Dutch Shipyard Group Partners With Dt And F For Representation In U.S. Market

Submitted by: Phil Friedman

Renown Netherlands Builder of the Puffin Range of Classic Sailing Yachts Chooses Former Palmer Johnson CEO to Provide Technical and Sales Interface.

November 5th, 2012, Fort Lauderdale, FL The Dutch ShipYard Group and Dwight Tracy & Friends Yacht Sales announced at close of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show their formation of a strategic partnership intended to expand and strengthen The Netherlands firm s presence in the U.S. market. According to Dutch ShipYard marketing and sales director Bob Schutte,

We ve wanted to have a larger presence in the U.S. market for some time now, but felt it required having representation that was not only sales oriented, but highly qualified on a technical basis as well. The quality of our work and product is at a very high level, and our pedigree is impeccable, so we wanted to be represented by someone with a deep understanding of yacht building, someone who could interface with owners and their captains with acumen and authority. We believe that in Phil Friedman, Director of New Build and Refit for DT&F, we ve found that person.


According to Friedman, a long-time yacht building consultant and former president and CEO of Palmer Johnson Yachts, the critical elements of a successful yacht buying experience include not only the craftsmanship of the yard, but the quality of their interface established before and during the build. Said Friedman,

Our New Build and Refit Program offers clients an omnibus menu of value-added services that includes initial concept development, project planning, build team coordination, project management, owner-representation, and ancillary support in the areas of finance and insurance. When we say we can deliver a seamless new build experience, we really can because we have. And that is why noted designers, naval architects and engineers, and top quality shipyards, like Dutch ShipYard, have joined us in strategic collaboration.

In addition to building the Puffin range of sailing yachts, the Dutch ShipYard group provides motor yacht construction, yacht service and refit, and skilled mast construction and rigging, includes the Dutch Yacht Sales, Pepper Yacht Service, Refit Centre, and Master Masts. As Friedman points out, any additional cost of taking a yacht to The Netherlands for a major refit is frequently offset by the unique availability there of absolutely superb old world Dutch craftsmanship, as well as ready access to Europe and the Med, following a refit or new build project. He points out that,

The single stumbling block before this has been the common disconnect between an owner and yacht over here and the shipyard over there. At DT&F, we close that disconnect by providing all of the initial project development liaison here, and sticking with the project right through to completion and final delivery.

Friedman s background in yacht design, construction, project development and marine business management spans some 30 years in the yachting industry. His recently published eBook, Ten Golden Rules for Successful New Build Projects, has received high praise from noted industry professionals, and is available free by emailing a request to info@DTFyachts.com.

Dutch Shipyard (www.dutchshipyard.nl) is located with direct access to the open waters of the IJsselmeer near Enkhuizen, an active shipbuilding area of The Netherlands. The Dutch ShipYard operation is situated on approximately 14,000 square meters.

Fort Lauderdale based DT&F is described by those familiar with the firm as a tight knit, family-oriented organization, with a long-standing reputation built upon honesty, integrity, dedication to professionalism and a tireless work ethic. DT&F founder & CEO, Dwight Tracy, is the former owner of the Allied Marine Group (AMG), and was widely credited with transforming AMG from a single-location operation to a global marine powerhouse.

For more information on yacht construction, please visit http://www.dtfyachts.com.

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You Can Train To Operate A Forklift

By K. Pollow

Why choose Forklift operating as a career?

Choosing a career or occupation can be difficult, especially when one considers the volatility of the current job market. Consequently, it is important to consider occupations which are projected to either increase in demand or at least remain stable, neither significantly increasing nor decreasing, over the next few years.

Whereas many jobs are projected to decline during the next decade, material moving occupations are expected to remain stable. Forklift operators are among the most lucrative and sought after positions in this category. In fact, the demand for forklift drivers is expected to increase 3% by 2018.

What do forklift drivers do?

Forklift drivers operate forkliftssmall, powered, vehicles used to move material from various worksites such as warehouses, factories, storage yards and construction sites.


What education is required to become a forklift operator?

Although becoming a forklift operator requires little formal education, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) lists forklift driving as a hazardous job. According to the National Safety Council, scores of workers are killed each year and thousands are injured as a result of improper forklift operations. As a result, OSHA requires companies to train all forklift operators. If forklift operating is a career that interests you, obtaining the proper forklift training is vital to your safety and the safety of those with whom you work.

In order to secure initial certification operators must demonstrate that they understand how to address safety issues such as basic truck operation and maintenance, loading and unloading, and overhead protective structures.

How can I get forklift training?

Training is conducted via several formats including videos, on-line, traditional classroom instruction, and blended formats, which combine video, online and face-to-face instruction.

What should I look for in training programs?

When selecting a forklift training program, it is imperative that the program addresses the requirements as set forth in OSHAs Final Rule for Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training, as well as address any state and local requirements. The rule requires not only training and licensing, but also it requires routine post-certification performance assessments.

In order to comply with OSHAs mandates, forklift training must include three core components. Primarily, only qualified trainers can provide formal, classroom instruction such as lectures, discussions, and interactive computer lessons. Second, it is essential to include practical training in which the trainer provides hands-on demonstrations and the learner applies what she has learned during her performance evaluations. Finally, the training cannot provide merely a general overview of forklift operations. It must include training that is specific to both the equipment and the facility in which it is operated. Further, companies must require performance evaluations every three years, and refresher courses are mandated for operators who are observed driving in an unsafe manner, involved in an accident, or assigned to a different type forklift.

How can I know if a training program is OSHA compliant?

Finally, the best way to insure that a program meets federal and state mandates is to contact the local branch of National Safety Council.

About the Author: A company providing

whmis training online


Forklift training Toronto

courses, they will provide certification upon successful completion and a good understanding of various safety measures. Act First Safety 385 Rouge Hills Drive, Toronto, ON M1C 2Z4 (416) 283-7233.



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