s really huge pair of breasts. When they feel discontented with a procedure, this can lead them to have more procedures done and it s a slippery slope from there.

That is why before you really decide on having anything done you have to see to it that your expectations are healthy and realistic. This will also determine how content and happy you will be with the outcome.

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